6 Different Types of Tennis Bracelet Settings You Should Know

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While tennis bracelets all look the same from a distance, they are very different, and many of these differences are seen in the setting for the bracelet in question.

So, if you are shopping for a tennis bracelet, you will quickly realize that in as much as there are endless options of sleek and modern tennis bracelets to choose from, the bracelets don’t all look or feel the same.

Different Types of Tennis Bracelet Settings

These choices can be confusing, though, especially if you are not familiar with the setting types of diamond jewelry. And so, this guide is just for you. You’ll learn all about the setting types for tennis bracelets and what makes them different from each other in it.

So, let’s get into it!


6 tennis bracelet setting types

1. Prong Settings

Tennis Bracelet Prong Settings-1

The prong-set diamond tennis bracelets feature prongs in small metal projections that hold on to each stone.

The prong setting styles and the number of prongs changed depending on the setting style.

Generally, larger carat diamonds are held by at least 4 prongs, while 2 or 3 prongs hold smaller carat diamonds.


4-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Different Types of Tennis Bracelet Settings

The diamond tennis bracelet is one of the most common and classic choices for diamond tennis bracelets. You will come across the bracelet in pretty much all jewelry stores around you.

The setting for this tennis bracelet is simple, with a single row of high-quality, brilliant-cut diamonds. It’s been crafted professionally into a 4-prong basket, with 4 prongs that make it sturdy and ensure that you effortlessly keep everything well in place.

And so, thanks to its design features, it is one of the most popular types of tennis bracelets.

The diamond tennis bracelet can be made of lab-created or natural diamonds, meaning that you will find a timeless tennis bracelet for any budget.

Note that the prong settings for the tennis bracelet are essentially the tiny pins that hold up the stones while also making sure that the stones stay in place.

Bear in mind that the prong setting is the same kind of setting commonly seen in the diamond rings, although there are smaller prongs in the tennis bracelet than in the ring.


3-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelets

3-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelets

There also are diamond tennis bracelets made of 3-prong diamond settings. The 3-prong diamond settings are like the 4-prong but with a 3-prong basket in one row.

They are all beautifully crafted, and you get to choose the diamond tennis bracelets depending on the clarity level and the color of the diamonds. Most of the diamonds used for the 3-prong tennis bracelet are natural diamonds.


2-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet Settings

3-Prong Flower Clasp Tennis Bracelet Setting

This is the classic diamond setting style for the tennis bracelet, and it will not just stand out but also easily match your outfits, meaning you can wear it daily with ease.

This setting style involves placing the diamonds very carefully on the two-prong baskets, hence the simplest and the most elegant fit for your tennis bracelet. Thanks to the setting of the bracelet., the diamonds don’t have as much to hold it but are also much easier to style.

This is the other flower-clasp diamond setting that makes the tennis bracelets stand out thanks to their simplicity and elegance. The bracelet setting is in a floral design, and this setting helps to hold together the diamonds.

The tennis bracelet features brilliant natural diamonds, all set in the 3-prong baskets that will keep the bracelet secure, leaving you with the most fantastic piece of jewelry.

Thanks to the fact that the bracelet setting style relies on the 3-prong method with the prongs shaped like flowers, this tennis bracelet is unique and always stands out.



Different Types of Tennis Bracelet Settings

  • Different types of prong settings for the diamond tennis bracelets
  • Versatile designs
  • The most popular style of tennis bracelets
  • The prong settings keep the diamonds secure


  • The prongs may come loose or break


2. Pave Settings

Different Types of Tennis Bracelet Settings

The pave setting is common with the diamond bangle tennis bracelet.

The pave setting meant that the diamonds that make up the bracelet were all embedded within the base metal, with prongs used to secure the diamonds safely.



Different Types of Tennis Bracelet Settings

  • It can be used for the bangle bracelets too
  • The seamless setting of the diamonds
  • All diamonds are secure
  • The diamonds set can be in different sizes


  • The diamond bracelets are expensive


3. Bezel & Half-Bezel Setting Styles

Bezel-Set Diamond Tennis Bracelets

The bezel setting for the bracelets features a circle mount that will hold the diamonds in place.

Therefore, the bezel-set tennis bracelets do feature more contemporary styling, especially if you are going for a tennis bracelet with a sleek, modern, and streamlined look.


Bezel-Set Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Different Types of Tennis Bracelet Settings

The bezel setting is another popular setting for tennis bracelets, and it is the unique feature that ensures easy identification of the bracelet. The bracelet is both simple and stunning, so it’s the kind of tennis bracelet anyone would love.

The best part is that the bezel-set tennis bracelets come with diamonds in different sizes, ranging from 2 carats to 10 carats, often made of natural diamonds.

The bezel setting differs from other diamond settings, and the diamonds are all held differently. How different, you ask? The settings feature all or only some part of the diamond encircled with a metal strip, which makes it easier for the diamonds to stay in place safely.


Half-Bezel Setting Styles

Different Types of Tennis Bracelet Settings

On the other hand, the half-bezel settings feature either half circles or small bars that sit on each side of the diamonds, securing the stones in the setting. Some of these line diamonds will feature modern, geometric, half-bezel settings.


  • Distinct and robust look that makes the bracelets ideal for individuals leading active lifestyles
  • Diamonds are very secure in the cup-setting
  • Stunning, simple, and sleek tennis bracelets for everyday wear


  • The diamonds don’t sparkle too brightly from the sides


4. Multiple-Rows Tennis Bracelet Diamond Settings

Diamond Tennis Bracelet-1

The other standard-setting style for diamonds on the tennis bracelet is the setting style featuring two or more rows of diamonds running in a line.

If you are looking for a tennis bracelet that is not as dainty, then the two-row or the three-row tennis bracelet might be a good option.

The rows of diamonds sit on top of each other, and these rows can be prong or bezel-set, depending on the bracelet look you’re going for.

The best part is that top jewelers offer these tennis bracelet’ settings, so you only need to choose the diamond setting style that works best for you.



Different Types of Tennis Bracelet Settings

  • Versatile
  • Elegant
  • Durable
  • Secure setting for the diamonds


  • The bracelet is not dainty


5. Channel Setting

Channel Set Tennis Bracelet-1

This is another common tennis bracelet setting featuring a seamless row of diamonds that are all tension-set in the metal.

As a result, the channel setting will offer a rather clean line of sparkle or color, and it is a pretty popular design style.


  • The setting leaves you with diamonds that are all lined perfectly
  • The stones are the same size
  • Modern, sleek, streamlined


  • It may feel thicker than you may like


6. Traditional Link and Inset Bezel Designs

Traditional Link and Inset Bezel Designs

This setting style features more dangling set stones that sometimes work as charms.

The settings protect the stones well, although there are cases where the diamonds might not be so secure.

There also are non-traditional setting styles for the tennis bracelets, such as emerald-cut diamonds, princess, round, trilliant, Ascher, or oval-cut diamonds.


  • Versatile setting style
  • The diamonds can be set in a line setting, and also for the charms


  • Not the most protective diamond setting


What is the Best (popular) Setting for a Diamond Bracelet?

Tennis Bracelet-1

The prong setting is the most popular and best diamond setting for diamond tennis bracelets.

It is much more secure, and the versatility in terms of the number of prongs used depending on the size of the diamonds makes the prong settings the most ideal option for most people.


Tips for choosing the right settings for yourself

Different Types of Tennis Bracelet Settings

Now that you know which settings you would have to choose from let’s look at the other considerations you must consider when buying tennis bracelets.

  • The metal used– you get to choose between metals like platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.
  • Size of the bracelet– consider the size of your wrist to ensure a perfectly comfortable fit.
  • Diamond sizes will vary depending on your budget, but make sure that the stones are not too big or too small, especially for everyday pieces.
  • Color– the color of the diamonds or whichever gemstones you settle on should be uniform when you look through them with your naked eye.



There are numerous tennis bracelet setting styles that you can choose from in the list above, and as you can tell, there are many options that you can buy for the best fit.

Note, however, that tennis bracelets made of natural diamonds can be costly, and you may have to settle on alternative stones like cubic zirconia, moissanite, white sapphire, or topaz.

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