Do All Pandora Charms Fit All Pandora Bracelets?-Detailed Answer

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Loved for its unique charm styles, Pandora is among the top luxury jewelry brands in the market. The beautiful charms are designed to reflect an ever-evolving style and symbolize special moments in life.

As such there are a variety of designs and themes to choose from for your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, making them the perfect gift for any occasion.

Pandora bracelets are especially favored because you can easily change up the style of your bracelet. That’s thanks to the charms that can be easily screwed on and off. People, however, often ask whether or not it is possible to fit any Pandora charm on any Pandora bracelet?

This article will focus on addressing this concern, by looking at the common types of Pandora bracelets and the number of charms that can fit on them. As a bonus, we will also share with you tips on how you can arrange your charms on the bracelet.   


How Many Charms Fit On A Pandora Bracelet?

do all pandora charms fit all pandora bracelets

The number of charms you can fit into a Pandora bracelet will depend on several factors. The type of bracelet and length for starters greatly determine the number of charms you can fit. On average, the bracelets can take between 17-22 charms.

This includes the two clip beads and spaces you pick out. If you add a safety chain then this will affect the number of chains as well, normally it takes up the space of about two charms.

There are nine categories/types of Pandora bracelets based on the design of the band or chain. Each one can hold a varied number of charms on it. The following is a breakdown of the number of charms each type of bracelet can fit:


Rope Mesh.

These types of bands are sophisticated and slim, with a diameter of about 0.386”. Normally the Pandora rope mesh bracelets come in sterling silver or rose gold. Due to their shape and design, such bracelets can hold up to 20 of the Pandora Moments charms.


Snake Chains.

Although slightly similar to the rope mesh, the snake chain is more casual, flexible, and thicker with a diameter of 0.409”. The chain comes in a variety of colors including gold, silver, or two-tone.

The bracelets also feature different types of clasps like infinity knots and ball clasps. The snake chain can hold up to 15 to 20 Pandora Moments and Me charms.

do all pandora charms fit all pandora bracelets

Bolo Bracelets (Sliders).

If you have larger wrists then this is the Pandora bracelet for you. It is designed to fit loosely and is easily adjustable bolo (cord) connecting the two ends of the bracelets. That way you can easily loosen or tighten the bracelet as per your wish.

This style is applied in all the other types of bracelets including the snake chain. The number of Pandora charms you can fit into sliders will depend on the type of bracelet.


Flat Mesh Bands.

For the sophisticated types, this type of Pandora bracelet was made for them. The dressy bracelet is mostly featured in the Pandora Reflexion collection. Based on the name, the bracelet is flat with a width of 0.276”. This design can hold between 8-12 of the Pandora Reflexion charms.



Another form of circular bracelet is the Pandora bangles. They are less flexible compared to the rope mesh and snake chain but come in a variety of designs.

These include sliders, open-ended, and heart-shaped. Similar to the snake chain, these bracelets also vary in color. They can hold 10-20 Pandora Moments and Pandora Me charms.

do all pandora charms fit all pandora bracelets

Padlock bracelets.

Similar to sliders, these style of bracelets is featured in the different types of Pandora bracelet. Unlike the chord in the sliders, however, this design features a lock that holds both ends of the bracelet with a tiny padlock shaped in different ways.

This is different from the usual clasps used in other bracelets, and probably more secure. The number of charms it can hold will depend on the type of bracelet.


Tennis (Link) bracelets.

These tennis-style chains are a delicate design featuring links interconnected to form a continuous chain. The links are made of sterling silver and are only featured in the Pandora Me collections.

That is because the bracelet is only compatible with the mini-dangle charms from the collection, and can fit up to 10 of them.


Leather cord.

These bracelets are an edgier and less formal choice. They are made with braided leather strips that come as single or dual bands and in a wide range of colors.

The endcaps and clasps/ slider chain, is made of metal and can come in either silver, gold, or rose gold. The leather bracelets are most compatible with Pandora charms from the Moments collection and can hold up to 7-9 of them.

do all pandora charms fit all pandora bracelets

Can Any Pandora Charms Fit Any Pandora Bracelets?

Pandora charms are special because of the ability to easily screw them on and off, allowing you to fit them on your bracelets based on your preference. Based on this one would expect that the charms should fit on any of the Pandora bracelets.

That’s not the case. The charms have been specifically designed to be compatible with specific types of Pandora bracelets. Due to these differences, it’s unlikely that there is a charm that fits in all nine types of bracelets.

As you may know, the charms come in three main collections, Moments, Me, and Reflexion. The Reflexion charms are only compatible with the flat mesh bracelets, be they in the sliders or padlock style.

Me charms can only fit on the bangles, link chains, and snake chain bracelets either in the sliders or padlock styles. Moment charms on the other hand can be said to be compatible with most of the Pandora bracelets.

That is, aside from the flat mesh bands and link chains, the Moments charm fit into all the other types of bracelets. So, in hindsight, the Moments collection would be the best choice if you’re looking for more options.

Still, it doesn’t mean that it is suitable for all the bracelets. What’s more Pandora charms are only compatible with Pandora bracelets. Avoid using them on other brands so as not to damage your bracelets and so that your warranty still applies.


Common Types Of Pandora Charms You Should Know.

Now that you are familiar with the types of Pandora bracelets, let’s take a deeper look at the common types of Pandora charms. As we’ve already mentioned, the charms come in three main collections, that is, Moments, Me, and Reflexion.

do all pandora charms fit all pandora bracelets

Pandora Moments.

This is the original collection of Pandora charms. There are over 500 distinctive charms to choose from.

They come in gold, rose gold, and sterling silver and can sometimes feature cubic zirconia, Murano glass, and pave. The collection also contains themed charms like Disney characters, Harry Potter, Star Wars among others.

These charms are designed with round mounting holes which make them compatible with almost all the Pandora bracelets apart from the flat mesh band.

Most of the Moments charms are therefore categorized under the threaded charms, meaning you have to screw them on over the endcaps. The pave types of charms are, however, unthreaded charms, which means that they can easily slip over the endcaps.


Pandora Reflexion.

This collection came after Moments and are unique for their clip-on charms. They are the most sophisticated and dressiest charms among all three collections.

Currently, you can choose among 28 charms, that also come in a range of metals including gold, silver, and rose gold.

The charms also feature clear or muted cubic zirconia in their designs. To add to their uniqueness, they are the only charms that are compatible with the Flat mesh Pandora bracelets.

They can’t fit on any other bracelet.


Pandora Me.

This is the most recent among the three collections. It is also the most informal, and liveliest among all the charms.

The collection features regular-sized dangle charms and mini-dangle charms with 26 options currently available.

Their design allows them to fit on Pandora Bangles and rope bracelets. They are also the only ones compatible with the Pandora link bracelets.

All the charms are made of sterling silver and feature bright-hued zirconia crystals.


Tips For Arranging Pandora Bracelet Charms.

do all pandora charms fit all pandora bracelets

When it comes to arranging the charms on your bracelets, the process is easy. You just need to keep the following tips in mind:

Choosing your charms.

This is the first step in building a Pandora charm bracelet. It can be confusing because there is a lot of option to consider.

To make it easier you can choose charms based on your favorite color, the places you’ve traveled, love, or holiday seasons like Christmas.

You can also choose the charms based on the designs that appeal to you most and whether you want, threaded, unthreaded, dangling, or clip-on charms.


Choosing your bracelet.

There are a lot of factors to consider in this case, beginning with the type and material. This will depend on the charms that are important to you and that are compatible.

It is recommended that you pick a metal that matches with that of your charms unless you’re going for the leather chords.

The length also matters and will be determined by the size of your wrist and how many charms you can fit. Your perfect size is the one that allows you to place a finger between your wrist and your bracelet.  


Adding your clips.

Clips are hinged charms that are clipped onto the bracelet and remain in place.

They are important in effectively dividing the bracelet into sections and ensuring the charms will be evenly distributed on the bracelet.

It is recommended that you have at least two clips on your bracelet, to create three even sections.


Adding your charms.

How you add your charms will depend on the type of charms you selected. Moments and me charms will need to be threaded.

For the middle section, you would have to remove one of the clips and restore it once the section is filled.

The Reflexion charms on the other hand have slots that allow them to easily slip onto the flat mesh bands.


Adding your spacers.

Like clips, spacers are important in ensuring the evenness and symmetrical appearance of the bracelets.

They are bead-like and are added after the charms are in place in a section of your bracelet. Their role is to fill in the gaps between the charms.

You should add the spacers in your middles section before restoring your clip.


Including safety chains.

While they are optional, they are also important. They are thin sturdy chains meant to be attached to the end caps of your bracelet.

While Pandora uses top-quality clasps, it is not unusual that they may break. In such a case, safety chains come in handy because they stop your charms from falling off.



Even today, Pandora bracelets remain among the most popular in the market. That is because of the versatility and quality they offer.

They also accessorize beautifully with any outfit and make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Just keep in mind the compatibility of the charms and bracelets when selecting and building your Pandora charm bracelets.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!