3 Cool Things to Put on Military Dog Tags in 2024

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Military dog tags have great significance as there are a variety of things you can add to make them more sentimental and meaningful. So, what are some cool things to put on military dog tags?

A military dog tag has a lot of room for customization depending on its size, color, shape, and even the engravings made in the tag. A standard tag has a long chain attached to two tags. The dog tag is primarily for military use, but we can wear it as jewelry when customized.

Some may find the use of dog tags as a fashionable accessory very disrespectful due to their official use. Initially, military dog tags serve as identification for dead or wounded soldiers in the field. Civilians who own military-grade dog tags usually wear it to symbolize that they have lost a close family member or friend; thus, the feeling of disrespect among military men.


What information can you put on military-style dog tags?

Depending on your personal preference and sense of style, you can customize your dog tag to depict any design or feeling. You may make changes to the color of your tag, the type of metal used, and the shape and size of your tag. However, if the tag is for official military purposes, you cannot customize or change anything about your tag as there are specific restrictions against it.

Standard military tags have the name of the soldier, Department of Defense Identification number, and medical information, such as the particular soldier’s blood type, special medical conditions, and the religion. Concerning religion, its constant evolution and addition of other faiths as the years have gone by have made it more challenging for the military to identify a soldier’s religion.

Initially, there were only three religions stated on the dog tags; H for Hebrew, P for protestant, and C for catholic. Now, a lot more have emerged, being that religion is an entirely personal and spiritual journey. Atheist, Jedi, and many more have been added to the list of possible faiths that can be stated on the tag. Regardless, dog tags contain essential information displayed in about four to five lines that would help a stranger know and help you, if the need arises.


Quotes and sayings

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Dog tags are a perfect gift for any relationship.  Whether it is your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, or any other special person in your life, dog tags act as a symbol of love, care, and appreciation. The type of text in your dog tag can be romantic, serve as memorabilia of a crazy night or event with friends, be sport-related, medical-related, or even written in Braille. Here are some cool things to put on your customized dog tags.


Boyfriend dog tag

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Getting a dog tag for your boyfriend as a gift has never been easier as they are suitable for any occasion and match any lifestyle. While customizing your dog tag, you might choose to add a special quote or saying from your favorite song or movie, which reminds him of you. More so, customized dog tags are quite affordable and durable due to their material type and laser inscriptions.


Military dog tags-National Flag

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These types of dog tags resemble those issued in the military. They make an excellent gift when you want to support and show love and care to family members or current military personnel. The tags come with customized military quotes, which are replaceable to whatever you want at a very affordable price. The tag contains premium quality stainless steel material that assures you of its durability and resistance to scratching, corrosion, rusting, and changing color.


5 Amazon cool military dog tag ideas

Gotags personalized military dog tag

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With this personalized military tag, it comes with two tags, a chain, and a silencer. You can get five lines of customized text on each tag, either different or the same. It consists of high-quality stainless steel material, and its silencer comes in a variety of vibrant colors, including black, blue, pink, gold, red, and purple, among others.


 Cool steel and beyond

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The Cool steel and beyond dog tag consists of a metal alloy with a polish finishing. It contains a pendant with a 28-inch ball chain and two dog tags. The tag weighs about 45 grams and comes in a lovely jewelry box branded with the company’s name, ready for gift-giving.


Whole armor pendant necklace

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If you are looking for an affordable, durable, and versatile dog tag, the Whole Armor pendant necklace dog tag is an ideal choice. It is a personalized dog tag that is suitable for all occasions. The pendant necklace consists of an excellent representation of the Christian faith and features a warrior of God, as depicted from Ephesians 6:13-17. It also has a ball chain of about 23.8 inches but can be cut down to your preferred size.


King Pauper American Necklace

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King Pauper American Necklace consists of high-quality stainless steel material and has a length of 21 inches. The tags come in two colors; red or black, and have a ball chain of about 28 inches. The ball chain consists of silver material with enamel and polished finishing. The tags also feature the American national flag to showcase the wearer’s patriotism.


Stainless steel necklace

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This stainless steel dog tag contains superior quality material that resists breakage, scratching, and tarnishing. Its color is long-lasting to withstand everyday wear and tear. Similarly, the dog tag is very comfortable to wear as it does not scratch your skin or your clothes.

The chain consists of a cross and a dog tag joint by a 3mm Rolo chain. The dog tag comes with an inscription of the Lord’s Prayer, making it an excellent gift to a person with a deep spiritual connection with the Lord. The text is very legible and clear to read. The tag has a shiny and polished smooth surface and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee if it does not satisfy you.



There is an endless possibility of things you can add to your military dog tag to customize it to your taste and preference. Whether it is a quote or saying to your loved ones, its shape and size are ideal for conveying the message. You may choose to have it custom-made or purchase one online from an authorized vendor.

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