What Do The Different Colors Of Lokai Bracelets Mean?(Full Guide)

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The Lokai bracelet is perceived as a symbol of hope, balance, and humility.

But for anyone who doesn’t describe different societal and lifestyle beliefs, you may need more than three descriptive words to understand why people wear Lokai bracelets.

And to understand this, you’d have to take a look at the colors of the bracelets and what they mean.


So, what is the Lokai bracelet?

Lokai bracelets refer to the bracelets made of 100% silicone. These bracelets contain a black bead placed strategically at one end and a white bead on the opposite end. It is said that the black bead features mud that’s collected from the lowest part of the earth in the Dead Sea; and white beads that carry and water believed to be from Mt Everest, which is the highest point on the earth. In between the black and the white beads are beads of different colors. Originally, the Lokai bracelet features clear beads between the white and the black beads. The clear beads are believed to have water.

And just like all other stories around human beings’ creations, inventions, and pretty much everything else that exists, the Lokai bracelets are believed to have a special purpose, and there is also a story behind these bracelets. Therefore, embracing and understanding them would ensure that you love and appreciate Lokai bracelets.

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 So, what’s the story behind the Lokai bracelets?

For starters, the name Lokai is a word that is derived from the Hawaiian word for Unity, Harmony, or blending opposites – Lokahi.

This name was settled on by the Founder and CEO of Lokai, Steven Izen. Steven came up with the idea of the Lokai bracelet during a very crucial moment in his life. At the time, he needed to find his balance between gratitude, happiness, and joy (on one end of the scale) and sadness and hopelessness on the other end.

While feeling overwhelmed, he also recognized the need for a safe way for him to preserve and hold all those deep, contrasting feelings plus the memories (of his grandfather) through a physical object, something that he could easily wear. Coming up with the idea of the Lokai bracelet was, therefore, the most befitting solution. The bracelet turned out to be both a reminder and also a recognition of the cycle of life, along with the highs and lows of life – the bracelet symbolized leading a balanced life, regardless of what goes on.

To cement his ideas, the use of two colored bracelets, each on the opposite end of the spectrum, was the perfect solution.


Lokai bracelet color meaning

In a way that could only make sense to him (then), Steven’s thoughts about the highest moments of his lie, the joy, and gratitude, as well as the happiness felt, could only be represented by water collected from the highest point on earth, at Mt. Everest. And for his troublesome moments filled with hopelessness and sadness, the mud collected from the Dead Sea couldn’t be a perfect match because this low point of his life coincided with the earth’s lowest point.

And in between the highs and the lows faced in life, you find balance, but only if you take responsibility for your life’s journey and choose to write your story.

What this means is that at the core of the Lokai bracelet, the deep meaning to be obtained is that even when you are at the top of your world, you need to stay humble, at your lowest, choose to stay hopeful; and always find your perfect balance.

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 What about the white and black beads or the colorless pieces?

Some of the colors associated with the Lokai bracelets, for example, the Double Hook Bracelet, include Fuschia, green, yellow, and blue. There also are metallic bracelets that come in different colors like gunmetal, rose gold, and pure gold. For the Animal Rescue bracelets, you have the white beads that represent the Humane Society.

Now, while the colors can be confusing, the black and white colors of the Lokai bracelet stand out, and they pique the most interest. Essentially, the black bead on the Lokai bracelet is said to contain mud from the Dead Sea, and it is representative of the low or dark moments in life, while also there to remind you that such moments would pass and you only need to be hopeful of a better future. The white bead, on the other hand, is said to hold water from Mt. Everest; though associated with happiness, gratitude, joy, and the good in life, the bead’s incorporation into the bracelet is aimed at encouraging humility, especially when you are at the top of your game (world).

The rest of the beads that make up the Lokai bracelet are often clear, but they could also be blue.

In a nutshell, the Lokai bracelet holds great meanings, which can be summarized as:

  • Balance– it encourages you to find balance even in the extremity of your problems, emotions, and challenges.
  • Hope– The black bead signifies hope. It’s related to the Dead Sea and reminds you to be hopeful. You may not know this, but the Dead Sea is also known as The Sea of Life, and the beads are there to encourage you to live your life with the expectations of great things happening to you, especially at your bleakest moment.
  • Faith– Faith can be defined as the evidence of the unseen things, the belief that the sun will still rise tomorrow, and that it will come with healing and a better day.
  • Love– the bracelet is also believed to signify love, as it reminds you to love yourself and also love others. It reminds you to embrace the very powerful energies that come from love, that you should have compassion and empathy, and to give for you to receive great abundance from the universe.
  • Harmony– the Lokai bracelet also encourages harmonious living as the best way of life. It encourages you to lead a peaceful life and live in harmony, not just with yourself but also with your environment and the family, while being your most authentic self.
  • Humility– Lastly, Lokai bracelets encourage you to be humble and meek, rather than prideful.


What does the Red Lokai bracelet mean?

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While the red Lokai bracelet isn’t the most popular option around, it is actually one of great significance. Specifically, it’s a bracelet designed to spread awareness of HIV/AIDS. This bracelet was inspired by a 2000 report which noted at up to 1200 babies born every day tested positive for HIV. The good news is that the number has been reduced by as much as two-thirds, but efforts are being made continuously to ensure that the number reaches zero. The red Lokai bracelet was designed to support this fight, with proceeds used to buy medication to reduce and effectively end mother-to-child HIV/AIDS transmissions.


What does the rainbow Lokai bracelet mean?

The rainbow bracelet is the Pride Lokai bracelet, which is a reminder of the fact that all human beings are deserving of equal rights, regardless of who they choose to love.


What does the clear Lokai bracelet mean?

This is the classic Lokai bracelet, an iconic bracelet design that’s believed to encourage and bring balance while reminding you to remain humble in your highs and hopeful in your lowest moments.

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What does the blue lokai bracelet mean?

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 The blue Lokai bracelet or the Wings for Life Lokai bracelet focuses on offering support for spinal cord injuries and subsequent research.

There are several other versions of the Lokai bracelet, though, and they have different meanings; including unwinding, autism awareness blue Lokai bracelet, the Water bracelet, as well as the shark Lokau bracelet, which has elements of blue and used to support marine research and protect sharks from becoming extinct. The other blue Lokai bracelets are for different horoscopes and zodiac signs.


What does the purple Lokai bracelet mean?

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 The purple Lokai bracelet is the Alzheimer’s Awareness (Split) bracelet. With this bracelet, Lokai is partnering with the Alzheimer’s Association to ensure research into efforts to fight the illness is funded.


What does the pink Lokai bracelet mean?

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 The pink Lokai bracelet raises awareness for breast cancer, and funds raised help offer support to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s research.


What does the black Lokai bracelet mean?

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 This bracelet comes as a part of the dual bracelet sets carrying elements from the lowest and the highest points on earth. The black bracelet reminds you to be hopeful at your lowest moments.


What does the orange lokai bracelet mean?

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 The orange bracelet is part of the cause collection of Lokai bracelets, and it’s designed to raise awareness for mental health illnesses; in partnership with NAMI.


What does the green Lokai bracelet mean?

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 The green bracelet was designed at the height of the coronavirus pandemic (crisis) to encourage awareness and raise funds to ensure that all kids get to eat and that no kid goes hungry.


What does the blue and white Lokai bracelet mean?

This is the limited edition Lokai bracelet designed to support refugees. In partnership with groups like the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the funds raised are intended to support refugees – Lokai donates $1 to IRC for every bracelet.



If you weren’t sure what Lokai bracelets are all about, this article has addressed most of your answers, and with the Core and Cause bracelet collections, buying the bracelets allow you to support different causes, making an impact.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!