9 Beautiful Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

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Getting good sleep is essential for our well-being. Many people struggling with sleep issues try out different remedies to resolve this. One option that you can try is placing crystals under the pillow. Since this remedy does not have scientific evidence, some doubt whether it is effective.  

Crystals promote the flow of good energy and can eliminate negative energy in our bodies. We created this post to share some of the most beautiful crystals you can use while sleeping. By the end of it, you will also learn some valuable tips for using crystals while asleep.

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9 crystals to sleep with under your pillow


Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

If you are feeling stressed, sleeping can be a challenge. You can overcome such feelings by placing a Moonstone under your pillow. This beautiful crystal is good for sleep since it can help you find peace. It is believed to be the light against the dark and offers healthy emotional balance.

This crystal can also help you sleep better since it can act as a talisman as you venture into the dream world. You can also use this crystal if you experience insomnia caused by racing thoughts while asleep.

This stone offers deep tranquility while asleep and reminds humans of the mysteries of the universe.Many people also believe that the Moonstone can also transcend sexual encounters. It can deepen your feelings of sexual desire.

Moonstone is also connected with intuition, and it can encourage inner growth. It can bring good fortune and help you move on successfully.



Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

This purple stone is also popularly used during sleep since it is believed to be healing and protective. Amethyst helps with sleep since it can demystify dreams. This crystal can protect you from experiencing bad dreams and clear your mind from negative thoughts.

Many medical practitioners have used this crystal to help heal the body and mind. Its properties can offer balancing and calm vibrations that can soothe anxiety so that you can enjoy a restful night.

People believe that this crystal can cause muscle relaxation and physical relief. It can relieve headaches, digestive issues, and fatigue, affecting your sleep.

Since Amethyst can also activate your intuition, it can amplify your spiritual awareness, provide clarity when your feeling is confused, and leave you feeling refreshed in the morning. Like Moonstone, you can also place Amethyst under your pillow if you have been experiencing insomnia.  


Rose Quartz

Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

Rose Quartz comes in a beautiful pink color, symbolizing love. If you want to connect more with your partner in the bedroom, consider sleeping with this crystal under the pillow.

It is believed to help restore harmony and trust in romantic relationships. Some call this crystal the heart stone since it can heal emotional turmoil.

Sleeping can be a challenge when you are trying to overcome grief. If you can relate, you should consider placing Rose Quartz under the pillow since it can provide calm and comfort in such difficult situations. This crystal can also help you have more pleasant dreams and ease anxiety.

This crystal can bring sweet notes of self-care into your world. Many believe it has physical healing properties, such as helping with circulation and promoting heart health. Pregnant women can use it since it offers comfort, especially while asleep.



Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

You can also use this crystal while sleeping since it is a protective stone. It can protect you against any emotional or physical negativity affecting your sleep.

This crystal can also help you digest baggage and clear you from negative blockages. If you are struggling with a sleep order, including insomnia, you should also consider getting Obsidian.

Black Obsidian is famous for its healing properties. This crystal can help you eliminate depression or anxiety that makes it hard to sleep. Obsidian can cleanse your aura since it is believed to have water, earth, and fire elements, which make it quite powerful.



Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

Release negative emotions affecting your sleep, such as fear, by placing Citrine crystal under your pillow. This bright and sunny crystal is an excellent nightcap since it can make your bedroom a sanctuary of joy.

It is also believed to help keep nightmares at bay. People believe this is a stone of empowerment that can help overcome challenges that appear in recurring dreams.

Using this crystal at night can help you start the next day full of hope and free of doubt. Citrine is believed to encourage optimism, clarity, and warmth. It can also enhance mindfulness and encourage creativity.



Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

This crystal is believed to have the liquid light of spirit. It is excellent for sleep since it can radiate light energy and calm your senses. Placing Selenite under your pillow can help cleanse your aura and purify your emotions and thoughts.  

The bedroom can have all kinds of energy if you don’t cleanse it occasionally. Selenite can clear your energetic field and get rid of bad emotional build-ups.

This crystal can also bring peace. Using it while sleeping can make you feel more balanced and centered the following day. You can also use this crystal if you snore a lot since it is believed to help expand the sinus area and throat.



Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

Feel free to use Jasper when you are feeling stressed and find it hard to sleep and find out whether it changes this. Jasper is believed to be a nurturing crystal that can offer the support you need while dealing with such emotions.

You can also use this crystal as a complementary therapy for conditions such as sleep apnea. Some call this beautiful crystal the supreme nurturer since it empowers the spirit. It can also absorb negativity surrounding your life and promote confidence.


Clear Quartz

Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

If you already have a Rose Quartz, pair it with clear quartz and place it under the pillow since it can also help you sleep better. It works with the properties of Rose Quartz and amplifies its power.

This crystal is believed to balance your energetic system. It is also known for its vibration and can emit soothing energy to help you sleep better.

Clear quartz is considered pure since it has no mineral inclusions and clear color. The purity helps clear space for deeper understanding and divine consciousness as you sleep. Since this crystal does not carry a particular energy signature, it will not interfere with any other energies in the bedroom.



Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

This striking red stone can come in handy in the bedroom since it can promote sexuality and help improve the connection between you and your partner.

You can also use this crystal if you often experience insomnia since it can help you sleep better. Ruby is believed to restore energy levels and vitality.


Tips for sleeping with under your crystals jewelry

Once you have crystals you want to use while sleeping, you should use them correctly to achieve the desired effects. Here are a few tips that you should pay attention to.

I. Cleanse them

Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

Do not place new crystals under your pillow before you first cleanse them. You can do this by immersing them in sea salt, smudging them with some herbs, placing them under the sun, or holding them under running water.

Doing this can help clear any negative energies that may come with it. Before cleansing the crystal, determine the best method to use depending on the type you get.

For instance, cleansing some crystals under running water is not the best option for every kind since some can dissolve or become toxic when immersed in water.  


II. Meditate

Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

Before using a crystal, you should also hold it and meditate for a while. Think of how you want your mind and body to feel as you sleep and place them under the pillow.

Sending an intention into the crystal can help you gain positive results while using it. When you wake up the following day, acknowledge the work of the crystal and thank it for helping you sleep well.


III. Use the carefully

Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow

You should also exercise caution while using beautiful crystals in the bedroom. Some terminated crystals have a pointed shape and, if not used carefully, can pierce you while using them under the pillow.

Ensure you don’t put a very large crystal directly where you place your head while sleeping.



Placing beautiful crystals under the pillow enhances one’s sleep experience. Every crystal that we have discussed above has specific benefits connected to sleep.

Therefore, you need to choose one based on what you want to achieve. It could relieve stress, eliminate nightmares, sleep apnea, or make you feel more connected to your partner.

Regardless of the crystal you choose, remember to have an open mind to obtain its positive qualities.

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