12 Most Powerful Crystal Stone Jewelry To Attract Love

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If you are looking for love or ways to cement your love or maybe even add some sparkle to your life, you may need some crystals.

Ultimately, crystals are a lot more than pretty rocks, which is why there is absolutely no area of your life, desire, or attention that will not be improved or enhanced by a crystal.

Put differently; there is a crystal for essentially every part of your life. And in addition to being some of the most amazing wonders of nature formed by the fusion of atoms and minerals clustered and hardened crystals, these crystals affect different parts of your life, which is why you should find a crystal to help you get through whatever challenge you may be facing, especially in your love life.

The beauty of crystals is that even if you don’t believe in their magic, crystals will naturally open up your heart to love or the possibility of love. You’d need to ensure the crystal is cleansed and activated.

So, which crystal stones should you have in your jewelry when looking for love?


Powerful Crystal Stone Jewelry To Attract Love

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

Ultimately, love is all you need – and we’re not just talking about love from a partner, your kids, parents, or colleagues; we are also talking about love for yourself.

And to gain all that love for you and your loved ones, especially yourself, you need a crystal that allows you to love more.

The crystals help you navigate that path to love by creating balance, healing, and unblocking the energy centers within you that would enable you to tap into your true potential effectively. These crystals set the clear path to allow you to attract exactly what you want and who you are.


So, which crystals should you start wearing to find/ attract love?

1. Rose quartz bracelets

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

As you look for love and that special someone who will love you for exactly who you are, the first, most important step is to love yourself.

You cannot receive love and give that love that you desire if you don’t take the time to show that kind of love to yourself, which is why the first thing you should do when looking for love is first to love yourself.

Self-love talks are not overrated, and the truth is that you will need a lot of help to cultivate self-love and was here to help. For self-love, we recommend finding genuine rose quartz jewelry because rose quartz crystals are believed to bring the wearer peace, healing, and tenderness.

These crystals will also encourage self-love and contentment. So, if you are looking for a crystal that boosts self-love and creates an aura with soothing vibes and tranquility, rose quartz would be the perfect crystal stone for you.

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

It also eases stress levels, and because you feel contented and happy with the rose quartz, you wouldn’t have to worry about experiencing feelings of resentment or jealousy.

And there is more; this crystal will also help heal your broken heart, so if you are looking for a crystal to help you turn things around, especially if you’ve been unhappy and unlucky in love.

Green Aventurine beaded crystal bracelet

The other crystal that may help you find love in yourself and to attract love is the green aventurine crystal. These crystals are quite powerful and will help to promote healing.

The crystals will also help to balance your heart chakras. You could also use this crystal alongside rose quartz for emotional healing and growth.


2. Ruby stud earrings

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

If you are looking for love and would also like a birthstone crystal, a July birthstone ruby would be the most ideal for you – this means that it works perfectly for Leos and Cancers.

Ruby is the ideal stone representing passion, strength, and prosperity, and wearing the red ruby crystals will amplify your energy levels and vitality. Ruby is also perfect for you if you are looking for love because it makes you more courageous and will enhance your self-confidence.

You will also feel more powerful. But that is not all; wearing ruby earrings will also make you feel more sensual and confident, and you will find love because you will attract the love you seek – you will also attract the exact energy that you are reflecting.


3. Amethyst pendant necklace

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

The other style of crystal jewelry that you may want to wear when looking for love is an amethyst crystal piece, preferably in a triangular shape.

This purple crystal is not only stunning but also called the happy soul, attracting peace and healing.

Therefore, this purple crystal is recommended for you if you just went through a breakup – it will reduce the bad memories you may be feeling, especially if you still have lingering emotions.


4. Rhodochrosite crystals

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

The other type of crystal that would be perfect for you as you look for love would be the rhodochrosite crystal, thanks to the fact that this crystal bears peaceful, cheerful energy.

You can easily identify the crystal’s energy because it will make you feel an energy shift in the positive direction.

This crystal also helps in dealing with different destructive feelings and emotions; doing this will encourage you to enjoy life and become more passionate. You’ll also find more joy in your life having this moon crystal in your life.

This crystal might also be perfect if you are working through painful, unresolved feelings. But that is not all; this crystal also helps you process your emotions better, increase your feelings of self-worth and confidence, and encourage emotional balance. In other words, rhodochrosite crystals are all about the good vibes.


5. Carnelian Agate

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

If you are looking for that sexy stone that will fuel passion in your heart, carnelian agate is the perfect stone for you to try.

It is a fiery earth stone crystal that promotes desire and passion and will also make it possible for you to overcome any blockages you may encounter, especially around sex.


6. Moss Agate

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

The Moss Agate crystals target your heart chakra, which will help you find and solidify things with your new love.

This crystal ensures that the love and the positive vibes flow through you too. As a result, this stone is better known as the lucky stone.


7. Emeralds

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

If you are living together and looking for something that will make your life more fulfilling and rekindle your love for each other while making your home a lot more loving, it might be time for you to get emerald crystals for your home/ apartment.

Emeralds will rekindle the fire of your love, and the crystals also stimulate your romantic feelings for each other. Emerald is also a magnet for abundance and good fortune.

The crystals will also inspire positive action by raising your level of consciousness while eliminating negative feelings.

So, you may want to place the emeralds in your home in the living room and the bedroom, where these crystals will bring you protection and also create a blissful home. In many ways, the emeralds help to keep all those fires burning.


8. Red Garnet Ring

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

If you’ve been trying to get over that f*chboy and haven’t been able to delete their number, the deep garnet ring would be perfect for you.

Garnets are crystals that enhance success and passion and make manifestation possible, which is why they will help you overcome feelings of depression while also making you more courageous and hopeful.

Garnets will also help you in times of crisis. And for you to attract love, you will need this sensuous dark-red garnet crystal to let go.


9. Green jadeite studs

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

For a lucky stone that inspires trust and growth and for you to break off bad habits, you may want to find the green jadeite crystal studs or bracelets.

Jadeite represents the highest quality and version of jade crystals.


10. Black Obsidian

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

If you have been through a conflicting period and an emotionally-bruising breakup, the black obsidian would be the ideal psychic crystal bodyguard designed to protect you from jealousy, spite, negativity, as well as spiraling negative emotions and fears.

So, if you have been looking for something to help you heal emotionally after a fight or breakup, this crystal would be the perfect option for you.


11. Lapis Lazuli bracelets

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

We also recommend getting a gemstone bracelet made with lapis lazuli, especially if you are looking for love.

It encourages truthfulness and self-awareness, in which you must figure out what you want and what things or people to go after.

This blue crystal ideally helps you figure things out in the early stages of dating.


12. Yellow Jasper

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

If you found yourself in a love triangle and are trying to figure out a way out, the tumbled yellow jasper would be the perfect fit for you. It also works for people in situationships and on/off relationships.

It works because of its association with clear thinking, especially when you want to make new realizations.

Other crystals that boost feelings of love include fire agate, chrysoprase palm crystals, purple fluorite, malachite, ocean jasper, moonstones, sunstones, rutilated quartz, rainbow obsidian, citrine, pink tourmaline, and kunzite.



If you are looking for love, healing from a broken heart, self-love, or a nurturing relationship, these would be ideal crystals for you to try out.

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