10 Different Types of Earrings For Guys( No.3 is Popular)

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Are you looking for different types of earrings for guys? Are you thinking about introducing some trendy earrings and ear jewelry for your ears but are unsure about what some of your options might be?

Well, this article is exactly what you need to pick the best earrings for you.  We will tell you 10 different types of men’s earrings and teach you guys how to choose the best one for yourself.

And we are not just talking about earrings that generally look great, but earrings that will compliment your face and make you look your best. So, keep reading!


Types of Earrings for Guys

When choosing your best earrings, you need to look out for the kinds of earrings that will add that spark to your personality.

The right earrings, like any other appropriate and stylish accessories, will match your style and amplify your appearance, while also exemplifying your aura as it personifies your identity, as well as your integrity.

But for all these, you need the right adornments or add-ons that will best reflect your personality.

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When it comes to choosing accessories that enhance your appearance and make you stand out from the crowd, the key is to understand your options.

While earrings have been a part of men’s lifestyle for several civilizations, wearing earrings hasn’t always been trendy or attractive in the mainstream, which is why most men shy away from wearing them.

The good news is that times are changing, and societies are becoming more receptive to earrings.

For the longest time, men’s earrings were of cultural significance, but they are now more of fashion statement pieces that are largely acceptable in today’s cultures.

Today, men wearing earrings showcase their qualities of bravery, audacity, peculiarity, and in other cases, their vulpine class. What this means is that different types of earrings will bring out a different quality, and knowing the kind of men earrings to wear when is, therefore, crucial.

Speaking of the types of earrings for men, your choices are spun between the materials used to make the earrings and your piercing style.


2 Main Types of Men’s Earrings

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There are two main kinds of men’s earrings – pierced and the non-pierced (mobile) earrings.

The pierced earrings are fixed, and you could have them in one place for some time.

Note that your piercing style will affect the kind of pierced earrings you choose. Some of the common piercing styles include the conch, snug, scaffold, rim, tragus, diath, rook, inner pinner, and the lobe.

The non-pierced earrings, on the other hand, refer to the mobile earrings you can change frequently.

These earrings are easy to wear, and they come in different styles, including clip-on, magnetic earrings, and stick-on, among others.


10 Different Types of Men’s Earrings

  1. Hoops
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Hoops have been worn by men for centuries, with the Kings in India known to have worn gold and silver hoops embedded with gems and precious stones.

Hoop earrings for men are either circular or semi-circular, passing through the ear lobe via a post or a wire.

In the case of a wire, the wire will be fixed at the front end of the circular hoop, and there is a small lock at the back behind the earlobes.

Hoop earrings are available in different styles, including gold, silver, black, colored matte earrings, and shiny small stones, among others. Hoops are trendy and ideal for different styles and occasions.



  1. Men’s Novelty Earrings
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These are the most common earrings on the market today, and they boast an antique design/ finish.

They come in all kinds of shapes from dags, bats, and cartoon characters, to guns, handcuffs, dragons, crosses, and animal designs, among other designs.

They also come in different sizes and are made of different materials, including gemstones and diamonds, to symbolize royalty.


  1. Spacers and Plugs
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These are more or less like studs, but they have different types of backings.

The spacers and plugs are also called flesh tunnels, gaps, or tappers, and they symbolize an adventurous and bold spirit.

They are round-shaped, and they stretch over the earlobe, giving an elegant and modern stylish expression. The gaps and the flesh tunnels are insertion-kind earrings with a hollow in the middle.

Since they come in large sizes, they are also called bullet holes. They are made of high-quality plastics or hardened rubber.


  1. Barbells
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Barbell earrings are either straight or curved,

The straight (and long) barbell earrings are ideally body jewelry common with industrial piercings, stretching from the outside of your ear’s cartilage through to the front of the upper end of your ear lobe’s cartilage.

There are thin and short gauged barbells that are ideal for lobe and cartilage piercings.

The closures for barbell earrings can be cone-shaped or shaped as rectangles, koosh balls, or dice.

Curved barbells, on the other hand, have threaded ends with a ball. They are common with metal and alternative music genres, and they are trendy.

Barbell earrings are made of tungsten, silver, surgical steel, or titanium.


  1. Magnetic Earrings
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These are non-piercing earrings that feature a magnet placed at the back of the earlobe.

The earrings have a stud-like appearance, and the magnetic backing keeps the earring on.

They are often small and circular, but there are bigger magnetic stud earrings too, and they are trendy.


  1. Studs

Men have worn stud earrings for a very long time now, and the studs are pretty much the most common type of men’s earrings.

Studs are simple, stylish, and they appear as free-floating symbols at the front of your ear, with small, thin attached robs that penetrate through your earlobe.

Studs are available in different styles and materials, from hyper-allergic metal alloys to gold, silver, and steel.

They may be pure, flat, plated, or embellished with gemstones, and there also are stud symbol earrings.

You will also find plastic and rubber studs. The backing for stud earrings can be screw-on-clasps, butterfly clasps, or a cap.

The stud earrings are common with, but not limited to older men and country music fans.


  1. Tapers

With styles ranging from taper plugs, taper spikes, and tapers with an extra element, tapers are designed to penetrate through the earlobe, staying in place throughout.

The tapers are common with Goths, Punks, and Emo. The most common tapers are the screw-shaped tapers.


  1. Clip-on Earrings

These are non-piercing earrings designed to hold your earlobe with its hinged clip. You can find them as diamond or black clip-on.


  1. Ear Cuffs
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The ear cuffs are wide and semi-circular in shape, and they are quite decorative.

They are secured in place by clamping/ squeezing them tightly across your earlobes.

Ear cuffs come in a variety of metals, including silver and gold, as well as the plated options.


  1. Status Earrings

These earrings can be worn by pretty much anyone, at any time, although they are more common with Punks, Goths, Hip Hop, and Rap lovers. The trendiest of status earrings include edgy handcuffs, skulls, and bats.


How to Choose Men’s Earrings

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You might be ready to go all out on earrings, but understanding the different features of earrings will allow you to make the right choice of accessories. That said, here are five of the most important considerations to bear in mind in the search for the best men’s earrings.

  • Size

The size of the earrings you choose must compliment your physique.

  • Skin tone and Shape of your face

Your earrings must match the shape and the tone of your face. Often, your skin tone will clash with some colors naturally, which means that unless you wish to pay attention to the wrong things, you must choose your earrings colors carefully. This is what we mean:

Fair skin guys will look great in white gold and silver earrings, while rose golds bring out the pink on your skin.

Olive Skin – if you have olive skin, you can wear earrings in any color

Pale Skin – if you have a pale, milky skin tone, you should steer clear of all yellow golds, opting for silver or white instead.

Dark Skin – If you have dark skin, you can pull off yellow gold earrings because it looks very vibrant, and it’s eye-catching against your dark skin tone. You could wear white golds and silvers as well, but the yellow golds would be your best option.


How about the shape of your face?

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 Oblong Face – wear round earrings

Square Face – Curved and round earrings

Heart-shaped face – opt for the straight earrings without any curves, for example, a taper or a barbells

Round face – opt for square earrings

  • Material

The material used to design the earrings will affect the quality of the earrings worn. Opt for golds and silvers or other precious metals if you are going for earrings with a status symbol. These metals represent eminence and royalty.

Speaking of metals, opt for neutrals because they are suitable for different occasions and could be worn with any attire.

  • Colors

Match your skin tone, and remember that dark color shades show primacy and superiority. But don’t opt for a color that clashes your skin tone or outfit.

  • Patterns

The earrings’ patterns will match your interests, style, and preferences.



The ten types of earrings above are the main kinds of earrings for men on the market today. They are trendy, but ideal for different occasions, styles, and lifestyles.

For the best earrings, keep them small and proportionate to the body, match your outfit theme, match metals, and maintain a confident look. For more useful tips, visit this page for more or visit this page for more awesome content.


Hey! I finally find the Answer!