6 Famous Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry Around the World

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Looking for the cheapest country to buy jewelry? You are in a right place!

Aside from complimenting and transforming your outfit, jewelry also serves as an expression of who you are.

A jewelry collection entailing pieces from different parts of the world is also a great way to commemorate your travels.

They make great souvenirs that you get to wear long after the trip.

Some countries offer high-quality pieces at very affordable prices.

In this post, we have taken the time to curate a list of some of the cheapest countries when it comes to jewelry.

We hope that it comes in handy in your next travel expeditions!


Cheapest Country to Buy Fashion Jewelry.

 6 Famous Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is also known as Costume jewelry, is an idea that came from the world of theatre in the 1930s.

During that time costume, designers wanted to create an elegant look for their characters without incurring extra expense. So, they fashioned fine-looking jewelry, using cheaper materials.

Today, you’ll find a lot of fashion jewelry being sold all around the world. They are a cheaper alternative to fine jewelry, for the jewelry lover who doesn’t want to break the bank.

Most are made of synthetic stones and plated or filled metals. In most cases, you can’t tell the difference from the authentic pieces.

While fashion jewelry is significantly cheaper than fine jewelry, in some countries they are considerately more expensive than in others. This is especially if they are passed off as authentic pieces.

The following is a list of countries and the specific cities where you’ll find fashion jewelry at an affordable price:

 Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

1. Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This small artsy city in New Mexico is famous for its Native pieces.

Its popular blend of Native American and Hispanic cultures is represented in its jewelry. If you’re looking for extremely affordable Native American turquoise pieces, Santa Fe is the place to visit. One of the best markets in the Plaza of Governors.

It is one of the government’s programs where artist vendors are brought from the villages (pueblos) all over New Mexico, to sell their crafts and jewelry. You can find great fashion pieces as well as real authentic pieces.

 6 Famous Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

2. Jerusalem, Israel.

While Israel, in general, is well known for its gold and diamonds, Jerusalem jewelry shops are famous for antique and Judaic pieces of jewelry. You can also find stylish pieces inspired by classic designs from all around the world at very affordable prices.

You can start your journey from Baltinester Jewelry on Jaffa Street, for customized jewelry that not only matches your specifications but your budget as well. You can also get great European-inspired fashion jewelry by Adaya.

 Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

3. Bangkok, Thailand.

For a jewelry lover and world traveler, the first place you should visit in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s famous for its high-end malls with a variety of choices for every individual.

Compared to Western countries, you’ll get wonderful good quality jewelry at significantly cheaper prices. The best places to visit include, the Mahboonkrong Mall. It has several jewelry shops that sell cheap but exquisite fashion jewelry.

You can also try the Chinatown in Bangkok or the Chatuchak weekend market. You’ll get a large variety of accessories with varying prices to suit your budget.

 6 Famous Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

4Jaipur, India.

India is one country whose people love and enjoy adorning jewelry. You will find a large variety of jewelry in different colors, designs, and materials.

Most of their jewelry is traditional and has a history that can date back even to the 1700s. Jaipur is among the cities in India with great jewelry pieces ranging from fine to fashion pieces.

They especially have a large variety of beautiful quality costume pieces at affordable prices. You can try shops like Label Pankhuri, OSGAV, the City palace complex, or Teatro Dhora.

 Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

5. Cape Town, South Africa.

The Cape Town central or Western Cape in South Africa is another great destination for affordable jewelry.

They have many exquisite pieces, from traditional to modern. The first stop should be at the Victoria and Albert Waterfront. There you’ll many shops that will suit your particular budget.

You can also stop by the St. George’s mall, which also offers a large variety of jewelry and crafts. Some other shops to keep in mind or visit are Lovisa and Cazabella.

 Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

6. New York, USA.

The Big Apple is a place where you can find just about anything and at the right price if you know where to look.

Manhattan, New York is especially known for jewelry shops that sell cheap costume jewelry. You have options from SEVEN50, Nine Moons Piercings, Fashion TIY, and Kim’s Jewelry, among others.


Cheapest Country to Buy Fine or Gold Jewelry.

 6 Famous Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

Unlike fashion jewelry, fine jewelry is more valuable, authentic, and designed to last and be passed down through many generations.

This is because they are made using precious metals and stones that are pure. Such materials have high durability and rarely ever depreciate, especially gold pieces. Such jewelry is also hypoallergenic, which makes them great especially for those with sensitive skins.

The downside, however, is that they are extremely expensive in some countries – but not all. Some countries around the world sell authentic, high-quality fine jewelry especially gold, at a significantly cheaper price.

 Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

The following are some of the cheapest-priced countries, you should consider visiting if you want high-end jewelry for almost half the price:

1. Hong Kong, China.

Compared to the US, China has significantly lower mark-ups when it comes to jewelry. So, for finer jewelry, especially gold and diamond pieces, the best place to visit in Hong Kong, China.

They have famous goldsmiths and artisans popular for their unique and creative designs. You’ll get amazing deals on high-quality gold pieces, that are below the premium in other countries. This is possible because, in gold trading, Hong Kong has the most active markets.

 Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

2. Gold Souk, Dubai.

Dubai is considered to be the most luxurious and extravagant place in the World. Any traveler and/or lover of fine jewelry, however, will tell you that this is the best destination for affordable high-end jewelry.

The Gold Souk especially is the biggest hub in Dubai for affordable gold jewelry. There is a famous covered market in the city that has many jewelry vendors with large displays of gold pieces.

 Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

3. Geneva, Switzerland.

Aside from their delicious chocolates and exquisite timepieces, Switzerland is considered a tax haven for buying and storing gold.

For this reason, you’ll find that gold jewelry in Switzerland is significantly cheaper compared to the US. The beautiful city of Geneva is especially popular for its high-end watches.

Watch shops like Bucherer, Swatch, and Piaget are worth visiting during your stay there. Also, while exploring the city, you can pass by Rue des Paquis and Rue du Mont Blanc, where you’ll find beautiful jewelry displayed.

 Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

4. Paris, France.

The Eiffel tower is not the only best thing about Paris. This city is also famous for its high fashion and luxury jewelry, which is why it is known as the City of Fashion and Style.

Given that it’s home to some of the famous designers like Channel and Louboutin, you can find both high-end cloth designs and amazing well-crafted jewelry, exploring the city.

 6 Famous Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry


5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Aside from the Casinos and vibrant nightlife, Las Vegas is home to some of the big names jewelry.

You’ll find shops like Jared or Tiffany, lined up the streets of Sin City, to cater to the tourists with finer taste when it comes to jewelry.

Because of the high number of people going there to get married, you may get an exquisite ring for an affordable price. It’s the perfect one-stop destination especially if you’re planning to get married.

 Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

6. Marrakech, Morocco.

Morocco is a beautiful place rich in culture and delicious cuisine. It is also known for its high-quality jewelry, especially pieces made of gold or silver.

A city like Marrakech especially has many Souks where you can buy quality jewelry directly from the artisan so you end up saving significant money. You’ll find many stalls in these souks that sell gold and silver pieces along with other types of jewelry.

If crowded markets aren’t your thing, then you can always visit shops like Joanna Bistro, Khalid Art Gallery, Gallarie Al Yel, and Jewel.

 Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry

7.Maarten, Caribbean.

The Caribbean Island is a great destination if you’re shopping for wedding rings or diamond necklaces.

They specialize in diamond pieces and have many beautiful designs at affordable prices. Of all the Islands there, the best place to shop for jewelry is St. Maarten. There, the most popular location is Philipsburg, Front Street.

The jewelers specialize in diamonds and beautiful gems. You can also try the family-run Caribbean Gem Jewelry store or the boutique sections at the French Marigot. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

 Countries to Buy the Cheapest Jewelry


Most of these places can sell their jewelry for cheap prices because of their low markups compared to other countries.

In most of them especially open markets, you buy the jewelry directly from the artisans, so there is no middle man to hike up the price.

From fashion to fine jewelry, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Be sure you know how to tell the real pieces from the imitations because some vendors could pass off fake jewelry as real and charge you extra.

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