16 Different Types Of Earring Backs And How To Take Them Off

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When it comes to searching for the best earrings that will fit comfortably, you want to make sure that you understand the different types of earrings, as well as the earring backs.

This is quite important because you’d want to make sure that you can put the earrings on and that take them off with ease.

In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the different types of earring backs and exactly how to take off the earrings.


16  Different Types Of Earring Backs

1. Clip-on earrings

Clip-on earrings are the most common type of earrings, and they are the safest option for you if you haven’t pierced your ears. The clip-on earrings have clip-on earring backs that work based on the clip-ons, which are the nice little hinges that the clips attach to, grabbing on your earlobe and keeping the earring on safely.

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 The clip-on earring backs are ideal for anyone who likes earrings, with or without their ears pierced. We can all agree that you have probably come across some very cute clip-on earrings that you still end up wearing, even with pierced ears. The only catch is that these earrings tend to be heavy, and they could also pull on your ear. This also means that the earrings could be painful.

You may also like these earrings because they always stay in place, regardless of how much you move around. For this reason, this type of earring backs are regarded as the most secure backs, even when compared to the traditional backs, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the earrings not staying in place or getting lost.

These earrings are also easy to put on. You only need to clip off the front of the earrings that hold on to the earlobe.


  • The clip earrings backs and earrings always stay in place when you wear them.
  • These backs and the earrings are suitable for you if you love earrings, but you haven’t had your ears pierced yet.
  • The backs are quite secure, and they will always stay on


  • These backs attend to be heavy
  • The quality of these earring backs could be better, and they don’t last too long because they are considered costume jewelry.
  • The earring backs may hurt your ears a bit


2. Omega or French Clips

The French clips are the version of earring backs that are suitable for individuals with pierced ears and even the ones with unpierced ears. The French Clips earring backs feature a clasp that grips on your earlobe perfectly. The best part is that the French earring backs are often used for earrings that have gemstones in them, as well as the ones without gemstones. The backing will, therefore, hold on to the earrings well, making sure that you don’t lose the gemstone.

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 There are several types of French Clips for gemstone earrings available, though, some of which feature small screws that attach to the earring backs easily. Essentially, the earrings have a post that is attached to the earring’s top, while the clasp has a hole that the post goes through when you close it.

So, to take the earring back off, you’d have to pull up the section of the earring with the hole for the post to pass through and for you to remove the earrings safely.


  • The earring backs are well-connected to the earrings, and you wouldn’t have to worry about losing the earring backs.
  • The back is secure, durable, and easy to wear
  • The clip on the earrings keeps the earrings safe and secure
  • It fits comfortably for pretty much all earring types
  • The earrings come in different sizes, and there is something for everyone


  • There are cases where the clip is a tad too small, and you may feel some pain when you pinch the clasp.


3. Jumbo Earring Backs

The Jumbo earring backs are the most common type of earring backs, and they are the best option for you if you are looking for a great option that is easy to put on and take off. These backs will also stay on for long, comfortably, and you wouldn’t have to worry about losing them.

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 Note that the large backs look like discs so that when you put them on, they flatten your earlobe, ensuring that the earrings lay down perfectly and comfortably.

These backs are also ideal because they will enhance the appearance of your earrings, and they are largely the most comfortable option for you if you are looking for safe and comfortable earrings. These backs also come in different colors, and you get to choose earring backs that match your earrings. To take these earring backs off, you only need to gently slide them off the earring posts.


  • They fit very comfortably.
  • The large size means that you will find them easily when you drop it
  • These backs work well with most types of earrings, and you can use them easily
  • These backs lie well against your ears, and they make the earrings look much better


  • These backs don’t work on all types of earrings
  • These backs are quite large, and if you have small ears, they may show


4. Fish Hooks or French Wires

You probably have at least one pair of earrings that have fish hooks for backs. These earring backs look like fish hooks, and they are oftentimes paired with heavy earrings, especially teardrop-shaped earrings. But because of the heaviness of the earrings and the design of the fish hooks, these earrings will always stay in place.

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 These earring backs feature a curved wire hook that fits through the ear seamlessly.

However, it doesn’t have any back with it, and you don’t need it because it often is just big enough to always stay in place. To remove the fish hook, you only need to gently slide it off your ear.


  • The earrings will stay in place as long as the fish hook is made of a long wire.
  • The fish hooks are easy to put off and also to stay in place
  • Fish hook earring backscan easily hold the heavier earrings
  • Fish hook earring backs are often used for the most beautiful jewelry options


  • The absence of a back means that you could lose the earrings easily
  • These regular earrings are generally heavier, and the earring backs might not be the best option for you if you have smaller ears


5. Ball backs

These earring backs are so much fun to wear, and they could also be part of the design for the earrings.

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 These backs are designed in a way that allows you to show them off from behind, and you can wear them with different types of earring backs.

They are commonly used with atypical earrings such as cartilage earrings, although you could use them on or with regular earrings too.

How to take these earring backs off

Just slide the backs off or unscrew them if they are the screw-type


  • These earring backs are uniquely designed
  • They are great when you look at them from behind
  • They are versatile
  • Hold up earrings well
  • The screw-back design means that they are secure


  • These ball backs tend to be very hard to find
  • They do not work too well with most designs of the traditional earring styles.
  • Not the most comfortable backs


6. Butterfly, Push back, post back, or Friction earring backs

These are the most common designs of earring backs, and they are pretty much the standard design for the backs. If you are looking for earring backs, these are the most common type of backs you will come across.

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 The butterfly or pushback earring backs are the common options used for the basic stud earrings, and they get their name from the fact that they are shaped like butterflies. They are made of thin wire and feature a small hole that goes right in the middle, where the post goes through. A

s a result of the design of these backs, they boast a snug fit that keeps the backs in place while ensuring that the earrings always stay in place. The good news is that you can lose the earrings after some time if the backs are loose.


  • Many options and designs are available
  • Easy and simple to find
  • They work well with most types of earrings
  • The backs fit comfortably


  • These backs are not the most secure option
  • Easy to lose


7. Screw Backs

The other type of earring backs that you may like is the screw back. It looks a lot like pushback, and it’s commonly used for most types of earrings, but they tend to be more expensive because they work well and keep the earrings very secure.

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 The screw-back earrings feature winding grooves that go all along with the posts, and you can see the twist screws that go on and off easily. The tight screw means you wouldn’t have to worry about the earrings falling off or coming loose.

How to remove it

To remove these earring backs, you need to screw it on because, unlike the pushbacks that need to be pushed in or off the post, you have to unscrew the screw backs to get it off the post.


  • Work well for most types of earrings
  • They are quite comfortable
  • Good level of security provided by these earrings  
  • More secure than the push back earring backs
  • They fit well with different types of earrings


  • There are better and more secure options out there
  • Not the easiest to put on or take off


8. Latch Backs, Snap Backs, Click-Top, and Hinge with notched postbacks

If you are looking for earring posts for dangling earrings, this might be a good option for you.

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 The latch back earrings style keeps the dangling earrings in place securely while also making sure that the earrings fit rather neatly. The latch back works just like a door latch, and you can remove it easily by opening the latch to remove the post.

You will be happy to know that these earrings fit very nicely and easily into the little hook of the earring back, looping it easily around the first place you use the latch. The latch is available in a circular shape, and you will have the pin on one side and the latch on the other, with no clamping mechanism, which makes it easy to wear and take off the earring backs.


  • The latch is easily hooked on and easy to put on and take off
  • It fits comfortably
  • Works great with hoops and dangling earrings
  • Simple earring hook design
  • Elegant design that works great with the bigger earrings.


  • It might not be the most secure option


Other types of earring backs include:

  1. Push-on stoppers (secure and comfortable)
  2. Plastic backs (tight and inexpensive)
  3. Saddlebacks (comfortable and most secure for hoop earrings)
  4. Chrysmela (most secure type of back)
  5. LOX (Very secure and easy to use)
  6. Kidney wires (ideal for long, dangling earrings)
  7. Lever backs (secure and versatile)
  8. La Pousette Backs (Suitable for earrings that come in unique designs)



If you are looking for earring backs that are easy to put on and take off and also to keep the earrings on easily, these are the best options on the market for you.

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