Do Girls Like Gold Necklaces Or Silver Necklace?

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New jewelry trends keep coming up with each passing day. Whether it’s a new design or new material, there is always something new you can add to your jewelry collection. Of all the types of jewelry, gold and silver pieces are the trendiest. More and more people in today’s generation opt for either of the two, especially women.

But let’s say you’re picking out jewelry for a special female in your life, you may be stuck between picking silver or gold. So, the biggest question is, of the two metals, which do women prefer most? In this post, we will explore this question and attempt to offer you the best possible answer. We will also share with you tips when it comes to picking up jewelry for your girlfriend.


Do Girls Like Gold Necklaces Or Silver Necklace?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. It is not set in stone that girls love gold more than silver or the other way around. The truth is that both metals have their advantages and disadvantages. So, to answer this question, we must first explore the value of both metals.

Do girls like gold necklaces

Starting with gold, yellow gold especially, this is a classic and timeless metal that has never lost its value throughout the years. It’s the popular choice for jewelers and jewelry designers when it comes to fine jewelry. That’s because it is more hypoallergenic than silver and also carries more value. Women who buy gold jewelry, do so for various reasons. Some buy gold jewelry as an investment. Others buy it because yellow gold compliments their olive or dark skin tones. While others opt for gold because of their sensitive skin or to avoid allergic reactions.

Silver jewelry, on the other hand, is also a timeless metal that’s very versatile. It comes in many various designs and is known to complement any sense of style or personality.

Whether it is a casual day out on the beach or a special occasion like a wedding, silver jewelry will fit the occasion. What’s more silver is more available and less expensive compared to gold.

That is one reason why some women opt for silver. Another reason is that silver is especially suitable for fairer skin tone with cool undertones.

So, all things considered, when it comes to what metal girls prefer it is all a matter of preference. A lot of factors will go into why a girl would pick one metal over the other. You have to consider, their personality, sense of style, skin tone, and of course their budgets. Some would opt for gold, but there are equally others who would opt for silver.


Do Girls Prefer Rose Gold Jewelry Or Gold?

Speaking of gold, as you may know, gold comes in a variety of tones or colors. The most popular ones are, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold, otherwise known as gold. The last two kinds have especially been trending among the female demographic. The real question, however, is which of the two do girls prefer?

Yellow gold, or gold, as we’ve already discussed is a traditional and timeless metal. Jewelers have been using it for centuries now. Among jewelry, gold is considered king. That is why you will find many gold pieces or sets in the market. In cultures where gold is highly valued, you will find many women adorning gold jewelry sets to special occasions.

Rose gold, however, is a recent and more modern twist to gold. Its soft pastel color and pinkish hue are what attract women the most. It is eye-catching but in a subtle manner. To add to it, the rosy color is warm and suitable for many skin tones. It’s a youthful metal that adds an air of sophistication to a look, not to mention the feminine feel it has. But even with that said, not every girl will appreciate rose gold. Some may find it too girlish for their taste. Like we said before it’s a matter of preference.


Do Girls Like Gold Necklace On Men?

Jewelry has always been associated with women, that is why they have a wide variety to choose from as opposed to men. While men think jewelry looks great on women and serves to enhance their beauty, have you ever wondered what women think of men wearing jewelry? For men, the most common types of jewelry worn are rings and chains. Gold chains can however be bold on men.

Do girls like gold necklaces

When asked about their thoughts, most women would be indifferent about men wearing gold chains. The majority of them believe it depends on the type of chain and how it is worn. Many women agree that slimmer chains are less flashy and more suitable. Its also preferable if the gold chain was worn with a black suit, open collar, or a dark shirt, sleeves rolled up, and a lighter undershirt.

There are however some women who prefer men wearing silver necklaces or black threads. They believe that this is more subtle as opposed to gold chains which they see as tacky and associate with the mafia. There are also a group of women who believe that men shouldn’t put on necklaces.

At the end of the day, there are varied opinions. The majority of these opinions are informed by culture, religion, and personal beliefs or tastes.


How To Choose Gold Necklace For Your Girlfriend?

Do girls like gold necklaces

Now that we’ve established women’s preference when it comes to jewelry, here are a few tips when picking out a gold necklace for your girlfriend, that is if gold is her preferred metal:

1. Know your gold necklaces.

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you told your girlfriend, you got her a gold necklace only to realize it’s a fake. That is why it is important to know how to pick out authentic gold pieces. Additionally, knowing the different chains, and clasps also go a long way in determining how durable a necklace is, especially if it’s something she’s going to have for a long time.


2. Buy the necklace according to her taste.

After all, the gold necklace is meant for her, therefore it should be something that matches her sense of style and personality. As you may know, jewelry is an expression of who we are. You can take notes of the necklaces she already has and which ones are her favorite and get your inspiration from there.

Do girls like gold necklaces

3. Think about the sentimental value.

Most times for women, it is not about the price of the necklace. The thought you put behind buying the necklace is what matters most. We can guarantee you that she will cherish that necklace most when there is a sentiment attached to it. The sentiment could be related to a special moment you shared, or a sweet heartfelt message engraved on the necklace.


4. Consider the occasion.

If you’re planning to gift her the necklace on a special occasion then something fancier would be suitable. But if it is a random gift to show her you care or one, she’s meant to wear daily, then something simpler and lighter would be more suitable.



The tips we’ve just shared with you apply even when picking out silver necklaces or generally any jewelry piece. As for whether gold or silver is more preferred by girls, we’ve established that it’s a matter of preference. At the end of the day, the metal jewelry you opt for should be flattering to your appearance and fit into your style and personality.

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