11 Different Types Of Nose Rings And How To Put Them In

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Nose rings come in all shapes and sizes, and there is practically a nose ring for every type of nose piercings.

But then, there also are more than a few types of nose piercings, which would mean that the type of nose ring you choose or consider depends on the type of piercing you get.

In other words, before you run out to get your nose pierced, you should think about what the different types of nose rings have to offer and which ones would be easier to put on or take off.

To help you make the right decision, or rather, to ensure that the nose ring you choose is the best one for you, here are some of the best types of nose rings that you should know of.


Different types of nose rings and how to put them in

1. Captive Nose Rings

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 First on our list are the captive nose rings, also called the ball closure rings or the BCRs. These nose rings, as the name suggests, feature a captive ball, although it may have some other form of a small decorative piece that is held in place by tension. It features a simple design that is easy to use, which is also why this is the most popular type of nose ring for persons with nose piercings, as well as the individuals planning to get nose piercings.

The other thing that makes it a popular choice is the fact that the nose ring is a little easy to put in. If you are trying it on for the first time, it’s worth noting that the ring’s bead is always held in place by tension, so to put it in or open it, you only need to spread the ring apart from the insert it in the nose piercing hole, using your index finger and the thumb. You could then rotate your nose ring so that its opening faces the nose’s exterior, aligning the ring’s small indentation within the bead with the end. Now, apply a small amount of pressure to snap the ball into the ring. And just like that, you have the nose ring on.

It’s not a nose ring design that is preferred by everyone, though, which is why we have several other options for you to choose from.


2. Nose Hoops

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 The nose hoops are a classic design of jewelry, and not just for the nose piercings, and if you are looking for the type of jewelry that you cannot go wrong with, try the nose hoops. The nose hoop is the simplest ring design you could ever find – it is a simple open ring with a small bead placed at the end of the ring and protects the ring from ever falling out while you have it on. So, if you love changing nose rings or jewelry every few days or weeks, then the nose hoop would be the ideal option for you. It’s also the easiest to put on.

To put in the nose hoops, guide the non-beaded end of the nose hoop through the nose piercing hole from the inside. You could also use your thumb from the outside for easy tracking of the progress of the nose ring and how easily it gets through the piercing. Once the hoop gets, you’d have to rotate the ring, and you’ll be good to go.


3. L-Shaped Nose Studs

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 This is a nose stud for your nose piercing, and it is one of the most common types of nose piercing that would be ideal for you if you are looking for a simple and very minimalist nose ring style.

It boasts an easy-to-insert function which makes it the preferable option for most people. The L-Shaped nose stud is often the recommended nose piercing jewelry for new piercings, and most jewelers use it. The only downside is that these nose rings tend to fall out really easily, and you may never realize it’s missing or where you lost it. Even so, it remains the go-to nose ring style for most people because it is very easy to remove, especially when you find yourself at a place or in a situation where having a nose ring is not the most ideal or even where it is regarded as an inappropriate piece of jewelry.

So, how do you put on this nose stud?

Wearing this nose ring is a fast, 2-step process. It starts with putting on the nose stud by inserting the L-shaped end into the piercing, raising it upwards at a 90-degrees angle, and pushing in the remainder of the stud, and voila, it’s done!


4. Segment Nose Ring

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 The design of the segment nose ring is inspired by the captive ring’s design, and the design of this ring makes it simple, and it also stands out. It features a curved portion that can easily be popped from the ring. Inserting this segment back into the nose piercing will not be a walk in the park, though, meaning that in as much as the segment nose rings have the best minimal and sleek look, and the ring design makes it the most secure option that doesn’t fall out easily, getting it in the nose piercing will be a little challenging. And even with multiple new fancies and decorative designs of the segment rings to choose from, how easy it would be for you to put in the ring would be an important consideration to keep in mind.

So, how do you put in the segment ring?

Well, the nose ring is designed so that it is relatively easy for the segment to pop out of the ring. You only need to pull the ring along with the segment in the opposite direction. You could also insert the ring in the hole then twist so that the ring’s opening faces up or outwards.

Next, insert one end of this segment ring into the ring’s corresponding end and force it in until you feel the slight pop. Note that for you to take out the segment nose ring, you’d have to simply pop it out by applying just a small amount of pressure on it. But if it proves difficult to remove, you may have to use a pair of pliers.


5. Horseshow Barbell Nose Rings

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 This is the other popular type of nose ring, and it’s especially common with individuals who have septum rings, although it is also designed in a way that allows you to flip it so that only the circular end is visible. The horseshoe barbell often has a minimal or a decorative bead at the end that is easily removable.

So, how do you put on the nose ring?

The good news is that this ring style is quite easy to put in the nose, and it’s also secure, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the ring falling out.

Now, to put it on, the first thing to do would be to remove the bead from one of the ends and then to insert the ring back into the nose hole or the septum piercing. And once it’s in, you’d want to rotate the ring, then insert the bead back into the end.


6. Clicker Nose Rings

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 This nose ring features a hinged segment held in place easily and securely by the use of two small tines located in the ring. These clicker rings are ideally used with the straight segments that are common with the septum clockers, but there are now many options, and types of fancy and circular clicker rings taking over the nostril jewelry niche, and you’re no longer stuck with the straight segment clickers. But how do you wear this nose ring?

To put on the clicker nose ring, first, open the ring’s clicker and then insert the ring’s open end in the hole. With the ring in the piercing hole, rotate it such that its hinge region lies outside your nostril. And you could also snap the ring’s segment in the other end of the ring, making sure that you hear that ‘click’ sound.


7. Seamless Nose Ring

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 This nose ring has a pretty seamless design, as the name suggests, and it doesn’t have any kind of hinge mechanism or beads incorporated. It also doesn’t have the biggest opening, as you’d see in the nose hoops. It does, however, have a small nick that ensures it stays in place while also making it easy for you to put in the ring. The seamless nose ring might also be a good option for you because it is minimalistic, small, and plain.

So, how do you put this ring on? Well, putting on this ring is a rather seamless process, and all you need to do is to bend or twist the ring-opening slightly. Just don’t force it sideways along the ring’s surface. Once you open it, slide it down into the piercing hole. Once it’s in, rotate it such that its opening faces your nostril’s exterior. You could also force its ends back to the original position to keep it secure.


8. Fishtail Nose Ring

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 This is the other stud nose ring, and it’s the perfect alternative to the L-Shaped nose ring, especially if you find that the L-shaped nose stud fits either too tightly or too loosely.

The fishtail nose rings come in different sizes and shapes, which means that there is something for everyone. The fishtail stud nose ring is an alternative that works for pretty much everyone, with the customization making it a preferable choice to the L-shaped rings.

How do you put in this nose ring them?

Unfortunately, you need pliers to put it on. First, you’ll use the pliers to bend your fishtail ring in an L-shaped. You could also use the nose screw to insert it.


9. Labret Nose Ring

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 While there are several styles and designs of nose rings, as seen in this article, some people find these nose ring designs to be annoying, especially on the ring’s inner surface. In such cases, the labret nose ring is the very best nose ring design that you could settle on. The reason for this is that the labret nose ring features a pin whose end is a decorative piece, while the end of the other shaft features a flat disc. This flat end of the nose ring is what sits on the piercing’s interior portion that holds in place the outer decorative section. To stay on securely, the labret nose rings are either threaded or even unthreaded, but the designs vary. So, how do you put on the labret nose ring easily and safely?

To put in the labret nose ring, you first need to determine if the nose ring is threaded or unthreaded. If it’s unthreaded, you’d first need to separate the ring’s pin from the shaft by pulling these to ends away from each other. Next, insert the shaft of the nose ring in the piercing until you feel its tip on the outside of the piercing. Now, start pushing the flat disc from its bottom side until you see the tip, then insert the front of the decorative end of the pin in the shaft. After the pin has reached down half the length of the shaft, you’d have to bend the pin slightly so that it grasps on the pin tightly, preventing the pin from falling out. Lastly, push in the pin until it gets to the shaft’s end.

For the threaded labret nose rings, you’d have to insert the ring’s pin in the shaft then rotate it such that the pin’s threading interlocks with the shaft.


10. Nose Screws

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 With a decorative piece on one and the curved screw on the other, the nose screw fits in the piercing easily and tightly. It could be uncomfortable, though, especially because of the screw that is visible from the nostril.

To put it in, first, lubricate the interior of the nostril or the piercing area, and then insert the nose screw’s end before rotating the ring’s end gently to follow the screw’s shape. Once you have the curve in the nose, push in the remainder of the stud, and just like that, you have your nose ring in.


11. Nose Bone

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 Last on our list is the simple, straight nose stud featuring a small ball on one end, holding the stud securely in place.

Putting it on quite simple, just insert it in the piercing by pushing it in from the outside, albeit gently.



While there are many nose ring types that you may not like, we are certain that one of these would be ideal for you. Just make sure that your hands are clean before you out the nose ring in.

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