Will My Daith Piercing Close Up Overnight?(Detailed Answer)

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Body piercings have become the most popular and the most sought after beautification style that a great number of people are inclined to. On that note, if you are looking for a unique yet aesthetic way of decorating your ear, then you may have probably come across the subtle daith piercing.

Daith piercings simply penetrate the fold of the cartilage on the part where your inner ear meets your outer ear instead of hanging off your ear lobe. Considering how delicate this part is, this particular piercing is quite time consuming to get and takes a pretty long time to heal.

Even after you have gotten the piercing, there comes a time in your life when you would either want to remove the jewelry from your daith piercing, maybe to make room for a new piercing or because you do not want it anymore. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself questioning whether your daith piercing can close up overnight.

Here, we will answer the question on whether your daith piercing will close overnight, look into how long it really takes for a daith piercing to close and confirm whether you are able to remove your daith piercing on your own.

Will my Daith piercing close overnight?

It is quite difficult to predict the speed to which your body will attempt to close any piercing that you have, but it has been established that, the newer your daith piercing is, then the more likely it will close up as fast as you need it to.

For instance, if your daith piercing is a few months to a year old, then it may close within a few days but in the event that it is several years old, then it may take a lot longer to close.

In as much so, this isn’t the only factor that determines how fast your daith piercing would close.

Sometimes, it depends on you. Perhaps your body responds in such a way that piercing holes can vanish within very few days or maybe it takes a lot longer to heal.

That said, then there is the possibility that your daith piercing can close up overnight if your body has an accelerated healing process. Here we also talked about: Will My Ear Piercing Close Up Overnight? If you want to read more. Check here!

Will My Daith Piercing Close Up Overnight

How long does a Daith piercing take to close?

Like most cartilage piercings, a daith piercing takes about 2-3 months to heal and you are advised to leave on your jewelry until it completely heals.

Actually, the healing process has the potential to last even longer, that is, even up to 12 months simply because of the specific type of piercing.

When looking into the process of getting a daith piercing, it is usually pierced using a 16-14g curved barbell at about 3/8 inches in length depending on your body’s anatomy but a captive bead ring can also be used.

The curved barbell is sturdy and doesn’t move much once tacked into place thus much easier to heal. Once it has healed, then you can take it off and use a smaller one or change it to something that is in line with your preferences and likes.

To add on that, the piercing is quite painful. Generally, it is bound to close up if you leave your jewelry out for a long period of time.

Will My Daith Piercing Close Up Overnight

Can I remove my Daith piercing myself?

There comes a time after your daith piercing heals that you would want to change your piercing for one that is in line with your personality, style and individual preference.

While doing this, you would need to always keep in mind that the daith piercing can be very painful and are extremely sensitive. For this reason, you are advised to visit a piercer, particularly the one who did it for you.

What happens is that there is a tiny ball on the hoop that prevents the earring you have on from spilling through the hole created for the daith piercing.

When this ball is unscrewed, a small gap is left but not one that is big enough to roll through your cartilage.

At this point, you would need to use pliers to bend the piercing so that another jewelry piece. Chances of this being incredibly painful are quite high so you would rather just have someone else do it, preferably a professional.

When removing your daith piercing, always ensure that your hands are washed. Sometimes, you have the option to use unscented soap which helps to slide the ring out.

Also, you should always make sure that the pliers used are well sanitized.

Will My Daith Piercing Close Up Overnight


Once you have gotten your daith piercing, the main thing you would need to avoid is too much movement and spinning of the piercing.

To accelerate the healing process all you need to use is a saltwater solution to clean it through and you may want to avoid wearing hats or wigs that come into contact with the piercing.

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