6 Best Crystals To Wear As Necklace You should Know

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Crystals are not only healing, but they are also beautiful and meaningful, and they will work great for anyone seeking a deeper connection to their life and their life essence.

The crystals have an array of properties that make them beneficial, meaning that wearing them correctly will ensure the highest level of spiritual and metaphysical features and benefits.

But there is one catch; some of the crystals work best when worn as necklaces or pendants on necklaces, not as gemstones on earrings or bracelets. So, which are the ideal crystals for you to wear as necklaces?


Best Crystals to Wear as Necklace

1. Amethyst

Crystals To Wear As Necklace

Some of the best crystals for you to wear as a necklace or part of the necklace is amethyst which boasts a high level of stress-relieving and calming effects.

Wearing amethyst is essential because it will help settle your mind and enhance your sleep while ensuring the best meditation experience. Amethyst has been known to improve the wearer’s decision-making process and strengthen your mind’s calmness and alertness.

Other benefits of amethyst include negative energy transmutation into loving, positive energy, and protection.

Also, it will resonate with the energies of your third eye and crown chakras, enhancing communication from the spiritual real, enhanced level of intuition, and, more importantly, improved level of awareness and deepened understanding of who you are.

Lastly, wearing amethyst necklaces will inhibit bacterial growth, improve blood circulation, and, most importantly, speed up cell regeneration rate, which is why it is great for your skin’s health/ status.


2. Rose Quartz

Crystals To Wear As Necklace

Also known as the love crystal, rose quartz is the other kind of crystal that you can wear as a necklace. Wearing it as a necklace is ideal because this crystal opens up your heart.

This crystal is associated with tender energies, making you feel a lot more peaceful and compassionate. This crystal encourages self-love and self-acceptance, and thanks to the crystal, you will be enveloped with feelings of unconditional love for yourself, your romantic relationships, and your relationships.

The other thing to note about these crystals is that they will make you feel more emotionally balanced and experience feelings of confidence, trust, gratitude, and self-acceptance. It’s also great for your physical health and improves your circulatory and cardiovascular health.

It also supports your reproductive system and helps with childbirth.


3. Black Tourmaline

Crystals To Wear As Necklace

You could also wear black tourmaline crystals on or as a necklace because it offers mental, environmental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

So, if you are looking for a crystal that will protect you from any kind of psychic attack, electromagnetic smog, negative emotions, or negative energy, black tourmaline will keep you protected and shielded from these energies.

Black tourmaline is well-known for its grounding effects, and it also aligns and supports your chakras, reducing feelings of paranoia, fear, and panic attacks. Black tourmaline also makes you self-confident, increasing your clarity levels, and you will feel invigorated physically.


4. Malachite

Crystals To Wear As Necklace

The other crystal you can wear as or as a part of your necklace is the malachite crystal, one of the most powerful crystals with the power to improve your mental capacity.

It also enhances your ability to make more money and to be more fortunate. Malachite is regarded as an energy magnet, and it will bring you great fortune.

Wearing malachite necklaces will bring you more positivity and give you protective energies spanning the whole day. It is also encouraged to wear a malachite necklace while meditating since it will provide you with an enhanced sense of clarity.

It also boosts self-awareness and will allow you to open up and listen to your heart and what you really want. Malachite also allows you to make great adjustments in your relationship with money, hence a higher chance of attaining your goals.


5. Pyrite

Crystals To Wear As Necklace

You could also wear pyrite on your necklace. But before we look at the main reasons why you should consider wearing pyrite as part of your necklace, you should know that pyrite is also known as ‘fool’s gold.’

But you shouldn’t let its name fool you because you will feel nothing near foolish wearing pyrite. If anything, pyrite channels are important because they would allow you to tap into your good fortune.

These stones also embolden and empower the wearer; you will feel more empowered by this crystal.There is also the fact that pyrite gives you the power and the confidence to overcome any money fears that you may have.

Many people have determined that pyrite has the ability to support the purpose and the power of your inner warrior, creating more opportunities for success in your financial, spiritual, and emotional life.

So if you have been thinking of starting a business, quitting that dead-end job, or investing in that thing that you have faith, pyrite would be the ideal gemstone/ crystal for you to wear. You could also put a small pyrite crystal on a bowl or paper, facing up on your work desk.


6. Green Jade

Crystals To Wear As Necklace

You could also wear a green jade necklace because of the ancient Chinese belief that green jade is a powerful stone that attracts money your way and also great finances.

Wearing it allows you to tap into the stone’s energy levels, attracting wealth, good fortune, and abundance.

Green jade is also believed to have the power to encourage you to always go after all that you want and more – this is made possible by the fact that green jade sheds off the limiting beliefs making you more confident.

Essentially, green jade is a cool and calm crystal. It clarifies the long-term vision, giving you more choices for wealth addition. It also saves you from making rash financial decisions.



So, why wear these crystals as necklaces? If you are unsure where or how to wear any of the crystals listed above, here is what you should know: these crystal necklaces work because they resonate with your heart, throat, and solar plexus chakras.

So, when worn with crystal pendants, charms, or even beads, the crystals will enhance your spiritual journey and intentions and bring your heart’s desires to fruition.

Some of the crystals you should wear as part of the necklace include lapis lazuli, amethyst, and green jade, among others.

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