Do Fake Diamonds Have Breathing Holes? – Detailed Answers by Jeweler

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If you are shopping for diamond rings, your research on the many online forums and platforms may have led you down an interesting path featuring different types of rings and diamonds and also design concepts around the diamonds.

One of the concepts you may have seen is breathing concepts, especially where real and fake diamonds are concerned.

But what is this all about? Is it even a real thing?


Do diamonds really need to breathe?

Do Fake Diamonds Have Breathing Holes

Well, despite many diamond ring designers and jewelers talking about breathing holes in diamonds, the truth is that diamonds don’t require breathing holes because they don’t really need to breathe.

The reason for this has to do with the solid structure and composition of the carbons that make up diamonds. Inherently, the carbon crystalline structure doesn’t contract or expand.

So it doesn’t undergo any changes in its shape and size, regardless of the temperature, weather, air, or light conditions, not to mention the constant pressure it is exposed to from the presence of liquids. And so, the idea of breathing holes is one of the biggest myths when it comes to diamonds.


But What are breathing holes on diamonds ring?

Do Fake Diamonds Have Breathing Holes

Diamonds don’t require the breathing holes, but some of the diamond rings may have holes in them because the holes are believed to be essential for the ring’s condition overall – that is, the rings allow for the perspiration accumulating under the bands to evaporate faster.

The holes are there to help your fingers, not the diamonds, because, as mentioned above, the diamonds don’t need to breathe, but your skin, which has pores, needs to breathe.


Why do diamond rings have holes in them?

Do Fake Diamonds Have Breathing Holes

For the diamond rings that have rings in them, the holes are there not for the diamonds to breathe but for the easy handling and maintenance of the ring. The diamond’s lower cone-shaped part called a pavilion, has a sharp edge at the end, and the side that is almost flat with a flat facet is called a culet.

The diamond tip is, however, very fragile, and when it comes in contact with the metal as you assemble it, the diamond could easily break. To prevent or lower this risk, holes are introduced.

Do Fake Diamonds Have Breathing Holes

The holes are also essential for maintenance because they give a rather valuable level of access to the back of the diamonds, hence easy clean-up. This is essentially important because the stones often trap dirt in the form of cuticle traces, skin cells, soaps, and oils. When all these accumulate, the ring can be hard to clean, but with the holes, the dirt can be cleaned out easily.


Do diamond rings with holes sparkle more?

Do Fake Diamonds Have Breathing Holes

You may have read this, but this is far from the truth, and you should know that the diamonds with holes in them don’t sparkle more than other diamonds.

Breathing is not synonymous with the diamonds getting more light; ultimately, the diamond’s sparkle changes depending on the cut and the clarity of the stones.

And so, the diamonds with oval and princess cuts will sparkle more because they have much more desirable settings for light to strike and for the diamonds to have a bigger and brighter sparkle.

Do Fake Diamonds Have Breathing Holes

These diamond cuts receive and reflect the maximum amount of light on the upper side, hence optimal shine and brightness.

So, regardless of what you may have heard about holes in diamonds and their influence on the sparkle of the stones, those are just myths – holes don’t reflect light, and because they are at the bottom part of the ring and finger, they don’t affect the sparkle of the ring.


Do fake diamonds have breathing holes? Why?

Do Fake Diamonds Have Breathing Holes

Fake diamonds, often made of Cubic Zirconia, may or may not have breathing holes in them depending on the desired design elements by the jewelry designers.

The fake diamonds don’t contract or expand with temperature changes, so they don’t need breathing holes. But in cases where the breathing holes are necessary for the maintenance and cleaning of the ring, they may have breathing holes.


Can you buy a diamond with no holes?

Do Fake Diamonds Have Breathing Holes

Yes, you could buy diamonds with no holes because of the solid composition of the carbon atoms that crystalize to form the diamonds.

The carbon crystalline structure is impenetrable and doesn’t expand or contract, the weather conditions and the environment it is in notwithstanding. So, you could easily buy a diamond ring with no holes.  

This also means that diamond rings aren’t fake if they lack holes. Most diamonds don’t really need holes on them; the holes don’t determine or define the diamond’s authenticity.

For the authenticity of the diamonds, you need to talk with the jeweler for guides on the same regarding the 4Cs. Also, a real diamond ring comes with an authenticity certification.



Fake diamond rings may or may not have holes, but most of the time, the rings have no holes in them. Essentially, fake diamonds made of CZ don’t need holes because they are not affected by heat and the environment.

However, your skin may need the holes to breathe because the holes will mean faster evaporation of sweat, decreasing the risk of skin irritation, especially if your skin is sensitive, hence a more comfortable fit for the ring. That said, the rings don’t need breathing holes.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!