Do Cartier Love Rings Hold Their Value?-Check Our Detailed Answer

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For the longest time, expensive jewelry has been regarded as one of the best investment options for the wealthy and many other individuals interested in protecting their wealth.

In most instances, people choose to invest in solid gold jewelry. And in the same breath, anyone interested in investing in expensive jewelry might be wondering if they should invest in jewelry from top-tier brands like Cartier or not.

In this article, therefore, we’ll share our thoughts on the value of the Cartier love rings and the value these rings hold.


Do Cartier love rings hold their value?

For the most part, yes, Cartier jewelry will hold most of its value. And there are instances where the value of the Cartier love ring goes up with time. But there are many reasons why the value of the Cartier love rings would increase. And we’ll look at all that in this article. So, let’s get right into it.

Do Cartier love rings hold their value

Why do Cartier love rings hold their value?

1. Is the Cartier love ring a classic piece?

Well, suppose you own one of the earliest made Cartier love rings, which are considered the most sought-after jewelry pieces worldwide, for example, the pieces that were debuted in 1969. In that case, you should know that a love ring purchased for $250 would now fetch more than $6000, meaning investing in the older, classic pieces of jewelry would be an excellent solution for you.

In other words, based on when you bought the piece of Cartier jewelry, you would always get more of it if it was one of the oldest pieces by Cartier.

You should also know that even when the jewelry doesn’t increase in value as it should in the investment world, jewelry pieces by such big brands always mean that the Cartier jewelry holds a lot of value, especially on the pre-owned jewelry luxury market.

Below is a breakdown of the main reasons why the Cartier love ring can be worth a lot more in the years to come.

Do Cartier love rings hold their value

2. Historical Significance

Cartier boasts a long-standing history, and it is known for creating some of the best and the most iconic jewelry brands that have retained a very high level of prestige over the many years.

And with Cartier being a brand that is very well-known for outfitting the biggest name in the fashion and political worlds, having started by outfitting royalty, it makes sense that a Cartier love ring would be worth a lot of money for years to come.

For instance, Cartier’s pieces were displayed in the infamous film Ocean’s 8, with the affluence associated with the brand being the main reason for the fastest growth and popularity.

Do Cartier love rings hold their value

Its historical significance and the fact that Cartier’s pieces are highly desirable and considered the most luxurious are some of the main reasons for the high level of success of the brand and the increased value of the jewelry over time.

Cartier’s pieces are also synonymous with grandeur, opulence, and affluence, and these are the other reasons why the jewelry by Cartier will always gain value over time.

And so, while Cartier’s pieces’ high level of prestige is associated with means a high price tag, it also means that your ability to sell and buy the pre-owned Cartier pieces is always close to the initial ritual price and, in other cases, higher. All these are because of the high historic significance they hold.

Do Cartier love rings hold their value

3. Elegant craftsmanship

The other big reason why Cartier’s pieces of jewelry are expensive and why they always hold and even gain value over time is because Cartier’s pieces are crafted following the highest possible standards of craftsmanship. And in addition to the cultural cache and history, the quality of the jewelry is a significant reason why the jewelry often gains value.

Cartier’s pieces are made of solid gold and even platinum. The stones used to embellish the metallic pieces of jewelry are mostly made of the best quality, eco-friendly, and conflict-free diamonds.

Since Cartier’s pieces are of solid, high-quality metals like solid 18k yellow gold and platinum that hold value for many tears, the jewelry will always hold value. The love bracelets are, for instance, made of 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, and 18k rose gold.

An interesting thing to note about the Cartier love bracelet that debuted in 1969 is that it was sold for only $250, and at the time, the price of gold per ounce was valued at $41.

And so, at 33g, each of the love rings was valued at least 7.5X the value of gold. Over the years, the value of real gold has gone up by meteoric amounts, which means that the then $250 ring is now valued at over $6500, which is essential 5x the value of gold.

So, if you are interested in investing in gold jewelry that will be valued for many years to come, the Cartier love ring would undoubtedly be a great investment option for you.

Do Cartier love rings hold their value

4. Nobility

As mentioned above, Cartier was essentially designed for nobility and royalty, and with this in mind, not to mention the use of high-quality materials, Cartier jewelry will always be valuable.


5. Gold Gains Value, Always

Suppose you are interested in investing in commodities, for example. In that case, gold is often the ideal and the recommended type of commodity, which is the case because gold is a valuable asset that always gains value. 18k gold used for Cartier’s love ring, for instance, is made of 75% pure gold, and it will retain value, even as a standalone metal. And if the love ring comes with diamonds, for instance, it will be valued even higher, and it will retain its worth for the longest time.

Good investment option whose value increases in future

Cartier’s jewelry is an excellent investment thanks to valuable metals like gold, whose value will always increase. So, if you are worried about the kind of jewelry worth your money, Cartier would be an excellent option for you.  


Should you invest in Cartier love rings?

Do Cartier love rings hold their value

Yes, you should invest in the love rings by Cartier. And so, if you are worried that jewelry might not be the most valuable investment for you, you should know that Cartier is a significant investment that is worth your money.

Besides the reputation, the historical significance it carries, and the use of high-quality metals, not to mention the exquisite level of craftsmanship seen in Cartier’s jewelry, Cartier is very much worth investing in.

And even if the investment is not your primary reason for buying the glamorous jewelry, you will be happy to know that buying Cartier’s jewelry comes with an additional perk – the love rings come with free services too -often, free engraving services, that only sweeten the pot.

Such added services also add sentimentality to the jewelry, and so, this is the kind of jewelry that you invest in if you wish to add sentimentality to your jewelry.  



Cartier’s rings not only hold their value for years, but the quality of the rings will also last forever.

Unlike other brands, Cartier’s love rings are made of high-quality materials, and the quality is standard throughout.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!