What Is Cuban Link Jewelry?-It‘s History and Pros&Cons Explained

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In your search for the best chain necklaces, Cuban link jewelry is one of the most popular styles of chain link jewelry that you will come across.

This is because the Cuban link chain jewelry is not only the most popular but also a highly sought-after design of jewelry. But what is the reason for the popularity of this chain link, and why is it so expensive?


What is Cuban link jewelry?

Cuban Link Jewelry

The Cuban link can be defined as a type of jewelry or chain that is quite common in the world of jewelry. The Cuban link design features chain links that interlock in either oval or round rings, often made of gold, and the link rings all join into a sleek union pattern.

The Cuban link chain patterns all tend to interlock together in the oval or round rings that lay flat either on your wrist or on the chest.

The Cuban links have grown quite popular over time, and they are now considered a standard jewelry design, especially for the gold jewelry, and not just because of their popularity but also the high level of craftsmanship.

The other thing that makes the Cuban links stand out is the fact that the Cuban links are the sleekest and sturdiest of the link chain designs, thanks to the interlocking pattern of the links that offer a high degree of durability.

The design of the Cuban link jewelry is also the reason for the lasting quality of the Cuban link chains and also the reason why the links are ideally used and crafted into large or heavy jewelry pieces.


Cuban link jewelry history

Cuban Link Jewelry

The Cuban link chains, also called the Miami Cuban links, represent the link chains that have evolved over the years from the hip-hop jewelry movements that started late in the 70s and also in the mid-80s. And so, many people consider the Cuban link chain necklaces an important component of hip-hop fashion.

But the truth is that the actual origins of the Cuban link chain point to a much earlier date, although it’s been difficult to pinpoint the exact source. Also, despite the name of the chains, the Cuban link chain is actually not from Cuba and was made in America as necklaces and bracelets.

And with no specifics on the origins of the Cuban link, the hip-hop movements and cultures across America in the late 70s and 80s seem to be the most credible source or origin that holds some water.

This is especially because, in part, the Mariel boatlift of the 1980s when the Cuban population was expanded rapidly across the United States. The Cuban link culture would then spread to different states, including Miami and New York.

The hip-hop culture started in the 70s, and as many hip hop fans know, this genre of music was started by an MC from the Bronx called DJ Kool Herc at a birthday party in 1973, and the hip hop culture just kept growing.

During this time, many people always attended DJ Kool Herc’s parties, and they also started venturing out into and experimenting with different fashion elements. As time went by and the hip-hop culture grew, with artists becoming mainstreams, the Cuban link remained an important part of the culture and the swagger.

With time, several other link chain designs came up, including the Dookie chain that was made popular by Run MC, rope chains, the Jesus piece that was popularized by Biggie Smalls.

Over the years and despite all the changes that have taken in the hip-hop world, the Cuban link remains a staple in the hip-hop culture and fashion scenes.


Why is Cuban link jewelry so expensive?

Cuban Link Jewelry

In addition to their durability, toughness, and sleekness, the Cuban link chain jewelry is also one of the most expensive kinds of link chains. The primary reason for this is that the Cuban link chains are a symbol of wealth and luxury.

1.Valuable gold and precious metals

Most of the time, the Cuban link chain jewelry pieces are made of high-quality 14k and 18k gold chains, which are not just expensive but quite valuable too.

Gold is a valuable precious metal, meaning that the chains, depending on the percentage of pure gold and the weight of the jewelry, tend to be quite expensive. So, the fact that the Cuban link chains are made of actual gold and not dirt increases the value of the jewelry.

Besides gold, Cuban link chains are also made of platinum and silver or sterling silver, among other valuable metals. Most of the chains are, however, made of gold or have a gold-tone a


2.Rich history associated with the Cuban link jewelry

The chains are also quite expensive because of the history around them. The Cuban link chain is a critical part of the quintessential hip-hop culture from the 70s and 80s, and it’s since grown significantly.


3.Manufacturing process

The processing and manufacture of the Cuban link chain jewelry are also why the jewelry is so expensive. The jewelry is not just made from real gold but also a piece of wire is curled around a copper rod, forming the shape of the links.

For the smaller chains, the drill is used, but for the thicker chain links, two jewelers will work to create the links. The next step is the soldering of the chain links. It is an intricate process where the gold is heated up, then broken down and broken.

A solder, also made of high-quality gold, is then used to join the parts of the links to close the links and to create the flat interlocking design of the Cuban links.

Heat and the right technique are then applied where the metals meet, fusing the soldiers and to from the jewelry. After the links have been tightened and turned, the chain lies flat; then, the chain gets filed down to make sure that both sides of the chain links are flat so that both sides look exactly the same.

Despite most of the Cuban link chain jewelry being expensive, you will be happy to know that there are many other varieties that are cheap—most of these are gold-plated Cuban link chain jewelry.


Who wears Cuban link chains?

Cuban Link Jewelry

Over the years, the Cuban link chain has been associated with hip-hop artists, but anyone can wear the Cuban link chain, both men and women. However, the Cuban link jewelry remains a popular choice among men, especially rock stars.

The Cuban link chains are simple but elegantly designed, and the chain will accentuate your appearance easily, making you look more elegant and classy.

Therefore, anyone can wear the Cuban chain link if it suits their style. And today, Cuban link jewelry is available in multiple styles, and there are many designs that suit formal and casual wear, which means that the chains can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans on or with a full suit and a bowtie.

So, as long as you can pull off this look, then anyone can wear the Cuban link chain jewelry.


Pros and cons of Cuban link jewelry

Cuban Link Jewelry


  • The Cuban link chains are durable, strong, and they will not break easily
  • They are stylish
  • They have a rich history associated with the Cuban link chains
  • They are made of high-quality and durable materials like silver, gold, stainless steel, brass, or platinum
  • Elegant
  • There is always a Cuban link chain size for everyone


  • Expensive
  • Not everyone is in with the Hip Hop culture association


How much do Cuban link chains cost?

Cuban link chains are priced differently, depending on the materials they are made of, the size, and the weight.

A gold Cuban link chain can cost anything from $8,000 -$27,000 or even ten times more. But the price depends on the size and what the Cuban link chain is made of.

The gold-plated pieces, however, cost much less, depending on what the Cuban links are made of, the weight, and the size of the chain.

In some cases, the solid gold Cuban link chain will go for anything from about $650 to $15,000.

Cuban Link Jewelry

How to wear a Cuban link chain?

Keep your look simple and stylish, and don’t overdo it

  • You need that extra dose of confidence to pull of the look perfectly
  • Get the right color. The gold tones will look great alongside greens, blue, and browns. White gold, sterling silver, and platinum are great with blacks and the darker gray tones, or blue.
  • Match the metals. You could wear one metal at a time if you are trying to create a balanced look and are afraid of mixing the metallic tones.
  • Mix and match metals. If you are confident and you’re going for a confident look, then you may try mixing the metals, as long as you are comfortable with the look.



The Cuban link chain is a stylish chain style that has a beautiful history and looks great on men and women.

The interlocking link chains have a flat, even appearance on each side give this type of jewelry style the unique design and popularity.

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