Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically? – Detailed Answer

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It is hard for everyone to believe in the power of gemstones until the sciences prove they are powerful. Gemstones have unique powers proven by science, and you must know how best they work to achieve the best results.

However, it is tough to understand how to wear them to get the best results based on science and astrological facts. Here are scientific facts and a guide to wearing gemstones for the best results.


Some Facts About Gemstones Jewelry

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

Gemstone jewelry is becoming famous, and many embrace its unique, powerful energies. However, there are facts about Gemstone jewelry that you should know.

  • Wearing jewelry with more than three different gemstones simultaneously cancels its energy and makes it negative.
  • The power of gemstone jewelry comes from the sun and the universe and is guided by other planets, respectively.
  • Gemstone jewelry work depending on the zodiac sign of a person.

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically?

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

Yes, Gemstone Jewelry works scientifically because its power depends on its energy. Their energy has the power to influence events in the life of the wearer.

Their energy comes from the universe, the sun, and the planets. All these factors have great power on human beings, proven by science that the energy in colors affects humans.


How Does Gemstone Jewelry Work Scientifically?

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

Gemstone Jewelry harness energy from the sun and also have cosmic energy. The energy is turned into their respective colors.

When the human eyes see the colors and come into contact with the gemstones, their energy is transferred into their aura and chakras.

The energy from the solar system and the universe through the gemstone influences events in the wearer’s life.


What Is The Science Behind Gemstones?

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

The science behind gemstones lies with the colors of gemstones because science recognizes the power of color energy. Modern science understands the existing color therapy of gemstones because science has proven that they have multiple influences on the human body.

Many gemstones are blue, green, and red, and generally deep colors whose rays increase the rate of behavior in the human body. The sun is the major source of energy for these gemstones, which gives them the power to influence human behavior and attitudes.

Let’s talk about the spectrum and an illustration. A scientific experiment on the rays of the sun through the prism found seven colors in each ray; red, green, yellow, violet, indigo, orange and blue.

These colors have different wavelengths and different levels of influence on the human body, mind, and soul. Also, the nine planets are influenced by the spectrum colors, which are associated with specific gemstones.

Also, although each gemstone absorbs various types of cosmic and solar energy, they are picky with the energy that gets into them. This different energy then influences the behavior and perception of the wearer of the gemstone.

Also, energy from the solar system and the earth makes these stones possess healing powers, and they can help an individual heal from a variety of diseases, including; depression,


Five Tips for wearing gemstones jewelry for a better mood and life

Each gemstone has its specific manner in which they need to be worn to give maximum impact. However, most gemstones are worn as necklaces.


Get your gemstone in the form of a necklace (For all Stones)

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

The most impactful experiences of healing power come from the gemstone worn around the neck. The neck is a connection area to the head and other body parts.

Wearing the gems around the neck help the radiation of their energy equally in all body parts, making it easy for energies to locate the deepest parts and aura of the body.

Using your gem to block negative energy is especially good for the body. You can wear the necklace the whole day, but if it is time to sleep, it is best to keep it not further than three feet from you to maintain the connection.


Practice presence with your gemstone necklace

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

When you get your gemstone necklace, you have to introduce yourself to it.

Your gemstone necklace must know your energy, body, soul, heart, and mind. You can follow the tips for the best presence-practicing with your necklace.


Drink in the energy of the gemstone necklace

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

Once you get the gemstone necklace, clear your thoughts and hold it with your working hand. Look at it as you meditate upon the power of each bead of the gemstone that makes up the necklace.

Allow your eyes to drink in the energy and direct it to your soul, mind, heart, and body. You will be accepting and the first step to honoring the gemstone’s energy.

Steps to follow include:

Create friendship between your body and the necklace

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

1. Connect your necklace with the first window of therapy, the navel. It’s easy; you just fold the necklace into small pieces, lay it down, and then put it on your navel.

2. Secondly, connect your necklace with the throat, the second therapy window. You simply open your necklace and rotate it around your neck as you meditate on the positive energy of the necklace.

3. Third, put the necklace around between the nipple area and the armpit.


Connect the gemstone to your heart

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

After creating friendship, hold the necklace in front of you and slowly bring it close to your chest, where the heart is.

Breathe slowly at the pace your hand brings the necklace close to your heart to sync with the gemstone’s energy.


Give Gratitude and Praise

You have to thank your gemstone and necklace for locating you. Hold it from your heart and say words of gratitude to it.

Talk to it and tell the universe that you recognize the power it has granted your necklace. After this, you can finally wear the necklace around your neck.


Use Your necklace for focused healing

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

You can use your gemstone necklace for direct healing. Fold up your necklace and put it directly on the area of your body that is in pain. If you have heartache or heartbreak, you can put it on your chest.


Clean Your Gemstones Routinely

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

When you wear gemstones regularly to help you maintain great energy, they too regularly get deposits of negative energy because they often fight against negative energy.

Therefore cleaning them with clean distilled water can help restore their original energy. You should dry them with a clean white towel for purity. It is best to clean them early in the morning and allow the sun to radiate its rays on them.

Also, it is essential to notice that some gemstones have more specific tips for wearing them for the best success. You must understand your zodiac sign to achieve the best results with certain gemstones.


1. Ruby

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically


This red gem works best when it fully interacts with the wearer’s body. Therefore you must wear ruby as a ring to get the best results of its impact on your life.

Rubies have the power to influence your health and career success and can help you get rid of the laziness in you. However, you also have to be a person whose ruling planet is the sun and your zodiac sign is Leo.


2. Yellow Sapphire

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

You should wear your yellow sapphire as a necklace pendant because it needs to connect with your mind through your neck.

It impacts the mind and helps you to think openly. Also, you must find out if Jupiter rules you and understand what zodiac signs are ruled by Jupiter.


3. Emerald

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

This gives the best result when there is a ring shape on the necklace that it makes. It serves the best purpose of giving the wearer strength to fight during challenges and grant prosperity and wealth to people ruled by planet mercury. Also, it works best for Gemini and Virgo.


4. Blue Sapphire

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

It helps solve conflicts for the wearer; therefore, it is worn under specific instructions from the astrologist. It works best for Capricorn and Aquarius, who are guided by planet 5. 5. Saturn.


5. Coral

Do Gemstones Jewelry Really Work Scientifically

Coral is known to bring fortune and growth into the wearer’s life. If you are Aries and Scorpio and are ruled by the planet mars, you can wear coral as necklace pendants to become more confident and brave.

The last tip about other unmentioned gems is that you should always wear them on the working hand. However, some gemstones depend on your gender before you choose how to wear them. The most important thing is to believe in their energy.



Gemstones have been proven to work scientifically, although more research still needs to be done. You can wear them for their beauty, power, or both depending on your level of faith.

If you believe in their power, the most important thing is knowing your zodiac sign, which piece of jewelry to wear depending on the stone, and how to connect with it.

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