10 Cute and Creative Ways to Give A Guy A Ring

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 How do you show your commitment and level of seriousness? And yes, promise rings aren’t only meant for women, and current trends show that women can give their men promise (and even engagement rings), no questions asked. Long gone are the days when only women would receive promise rings, and thanks to the changes in societal norms, a lady can appreciate her man with a promise ring.

While saying ‘I Love You’ when you really mean it is one of the ways of showing that you are making a commitment, a promise ring is a more powerful way of showing your commitment; it symbolizes exclusivity, and giving your person that promise ring as your promise of future engagement is a major milestone, which is why you don’t just hand over the ring as you would candy. You need to make sure you create a memory when you give him a ring.

Unfortunately, working up the courage to give your man a ring might not be the easiest thing to do, especially if you’d like to present the ring in the cutest and the most creative way possible. But you have nothing to worry about because we’ve got you covered.

Remember that giving that ring to your guy is definitely more meaningful and serious than prom-posing, although not as official as an engagement/ marriage proposal. You won’t have to worry about going down on one knee to present this ring, but you need to make sure that ring presentation is both meaningful and memorable, maybe even Insta-worthy.

10 Cute Ways To Give A Guy A Ring

Before we look at some of the romantic ways that you could give your guy a promise ring, you need to remember that what’s romantic and what isn’t will depend on who you are giving a ring to.

In this case, the romantic bit about the ring presentation will be showing your guy what you really feel about them (and how deep your feelings are). You also need to think about your guy’s personality.

If, for example, he is a quiet, introverted guy who prefers keeping their personal matters private/ personal, you want to look for subtle and cute ways of presenting the ring, and if he’s extroverted and quiet, you’d want to make the ring presentation something that would match their energy.

Another thing: remember that whenever you give a promise ring to a guy in your life, you should really love him or appreciate him enough to express your commitment to him in a physical way.

That ring could symbolize your devotion to each other; having gone through some hard times, it tells the man that he is very much appreciated for being there when you needed him. Basically, the individual meaning of a promise ring is something to be taken seriously, and it’s a nice way of strengthening the bond between the two of you.

That said, here are some of the cute ways of giving a ring to a guy.

1.Treasure Hunt

If the guy in question is into puzzles and fun treasure hunts, this might be the cutest way for you to give him a ring.

So, take home on a promise ring hunt. Curate a map and come up with cutesy clues for a fun trip to the ring.

Make it more fun by having one of your mutual friends deliver the map and for the friend to also act as a guide. The best part is that you could make the hunt as easy/ difficult as you’d like, as long as the treasure hunt leads him back to you (the ring).

You could have the final spot on the map leading to a special spot in your home or backyard, a special landmark, or even a favorite restaurant.


2.The perfect serenade of promises

Yes, girls can be romantic too. You can pull this off easily by getting hold of some of your close friends then belt out a favorite tune, solely dedicated to your guy.

Sing his favorite song or a song that you both like. You could also make it a solo act if you wish to.


3.Perfect Ring Presentation under the Stars

How about a romantic evening under cover of billions of stars for a cute ring presentation to your guy?

Make the promise under the glow of a billion stars; we promise it will be the most magical night you have.


4.Let Him Win the Ring Prize

Cute doesn’t mean butterflies and stars. You could also give him a ring as a prize he wins after doing something else. This could be something as simple as hiding the ring at the top of this favorite bowl of snacks on movie night.

5.A Promise on the big screen

Football season is back on, and if you are both sports fans, you could make use of that big screen to make your promise and give him the ring.

The good thing about this is that you won’t really have to give him the ring there, though having the promise of your love is huge, and he would easily say yes to the ring.


6.Promise Ring in a Bouquet of flowers

Men appreciate and cherish good flowers, too, just as women do.

So, if you man loves flowers, you could surprise him one evening with a bouquet of his favorite flowers.

Have the ring hidden on one conspicuous part of the flower, somewhere he will notice immediately, and watch his face soften when he finds the ring.

Of course, he’ll be surprised, and this is where you tell him the meaning of the ring to you and the both of you.


7.Put the Ring in Another Present

Who doesn’t like presents? If you have been planning to give your male friend or partner a gift, say something he has mentioned a few times, you could get him that gift, but also double the joy by adding a wrapped ring along with the other gift.

A small note telling him that you are giving him you are making him the promise to be there for him (and love him for a lifetime) to make the presentation a little more fun.

8.Ask for his help fixing something in your apartment

While you could easily hire someone to fix somethings around the house, and he knows it, make the ring presentation cute and fun by asking him to come to do the fixing.

For this to work, you need to place the ring with his name and message next or on the ring – make sure the ring/ box is conspicuous and next to what you needed him to ‘fix.’


9.Gift Puzzles

Get one of those puzzle boxes that he likes so that he has to solve the puzzle to open the box with the ring.

 You could customize the puzzle with leading questions about the two of you and your relationship/ friendship.


10.Recreate the first date

To create a romantic ring presentation to your guy, you could recreate your first date.

This often works well for gifted rings and also promise rings, as well as engagement rings.

The nostalgia created will go a long way in making the ring presentation a memorable event.


Men, just like women, like to be appreciated, and though they might be a little reluctant, no man will frown upon receiving some extra love, especially if you only wish to show him how much you love and respect him.

Men love being romanced, and giving him a ring as a symbol of your love and affection is one of those things that will go down so well.

All you need to do is to hatch a cute little plan to surprise and give him the ring, and you can do that with any of the options shared above.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!