What Does Diamond Shape Say About Your Personality?

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‘Dress how you want to be addressed’. You may have come across this saying every time you try to browse through the fashion industry. The same goes for the jewelry industry. In the jewelry industry, it’s more of showing me your jewelry pieces, and I’ll give you a hint of your personality.

Believe it or not, what you wear says a lot about your personality, from the clothes to the jewelry and hairstyles you choose to have on. Generally, a diamond shape is the geometric outline and overall physical shape of a diamond.

You have the option to choose from a princess cut, marquise cut, cushion cut, or a round cut. You can also choose from an oval cut, emerald cut, Asscher cut, or pear-cut. Whichever you choose, your choice of diamonds says a lot about your character and personality.

So, are you ready to know what a diamond shape says about your personality? In this write-up, we will look at the various diamond shapes and tell you what they say about your personality.


What diamond shape says about your personality?


1.Pear-Cut Diamonds

What Does Diamond Shape Say About Your Personality?

Personality Trait: Easy Going, Sentimental, Full of life and Daring

The pear cut diamonds are the most uniquely shaped in this category. In as much so, they are the most versatile. They are shaped like a teardrop, and they feature a rounded end that tapers into a single point.

Its shape is a bold mix between a marquise-shaped diamond and the round cut brilliant stone. The teardrop may show a great sense of sentimentality and romance.

It brings out a personality full of vibrancy and one that is daring.

If you are drawn to the excitement and are on the lookout for adventure, the pear cut diamond is the best fir for you! It shows a level of ambition and determination that exists within the woman wearing it and it brings out the fun that comes with this trait.

If you look closely, you will notice that most career-oriented women with a heightened sense of focus tend to have this ring.

At the same time, it’s for women who can balance adventure and ambition.


2.Round Cut Diamonds 

What Does Diamond Shape Say About Your Personality?

Personality Trait: An individual who loves glamour. A lover of sophistication which a touch of elegance and luxury

Round cut diamonds are the most popular and brilliant diamonds in the jewelry industry. They were developed in the 1900s, and they feature 57-58 facets that reflect light through the diamond.

The man behind the development of this exquisite piece is Marcel Toklowsky, who created mathematical models to reflect more sparkle and exude brilliance.

If you are a woman who loves to keep it glamorous, then you would be impressed with the sophistication and blend of flamboyance that comes with this type of diamond.

Remember jewelry is a great way to express ourselves. When you wear round cut diamonds, you can express to anyone that you love luxury, are outgoing, and are a vibrant individual.

If you are the woman who loves elegance with a mix of simplicity, then this is it for you! It gets even better when you understand the versatility of round cut brilliant diamonds.

You can wear it with anything in your wardrobe- whether formal, casual, or vintage!


3.Radiant Cut Diamonds

What Does Diamond Shape Say About Your Personality?

Personality Trait: Traditional and Unwavering with a mix of Bubby and Outgoing

The radiant cut diamond is a good bridge between cushion cut and princess cut diamonds. The squared-shape has the same visual appearance as an emerald cut diamond.

The difference is that; radiant cut diamonds have a different arrangement of facts, which gives room for more brilliance. It is a very unique piece with flat corners.

Also, most people love it because of its versatile nature. It is easy to pair with any outfit and sits comfortably in a setting with round side or baguette diamonds.

It is the most ideal piece to show off a little glamor, and at the same time, it has a subtle design that brings out a woman’s reserved nature. It creates a balance of bubble and reservation.


4.Oval-Cut Diamonds

What Does Diamond Shape Say About Your Personality?

Personality Trait: Individualistic, Specific, Sophisticated, Lively, and Creative

The oval shape diamond has almost the same number of facets as the round brilliant cut diamond, meaning it offers the same amount of brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

The shape carries its carat weight pretty well and has a unique shape that makes it look larger than it originally is. It’s for the women who are unique and are unafraid of expressing it.

It’s a great fit for the creative and sophisticated woman.

They have a dazzling effect and work pretty well for anyone who would like to enhance their long and pretty fingers.


5.Marquise Cut Diamonds

What Does Diamond Shape Say About Your Personality?

Personality Trait: Vintage, Dramatic, Amusing, Full of Life

The name ‘Marquise’ is French, and its shape is derived from American football. It has an elongated body with pointed sides, and it may appear larger than its actual size.

It works pretty well for the woman who has a vintage sense of style and would like to add some glamor to it.

It is not a popular shape for engagement rings, but a few elegant pieces have been set with the marquise cut diamond. It brings out an element of drama and is ideal for any daring woman.

Its sharp points towards the end resonate with internal and external strength. They aren’t the best type for the faint-hearted or people who have too many boundaries.

If you think that rules are made to be broken, then this may be a ring that complements your personality traits.


6.Heart Cut Diamonds

What Does Diamond Shape Say About Your Personality?

Personality Trait: Romantic, Passionate, Sentimental

If you are romantic and affectionate, the heart shape diamond ring may be the one for you. It is uniquely shaped, and the heart is the symbol of love.

If you are looking to make a statement, you should avoid this type of diamond cut. It is simply an ‘I love you’ message and a sparkly diamond at the same time. Wearing this type of ring shows that you wear a huge part of your heart on your sleeve.

This shape shows that you are romantic, passionate, and affectionate by nature. It brings out the fact that one is sentimental.

Aside from that, it shows a heightened sense of boldness and complete willingness to take a risk. It shows how far you would go for love and that you are a believer in true love.


7. Asscher cut diamond

What Does Diamond Shape Say About Your Personality?

Personality Trait: Traditional, Feminine, Elegant, and Dramatic

Just like the emerald cut, the Asscher cut diamond features a square shape. This style dates back to the roaring 1920s and is described as a traditional choice when it comes to the various ring shapes that exist.

It features about 74 facets which makes it quite brilliant and sophisticated.

It is the best fit for a woman who is elegant and conservative with a hit of drama and femininity.

Women who wear antique rings with the Asscher cut diamond tend to have a retro look and are more inclined to vintage stuff.

Generally, Asscher cuts have step-cut facets like emerald-cut diamonds, instead of brilliant-cur faceting. This makes them sophisticated with a touch of elegance.

To add to that, the Asscher cut is a great fit for long and slender fingers. So if you are looking for a touch of elegance, sophistication, and a little bit of drama, you know what to do.


8.Emerald-Cut Diamonds

What Does Diamond Shape Say About Your Personality?

Personality Trait: Unique, Flashy, Sophisticated, Diva, Extravagant

The emerald cut diamond has got to be the most unique stone shapes in the jewelry world. It has step facets that create a unique balance between brilliance and clarity. Divas bring out their personality using this diamond cut. It brings out your extravagant nature, and it shows that you love glamor.

Due to its long facets coupled with layered corners, the emerald cut diamond highlights clarity better than any other diamond shape.

How it is cut represents exuberance and precision. It is a strong and bold piece that brings out a huge sense of resilience and dominance. It has a hint of feisty.

It is for the woman who is aware, dominant, and is not afraid of competition because she knows how much she can bring to the table. It shows the highest level of confidence and stability.

When you choose to wear an emerald cut diamond, you are telling the world where exactly you are in life and you send out a message of self-awareness.

If anything, anyone who sees you with an emerald cut diamond would easily interpret that you belong there. All in all, it exudes elegance and refinement.

It is best suited for any lady who is specific about her sense of style, particularly one who can balance class and edge. To add to that, emerald-cut diamonds look delightful with a 3-stone setting, and it is also great for a solitaire ring.


9.Princess-Cut Diamonds

What Does Diamond Shape Say About Your Personality?

Personality Trait: Clever and Fun-Loving Person

In the jewelry world, the princess cut diamond is the most-sought after shape after the round cut diamond.

Most brides opt for this cut because they are looking for a traditional yet elegant piece. It is square and considered a fancy design.

Its shape represents beauty, edge, and elegance. Any woman who wears the princess cut diamonds feel royal. It has a modern effect as well.

If you look closely at women who wear princess cut diamonds, you would automatically imagine them as women who belong in fairytales.

Something in the line of horse and carriage theme weddings, if not Cinderella in a ball gown


10.Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Personality Trait: Romantic, Brave, Trustworthy

The cushion cut is more or less a square cut with rounded sides making it less round than a round brilliant cut diamond and a little softer than a princess cut.

Its shape is considered to be vintage or antique with a distinctive look. It has a classy effect and exudes a romantic demeanor.

It has large facets that bring out its brilliance. Wearing a cushion cut diamond identifies you as a romantic, trustworthy and brave individual.

If you are looking for a soft look that balances elegance and sparkle, you can settle for any dazzling cushion cut diamond.



A diamond is a very personal item, and it is very pricey. Just for that reason alone, it is important to ensure that you completely resonate with the stone cut before your partner makes the big purchase.

Trying out different ring styles is one of the best ways to get an idea of what you prefer on your hand and verifying whether it matches your sense of style.

Overall, a diamond ring is a lifetime decision and is perhaps one of the most sentimental jewelry pieces that you will ever own. That being said, ensure that you choose the right one.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!