10 Creative Ways to Hide Engagement Ring in 2024

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This is for all the hopeless romantics (and the romantics) out there.

If you are planning to pull off a grand and the most romantic marriage proposal, one of the skills that you must master is how to muster the courage to keep that engagement ring and the proposal a secret until the day. You also need to come up with an exciting, hidden, and an adventurous, but safe and fun way of making sure that the proposal comes out as the best and the biggest surprise for your partner.

The catch, however, is that identifying the best, safest, and the most secretive place to store the engagement ring can be nerve-wracking. And it gets harder if you are a terrible liar and have the worst poker face ever.

The good news is that keeping the engagement ring and the proposal hidden doesn’t have to be the hardest thing you do in your life because there are many creative ways for you to hide that ring safely, creatively, and safely, allowing you to pull out that best proposal.

Here are the most creative ways to hide the engagement ring prior to the proposal.


10 Creative Ways to Hide Engagement Ring

1.Dog’s Collar

If you are dog parents, one of the cutest, sneakiest, and the most creative way for you to hide that engagement ring would be through man’s historical best friend. Besides being the best way for you to hide the ring, hiding that engagement ring in the dog’s collar is the best way for you to include the dog in the proposal. Your furry animal is already part of your family, so why not include your baby in the proposal.

You will be happy to know that there are numerous ways for you to hide the ring in your fur baby’s collar, including wrapping the engagement ring’s gift box around the dog’s collar using a ribbon.

If you feel more ambitious, you could train your fur baby to walk up to where you are with the ring box in the mouth to deliver the ring to you, where you will be already on one knee.


2.In A Shell

If you are having a beach proposal, you can turn your beach getaway into the perfect opportunity to propose.

Nothing’s going to beat the placement of the ring in a shell – however, you need to be careful not to lose the shell and the ring in the ocean, and you also need to make sure that you remember the shell with the ring.

To be safe, and for the perfect surprise, you’d want to create a personalized shell with a secret note or one with her initials on it.

This works well, and you won’t have to struggle, giving away the surprise. You’ll give your partner the shell, then ask them to look inside.


3.Engagement Ring In A Creative Wooden Box

Instead of the regular ring box, make the proposal more fun and playful, and a lot playful by keeping the engagement ring in a creative wooden box.

Since there are numerous designs of fun wooden boxes all over the internet, you can easily pick a design, have the box delivered (perhaps to your office or a friend’s to keep the surprise a surprise).

Besides this wooden box being a nice memory box or a keepsake after the proposal, it will be easy for you to keep the engagement ring hidden because the box is not a very obvious thing in proposals.


4.In a Tree Box

A nice alternative to the creative wooden box or the shell is the tree box.

The tree box makes an excellent hiding spot for the engagement ring since you can easily hide it in your woods or the yard, or even pretend to have found such a perfect tree box on a hike.

This fake tree makes the proposal fun, and it is the perfect option for you if you both like spending time outdoors.


5.Hollowed-Out Book

If your significant other is big on books, the size notwithstanding, you could come up with the best proposal with this creative idea. The hollowed-out book is one of the best ways for you to hide the engagement ring for a woman who loves to ring.

To propose, you’ll want to hand her the new book as a present, then ask her to read out the special words or inscription in the book, then wait for the surprised look on her face.

Of course, she will see the ring the moment she opens it up – this would be the perfect moment for you to be on one knee, asking for her to marry you when she looks up from the book.

To make this extra special, you might want to buy her the book she’s been wanting to read – but buy two: one for her to actually read, and the other hollowed out with the engagement ring.

Alternatively, you could get her a small notebook, one without actual pages, and specifically hollowed out for the ring, and you can write out your message on one side of the open notebook.


6.In Flowers

Flowers offer the best way of expressing love or expressing other emotions, which is why most people hardly expect engagement diamond rings along with the flowers they get.

So, make the proposal fun and exciting by popping the question as you surprise her with her favorite flowers.

This proposal style is simple and sweet, and you won’t have to struggle with hiding the engagement ring.


7.Engagement Ring in a fortune cookie

Food has, for a long time, been used as a means of proposing, and you could join in on the trend by having the engagement ring placed in the fortune cookie.

Though nerve-wracking, and you have to be careful she doesn’t eat the cookie, it is one of the best ways of hiding the engagement ring and proposing.

This might also be the best option for you because fortune cookies require that you open them first before you ingest the cookie. The best part is that the cracking open of the fortune cookie is great symbolism for your future love story.


8.Picture Frame

This is not only a unique but also one of the most creative ways of hiding the engagement ring.

Get the frame done and the ring incorporated into the frame, then give it to your fiancé to be.

Since she’ll notice the inconsistency in the design of the frame, she’ll be forced to open it up, finding the engagement ring in the process.


9.Ring in a locket

Present a locket to your s/o, only this time, have the gifted locket inscribed with a meaningful message, for example, “Will You Marry Me,” or you could even have a sentimental picture in the locket, along with the ring.

When she opens the locket, she will find the hidden surprise, and you will get the perfect proposal.


10.Hide the ring in a secret box

This is the coolest and one of the most popular inventions around hiding engagement rings.

It was introduced by Andrew Zo, and the demand for these secret engagement boxes has been off the charts.

The secret boxes come in a super-slim case that fits in a pocket or wallet, which makes it an excellent way of hiding the ring. When you open the box, the ring will spin and appears as a blooming flower.

So, if you are looking for an elegant way of proposing, this might be the best option.



These are just some of the most creative ways of hiding engagement rings before proposals. Choose the approach that works for you, and consider her lifestyle/ preferences.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!