9 Best Crystals To Wear As Earrings You Should Know In 2024

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to tap into crystals’ healing powers while looking your best every day? Well, you get to do this with crystal earrings.

And all you need to do is to find the crystal earrings that would have the best level of positive impact on you.

Crystals To Wear As Earrings

The challenge is that there are tens of crystals you could choose from and adorn yourself as earrings. But that is what we are here for.

We’ll simplify things for you by sharing a list of the best crystals you can wear as earrings.

So, let’s jump right into it!


Best Crystals to Wear as Earrings

Crystals To Wear As Earrings

If you believe in the power of delicacy, grace, the fetching powers of crystals, and the healing benefits of crystals, you should get more of these crystal earrings.

These earrings will restore your overall health, soothe your mind, body, and soul, boost your spirituality, and improve your life.


1. Amethyst

Crystals To Wear As Earrings

First on our list of crystals that you should wear as earrings are amethyst. The stunning purple crystals make stunning earrings.

But they don’t just look good, these earrings also boast superior healing properties, and we recommend the amethyst earrings for every man and woman who loves earrings.

Amethyst earrings attract positive energy and good luck, but the soothing powers of the crystal will encourage calm and a good night’s sleep, improving your well-being and lifestyle.


2. Opal

Crystals To Wear As Earrings

You’ve probably come across several earrings made with opals, and the undeniable beauty of these crystals always pulls you in and makes you want to own every pair of opal earrings you can find. The best part is that opal earrings are ideal for everyday wear.

But when it comes to opals, there is always more than meets the eye. Opals are known for their effectiveness in healing the body. This sight for sore eyes will cure the many eye-related issues you may be dealing with while aligning your hormones in case of an imbalance.



3. Turquoise

Crystals To Wear As Earrings

Turquoise earrings are common, and you probably have a pair or two of these bright earrings. But did you know that underneath the beauty of turquoise lies powerful healing effects?

Turquoise earrings will complement your outfits perfectly and enhance your well-being and health. This crystal is known for fighting and treating migraines, allergies, and other inflammatory issues.

The crystals will also be a source of strength; whenever you wear the earrings, you will become more compassionate and calmer.  



4. Citrine

Crystals To Wear As Earrings


This sun-yellow crystal stone makes brilliant earrings, and wearing the citrine earrings will work wonders on your emotional and psychological health.

The healing powers of citrine include getting rid of feelings of negativity and casting away issues related to anxiety and depression, meaning that they will make you feel good about yourself and your future.

So, if you’ve felt some way and feel like your mental health needs a boost, citrine crystals incorporated into your earrings will do the trick.


5. Rose Quartz

Crystals To Wear As Earrings

This pink-hued crystal is a beautiful symbol of unconditional love. People have been wearing it for a long time because they believe wearing earrings or any other jewelry made with rose quartz crystals will bring them love and clear out negativity.

If you have been unlucky in love or need something to clear the path to love by making you feel more loving and receptive, a pair of pink quartz crystals would be perfect for you.

Besides attracting unconditional love, rose quartz crystals are known for their immense healing powers. This crystal opens the hearts and wards off feelings of sadness and negativity while allowing you to reconnect with yourself.


6. Clear Quartz

Crystals To Wear As Earrings

You also need to invest in a pair of clear quartz earrings. These are some of the most powerful earrings because clear quarts will change your life completely.

Also known as the Master Healer, this programmable crystal will balance all your 7 chakras, so it is a powerful tool for manifestation. It also brings calmness and clarity and may bring psychic abilities.

Even with all the power that clear quartz carries, it is still an excellent crystal option for anyone new to this expansive world of crystals. It is quite easy to work with, and it will amplify what you feel (preferably something positive) and cleanse your other crystals.



7. Pyrite

Crystals To Wear As Earrings

If you believe that crystals are magnets for abundance, good luck, health, and great fortune, then wearing a pair of pyrite earrings would be an excellent way to attract abundance in your life.

These benefits come about because of pyrite’s metaphysical properties and because this crystal stimulates your second and third chakra, enhancing your willpower and mental strength/ fortitude.

Pyrite earrings will also protect you from negativity, negative emotions, and energy that would otherwise hold you down.



8. Moonstone

Crystals To Wear As Earrings

We also recommend moonstone crystals for earrings, especially if you want to tap into your feminine energy or need help with fertility.

This crystal connects you to the divine feminine energy.


9. Aquamarine

Crystals To Wear As Earrings

Aquamarine is also incorporated into earrings and will be perfect if you are trying to overcome a phobia. It creates balance and calm by relieving anxiety, stress, and tension.



If you were looking for crystal earrings ideas, we hope you now have a good idea of the ones that suit you.

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