Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work? – Base On True Story

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Evil eye bracelets have become increasingly popular in the past few years, and it’s now a trend, really.

Its mesmerizing patterns and the color combination, not to mention the fact that the evil eye symbol looks exactly like the human eye, are all reasons why these bracelets spark conversations all the time.

And today, the evil eye symbol is seen in bracelets and most other jewelry forms, including necklace pendants. The patterns of the evil eye have also been incorporated into different apparel, from t-shirts and sweatshirts to house mats, among others.

In a nutshell, the evil eye symbol is pretty much everywhere today, and now it doesn’t come as a surprise to find that despite its popularity, many people don’t really know its significance, role, or history.

So, with the evil eye turning into another trend, many cultural individuals and groups that understand and respect such religious and spiritual symbols consider the evil eye one of the things that are culturally appropriated. That is a discussion for a different day, though.

Today, we’ll focus on why the evil eye symbol and the bracelets are highly regarded, its significance, history, and most importantly, we hope to answer the question and end the debate on whether the evil eye bracelets really work or not.

So, let’s get into it!


The history behind the evil eye bracelet

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work

The Evil eye amulets, like the type of jewelry called Poison jewelry, may have different names in different cultures and countries, but the evil eye and the amulets mean the same thing no matter where it’s from.

The Evil eye bracelet is considered a piece of jewelry or a sacred amulet worn to prevent the wearer from the (universally accepted) malevolent eye.

While most of us only came across the evil eyes recently, this amulet is an essential spiritual element that has been around for thousands of years.

It is believed that the first-ever recording and use of the Evil eye symbol date back to 5000 Years ago in Mesopotamia, from where it spread out to the rest of the world with the rest of what now makes human civilizations.

Through the years of evolution and revolutions, the evil eye symbol was adopted and used by many civilizations worldwide. The evil eye symbol has been recorded severally in texts from Ancient Greece, Anthropological and Archeological evidence from Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Roman times, among many other civilizations. It was quite popular in West Asia, as well as the Mediterranean.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work

Beyond the ancient civilizations, the beliefs around the evil eye have also proliferated into all the world’s major religions, including folk religions.

Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Judaists, and all other religious groups seem to hold a consensus as they all believe that the evil eye is a powerful symbol of protection from the evil stare, which often presents as jealousy and leaves successful people’s lives in disarray despite what seemed like a good start.

To back these claims up and demonstrate how deeply rooted beliefs about the evil eye are, there are mentions of the curse of the Evil Eye in Greek and Roman texts and in both the Bible and the Quran.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work

These accounts date back to at least 3000BC. In Ancient Greek and Greek belief systems, the Evil eye is talked about severally. It is referred to as Mati, defined as the nasty stare from some individuals believed to radiate negative energy, normally out of envy or spite.

The gaze that radiates negative energy is considered a curse, one with demonic tendencies, which many people, religions, and cultures believe cause bad luck, emotional and mental harm, and even injury and physical pain.

This curse, unfortunately, can quickly be passed from the unlikeliest of people and places, with its invisibility being its strong point. The evil eye jewelry was created to combat the effects of this curse.


Evil eye bracelet meaning

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work

As mentioned above, the primary role of the evil eye jewelry is to combat and ward off the curse’s negative effects and protect the individuals who may get the evil eye. That said, the evil eye bracelet comes in different colors, which give the bracelets different meanings.

1. The most popular type of evil eye bracelet is the blue evil eye. It is the most popular and preferred type of evil eye for most people because of its power. The color blue is a symbol of Karma protection, hope for broadened perspectives, and peace.  

2. The red Evil eye bracelet represents strength and courage, enthusiasm, and more energy.

3. The orange Evil eye protects your joy, happiness, commitment, and motivation and increases your creativity.

4. The Green evil eye bracelet is associated with success and happiness, good health and balance, freedom to explore different ideas, and contentment.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work

5. The yellow evil eye bracelet protects your health, sharpens the mind, improves your concentration, and gives you relief when you’re exhausted.

6. Then you have the purple evil eye bracelet that has the power to widen and boost your level of imagination; it rebalances your life and also removes obstacles from your relationships and love.

7. The brown evil eye bracelet protects the wearer from the elements while also enhancing the wearer’s connection with nature.

8. There are also black evil eye bracelets believed to protect the wearer’s existing power/ prosperity while also preparing them for the unknown.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work

9. The white evil eye bracelet is also common and associated with focus and purity, clearing the cluttered mind and obstacles. It also gives the wearer a fresh start.

10. Finally, the transparent evil eye is associated with protecting the mind through promoting mindfulness, clarity, and sanity.


Do evil eye bracelets really work? True story

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work

So, does the evil eye bracelet work? Well, given how long this symbol has been around and its meaning has never changed, there have to be some truths to what it can do, no?

This is a story of one person who notes that the power of the evil eye bracelet is quite real and that it works. It is a story of a lady whose older brother called Louie had fallen ill.

Louie came back home from work earlier than usual because he was unwell. He had stomach cramps and a fever, but the alarming bit was the green tinge on his face, the sluggish gait, and the general malaise that made it too difficult for him to do normal tasks like reaching for things in the kitchen cupboards.

While the Pepto-Bismol worked a bit for his achy tummy, his symptoms worsened quickly, and some hours after he got home, he was too ill with what would only be a classic norovirus.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work

As you can imagine, the toilet bowl became his good buddy for pretty much the rest of the evening. All this time, he tried everything he could, from acetaminophen to Gatorade and the flat Canada Dry. None of these helped, and he resigned to letting his body work things out with time.

However, our grandparents had something else in mind – both from Calabria on the Southern Italy coast and had moved to North Toronto. They called, concerned about Louie because his car was in the driveway.

After learning what had happened, grandma, known for her overprotection and usual overexpression of love, swung into action, but not how we expected.

Instead, they diagnosed Louie and noted that the discomfort and illness he was suffering were from envy, perhaps from an acquaintance, colleague, or neighbor wishing them bad luck, or even worse; they may have cursed them with the Evil eye.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work

Grandma explained that the evil eye is behind many of the everyday ailments we suffer from headaches, stomach bugs, and even my dad’s serious heart problem.

This wasn’t the first time she brought it up, as she’d done so two years earlier when she blamed the evil eye for her wilting garden, the result of the envy from one of the neighbors, given how well her garden did in the past. So, she started to work on rather, fix Louie’s situation.

Her potion?  A pasta bowl with tap water and prayed over (with the sign of the cross). She then took her infamous Unico olive oil bottle and added some drops to the water.

She prayed over the water and repeated a prayer as the oil dispersed slowly to the bowl’s edges. And in 20 minutes, she had an answer – Louie wasn’t ill but was suffering from Malocchio.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work

With this, she continued her rituals to ward off evil every 30-minutes for the rest of the day. It worked. Louie was back to his old self in no time.

So, while it may sound like some magic, it is just one of those things that have been practiced by older generations for centuries because they know more than we do.


Other evil eye bracelet benefits

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work

  • Mental clarity and peace of mind
  • Good health
  • Preparedness for the future
  • Happiness
  • Improved creativity  
  • Enthusiasm and positive energy
  • Rebalancing of life, love, and relationships

How to wear evil eye bracelets correctly

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work

Wear it on your left hand, which is also the emotional side that will ensure the best effects of the amulet, offering the best level of protection from the evil eye.



Though it has been secularized as a fashion trend, anyone who respects and trusts the evil eye knows that wearing the evil eye bracelet will protect them from all kinds of harm.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!