6 Best Crystals To Wear As Rings To Amplify Your Energy

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Your energy is everything; it defines what your life is like and the direction of your life. In many cases, everything going on in your life might drain the energy from your whole-body system so you may need help from time to time.  

While the foods you eat and even coffee do a lot in reenergizing you, there are many instances where your life calls for so much more, and in such cases, crystals come in handy.

Crystals To Wear As Rings

You’d only need to choose suitable crystals for energy amplification.

So, in this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the suitable crystals that will amplify your energy levels.

But first, how do crystals amplify your energy levels?


Basics of crystals

Crystals To Wear As Rings

Well, crystals have been scientifically proven to have the most orderly structure of all-natural elements and compounds. The crystals’ orderly structure is also why they have a very low entropy level.

Entropy refers to the measure of (energy) disorder, and the crystals are uniquely structured attributes that respond to different energy inputs from around them.

So, the crystals will oscillate and emit energy at different vibrational energies. And with the way the crystals are naturally balanced, the emitted frequencies, and the ability of the crystals to store a lot of information, the crystals are ideal for energy amplification.

The low vibrational energy of the crystals and the energy they store are why they have been used for centuries in divination practices, spiritual advancement, burial rites, and healing rituals.  

Let’s jump right into it!


Best crystals to wear as rings to Amplify Your Energy

1. Moonstone

Crystals To Wear As Rings

First on the list f the best crystals for energy amplification is the moonstone. And it’s not just one of the most powerful energy amplification crystals but also the ideal crystal to add to your rings.

This powerful crystal works perfectly when worn on the thumb as a ring, and the reason for this is that the thumb represents your willpower, which means that the moonstone ring on your thumb will send positive intentions your way while also giving you the power to manifest everything that you want in life.

The moonstone ring on your thumb is also essential because it is one of the body parts governing your physical energy, so wearing the ring on the thumb will absorb all the positive vibrations from the moonstone.

Interestingly, moonstone is found in different colors, depending on where it’s mined, which is also why it carries an incredible amount of energy. Moonstone is also an ideal ring crystal to wear on your thumb because it absorbs negative energy and transforms it into strong positive vibrations.


2. Blue Topaz

Crystals To Wear As Rings

A blue topaz is another powerful crystalline stone you should consider if you are looking for a ring that will increase your strength and energy levels.

This blue crystal looks great on your index finger ring, and you will be happy with the effects of wearing this crystal. Blue topaz rings to enhance your confidence, and the crystal would also make you significantly more optimistic.

If you are going through a challenging or rough time, a ring with blue topaz incorporated on it worn on the index finger will make you stronger and more determined.


3. Clear Quartz

Crystals To Wear As Rings

The other crystal you can wear as a ring is clear quartz. But to enjoy the energy amplification effects of clear quartz, you should consider wearing this ring on your middle finger.

On the middle finger, clear quartz crystals boost your energy by working with all your body’s chakras, more specifically the crown chakra that is known to govern your spirituality, intuition, and your level of self-knowledge’ This crystal also amplifies your energy and enhances your state of happiness by increasing your level of inspiration, creativity, and your communication skills.

This crystal is also ideal for wearing on your middle finger because it carries feminine energy, so clear quartz will make you feel more confident, ambitious, and outspoken.

So, if you are looking for help in these areas of your life, a clear quartz ring on the middle finger would be your ideal criminal partner.


4. Rose Quartz

Crystals To Wear As Rings

You should also consider wearing a ring set with the love crystal rose quartz if you want to experience higher energy levels, especially if you wish to welcome more loving energy. Rose quartz would also make you feel more empathetic.

All you have to do is wear your rose quartz ring on the ring finger – the ring finger represents the energy you give off to others and the energy you carry in relationships.

So, by wearing rose quartz on the ring finger, you experience an amplification of your loving energy, creating deeper connections with others.

The energy of this crystal also boosts your charisma and your social skills. Rose quartz brings these benefits, and you get to experience the best offered by this crystal because of its connection to the heart chakra, making you more loving.

The crystal will further improve your connections with your friends and your family members.


5. Amethyst

Crystals To Wear As Rings

Amethysts are not only the most powerful crystals but also the perfect crystals to incorporate into your ring if you wish to amplify energy in important areas of your life, such as self-awareness and becoming your best, most-intuitive self. You only need to wear your amethyst ring on your pinky finger.

This is important because your pinky finger represents your intuition, imagination, and creativity. So, wearing the amethyst ring on the pinky will enhance your energy levels and make you much more creative, happier, and self-aware – you will understand yourself better wearing the amethyst ring on your pinky.

Also, consider wearing an amethyst crystal ring on your pinky if you hope for this crystal to heal and protect your chakras.

On the pinky finger, amethyst also boosts your psychic powers, giving your insights into your future and all you should do to lead a happier, more prosperous future. Amethyst will also boost your mood while giving your energy an uplift or a positive spin.


6. Citrine

Crystals To Wear As Rings

This is the other crystal you should wear on your pinky finger, and it will make you more energetic by activating the third chakra. This chakra is regarded as an energetic power center for the body.

The citrine ring will make you more creative and give you the energy to embrace your power and rise into a leadership role, especially if you are getting into the business.

This ring will also put you in a position to attract wealth and abundance.  And if you have been looking for something to increase your energy/ power, self-confidence, and strength to have stronger and healthier boundaries, a citrine ring on your pinky finger would suit you.



The suitable crystals will enhance your energy levels and make you more productive and successful by boosting your mental fortitude and making you happier.

In many ways, these crystals will bring out the best in you. Besides the crystals listed above, you could also get rings made of garnets, aquamarine, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, peridot, and black onyx.

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