Do Alex and Ani Bracelets Tarnish?(With Reasons&Solutions)

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Bracelets are a great accessory that transcends the gender divide. The designs keep getting more creative and meaningful with every new season.

Alex and Ani bracelets have warmed their way into millions of wrists and hearts with their edgy and emotive bracelet designs. As a daily must-have accessory for most, do Alex and Ani bracelets tarnish?

Before we tell you the answer directly, we need to tell you what are Alex and Ani Bracelets made of. We will also tell you how to clean and protect your Alex and Ani Bracelets. At the end of the post, our team also discusses why people still love this brand though the bracelet tarnish.

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What are Alex And Ani Bracelets Made Of?

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These bracelets are made of an alloy of recycled copper and silver which makes them hardy and give them the various shades of colors that they come in.

Some of their bracelets are also coated or plated with Rafelian gold or Rafaelian silver to increase their color variety. This is a special coating that’s a trademark of their bracelets and is in honor of their founder Carolyn Rafaelian. 

Alex and Ani pride themselves in making bracelets from the purest form of silver available which is 92.5% silver. Silver is too soft to work with and would bend easily so copper is added to strengthen the metal.

One of their famous bracelet collections is the Precious Metal Collection that features pieces made of a silver base that is then coated with either 14k gold or 14k rose gold.

As with all the metals they have chosen to work with, Alex and Ani have the faith in gold to help increase problem-solving capacity and to open our minds up. For silver, its microbial properties are why they have incorporated it in their creations.

All Alex and Ani bracelets have a thin coating of anti-tarnish which keeps them glossy and shiny for longer.


Do Alex And Ani Bracelets Tarnish?

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Unfortunately, yes they do tarnish. As they are made of an alloy of copper, they tend to oxidize the longer they are exposed to certain elements.

This oxidization causes the tarnish to occur. It’s not all bad though because Ani and Alex knew this would happen and always notify you of this when you are buying them.

Natural and essential daily use products such as oils, sprays, and perfumes could be abrasive to the bracelets and this could accelerate their tarnishing process. It is advised for you to wear your jewelry last after you are done with any chemical substances.

Even when they tarnish, they gain an interesting hue that gives it an antique or vintage look.

Most customers love this new shade of color but if you like your bracelets in their original color, you’ll need to clean off the tarnish.


How to Clean Tarnished Alex And Ani Bracelet?

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Alex and Ani bracelets come with a soft cloth that is to be used in cleaning them. All you need to do is soak your pieces in warm soapy water. If there are gems in the bracelet, you need a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub through the crevices. Once done, rinse the bracelet under running water and pat it dry between the cloth.

Oxidation is what happens to metals that cause them to tarnish. To slow down this process, cleaning as directed should be done regularly at least once every week.

Some pieces are heavily tarnished because maybe it has been months since you wore it. Have no fear because there is a home remedy that could do the trick. Believe it or not, if you soak Alex and Ani bracelets in ketchup for 5 to 10 minutes, and rinse them out, chances are, the tarnish will have gone.

To thoroughly clean your bracelet off the ketchup, you could soak it in warm soapy water and lightly brush it with a soft toothbrush. Once done, you could them pat the piece dry to reveal a shine as bright as on the day you first got your bracelet.


How to Take Care of Alex And Ani Jewelry?

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Caring for your bracelet will ensure you get longer wear with its shiny coating on. Being mindful of how and where you store your bracelet when you go to sleep also contributes to its durability.

A safe and ideal place to store your bracelet is in a sealed box with cushion or cotton inside. This will help to seep any moisture from your bracelet and help keep it shiny.

Water and oil are also great no-no’s when it comes to bracelets. They tend to wash away the anti-tarnish coating leaving your bracelet bare and quickening the oxidation which leads to a discolored looking metal.

Remember to take off your bracelet before you get into the shower or go swimming or take part in sports. Other than getting damaged, the bracelet’s pendant pieces could come to lose in high action and that could be dangerous.

You might also be tempted to buy a jewelry cleaner and decide to soak your bracelet in it. Please do not do that as the anti-tarnish coating on Alex and Ani bracelets are vulnerable to abrasives and there is no way of telling how strong your store-bought solution is.

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A simple routine of these 4 tips will keep your Alex and Ani bracelets looking newer for longer.


1. Clean your bracelet often at least once a month. All you need is the square piece of cotton cloth that comes with your bracelet to regularly wipe away any layers of dirt or grime. This helps keep oxidation at bay which is what causes tarnishing.

2. If there is further cleaning needed, dip your bracelet in a solution of mild soap and water and wipe down with the special polishing cloth. Then you can rinse under clear water and pat dry.

3. Some bracelets may have some fine lines and crevices in their design that make it hard to reach with a cloth and your stubby finger. You will then need a very soft-bristled toothbrush that you can use to gently brush off any dirt with some soapy water solution. Then rinse out and pat dry.

4. Do not wait to see signs of tarnishing to start caring for your bracelet. Start caring for it the moment you put it on. This will guarantee you a longer length of wear without the need to learn trick tarnish-stripping solutions like ketchup.


Why we love Alex and Ani Bracelets?

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What we love so much about Alex and Ani bracelets is that they are eco-friendly and that is a really important factor to consider in this age of sustainability. They have a reason behind the meatal material they use and they are always proud to tell the world about it.

Alex and Ani candidly and elaborately explain to their customers about their bracelets and why they make them as they do. According to them, they use a combination of silver and copper metal that has been recovered from trash items. In other words, their bracelets are made of recycled metal.

If that wasn’t cool enough, Alex and Ani set apart a part of their profits and donate it towards the charity which is the reason behind their “Charity By Design” bracelet collection. They also believe in the healing properties of copper as a naturally occurring mineral.

Alex and Ani chose to work with copper in the making of their bracelets because they believe in the healing properties of metals such as copper. Copper can get absorbed by your skin through the pores and it is believed to positively stimulate your immune system.

Also, copper is said to attract and increase positive energy so that’s another reason why Alex and Ani bracelets are more than just a great accessory.

Wearing and gifting Alex and Ani bracelets are so cool because of their endless customizing options available with their pieces. Their trademark design of an expandable and contractible metal bangle with no clasp and with three or four symbolic pendants and their endless color range makes them the best kind of accessory to pair up.

Alex and Ani Bracelets Available on Amazon-Click Picture to See Price

 Getting one bracelet is never enough and you will find a collection of them in almost any woman’s jewelry collection. We love to pair them up in color, symbolism, hidden message, and many other fun ways we can think of.

Their super affordable cost, their recognizable brand name, the symbolic pendants with inspirational messages and meanings plus their transparency and availability have set Alex and Ani bracelets a cut above the rest.

There is no way excitement for their amazing bracelets will ever go down. It is highly unlikely. In fact, with evidence on their website, this post and tons of other articles, it is safe to say that the popularity of Alex and Ani bracelets will keep getting bigger and bigger.



The unique angle that Alex and Ani bring to the jewelry world is massively appreciated.

It is awe-inspiring for a company to be so committed and dedicated to seeing and making a difference in the lives of their consumers and the world around them.

Though their bracelets may tarnish, Alex and Ani provide tons of resources to help you clean and take care of your bracelet. You just have to follow through.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!