Do Blondes Look Better In Gold Or Silver Jewelry?-Detailed Answer

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You may be into experimenting with jewelry, but one of the biggest lessons you may have learned by now is the fact that your skin color and also hair color determine what looks you can pull off seamlessly and what is just not for you.

Your skin and hair color have a direct influence on how the jewelry looks on you, which is why you may be wearing just what works for you, unintentionally.

It is also why you find yourself gravitating toward specific jewelry colors such as yellow gold and rose gold while steering clear of white gold and platinum jewelry.

Do Blondes Look Better In Gold Or Silver Jewelry

You may never have stopped to wonder why this is the case, but the underlying driver of your decisions lies in things like the color and tone of your skin, as well as your hair color.

If you are blonde, you will agree with us that this is the most challenging to do, and you hardly try out different jewelry other than what already works because it works!

In this article, we’ll share with you the best options of jewelry for blondes.


Do blondes look better in gold or silver?

Do Blondes Look Better In Gold Or Silver Jewelry

As a blonde or a fair-skinned individual looking for the best kind of jewelry to wear, you may be wondering if you should start wearing yellow gold and other bold-colored jewelry options.

But despite the temptation, you should know that you look your best and most elegant in silver and other white metals like white gold and platinum. And the best part is that you can mix these three metals easily.

As someone with alabaster skin or lighter skin and lighter hair, silver is the ideal jewelry color because it gives off that fresh feel that makes your light skin look light but not washed out.

Do Blondes Look Better In Gold Or Silver Jewelry

You will be happy to know that there are numerous options that you get to choose from in the silver color array, and you could also mix these silver metals, whether the jewelry is made of sterling silver, surgical stainless steel, platinum, or white gold. These metals blend perfectly with your skin’s fairness.

That said, blondes should avoid yellow gold or even rose gold because these bold colors tend to be very harsh against anyone with pale skin.

And if you must wear the yellow gold jewelry, you may want to try the 10k or the 14k gold because it is not as yellow, and it’s a tad toned down for a more balanced look. But even this doesn’t always work, and so you may want to stick with the white and silver metals.


Skin Undertones

Do Blondes Look Better In Gold Or Silver Jewelry

  • What if you are fair-skinned with a pale undertone?

Well, this is pretty much the standard skin tone for most blondes and the recommendations above for silver jewelry stand. And only gold that one may try would be pieces made of 10k or 14k yellow gold.

  • Fair-skinned blonde with red undertones

If this is you, then you need to stick with the silver metals for your jewelry for a fresh and perfectly balanced look. White gold and platinum jewelry are also good options for you to try out. But, avoid rose gold jewelry at all costs because these would accentuate your skin’s pink undertones in the skin.


Do blondes look better in silver or gold jewelry?

Well, blondes look great in silver jewelry rather than the gold pieces of jewelry because the silver jewelry doesn’t wash out their appearance and the silver jewelry gives off more of a fresh and cool look.

Do Blondes Look Better In Gold Or Silver Jewelry

What color jewelry looks best on blondes?

Whether cool or warm-toned, silver jewelry is the kind of jewelry that looks perfect on blonde individuals.


Tips for the blondes to wear jewelry

Do Blondes Look Better In Gold Or Silver Jewelry

Blonde with blue, green, or grey eyes – if this is you, we recommend that you stick to wearing platinum jewelry and other kinds of jewelry made of such light and white metals. The cool tones of platinum will work elegantly against the cool skin tone and the light hair color.

Pale or alabaster skin – if your skin is on the alabaster skin tone side, with a red or warm undertoned, opt for the silver jewelry, and if you must wear yellow gold pieces, opt for the 10k and the 14k yellow gold and not 18k gold. Also, avoid the rose gold pieces because they create more of a washed-out look.

Do Blondes Look Better In Gold Or Silver Jewelry

Other kinds of jewelry ideal for blondes

  • White metallic pieces with diamonds or bright cubic zirconia stones
  • Simple sterling silver pieces would also be the perfect fit for you

White gold – you couldn’t ever go wrong with white gold jewelry, especially if you are blonde. The bright white finish of white gold creates a nice and fresh look, and it’s exactly what you may be going for.

The other reason why we recommend white gold jewelry for blondes is that this is more of a complementary color for anyone with a cooler skin tone, and it doesn’t create a washed-out look as it would if your skin tone had warmer undertones.

Do Blondes Look Better In Gold Or Silver Jewelry

Rose gold – although we don’t recommend rose gold for warm-toned individuals, the truth is that most fair-toned persons look great in rose gold. Just about everyone looks perfect in rose gold, thanks to the pink feminine hue of rose gold.

The pink hue varies in degree depending on the concentration of copper used to make the alloy, and a higher karat rose gold necklace is lighter and more rose-colored than the lower karat rose gold.

Do Blondes Look Better In Gold Or Silver Jewelry

For blondes who love rose gold jewelry, we recommend opting for 18k rose gold because it is a very subtle color that won’t create that annoying washed-out look.

Essentially, the right hue of rose gold brings out that blush tone of the skin very beautifully and is the best color for cool-toned individuals.

Silver – silver looks great on anyone with a cool skin tone, and it not only creates that desirable fresh look but would also make you look healthier and more luminous.

Do Blondes Look Better In Gold Or Silver Jewelry


Most blondes look great in silver jewelry rather than gold jewelry, whether cool or warm-toned.

So, if you are going for a metal option that ‘just works’ with minimal effort, then silver jewelry would be more ideal.

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