5 Companies Like Modern Gents That Make Wedding Rings

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Modern Gents Trading Co., also called Mod Gents, is an infamous jewelry designer and manufacturer known for their high quality and best hand-crafted rings using conflict-free and non-traditional materials.

This jewelry company offers some of the most stunning jewelry varieties and some of the most affordable options.

The company is renowned for its variety of elegant jewelry options but also, they pride itself on offering one of the best possible buying experiences where jewelry is concerned, especially for the modern gentleman.

The brand also offers the very best customer service. And all these are the foundational aspects that make Modern Gents Trading Co. an exceptional jewelry brand.

Modern Gents sell good quality engagement and wedding rings that are designed for both ladies and gentlemen. The rings look incredibly amazing, and they will not break the bank.

And because of the use of the best quality materials, you wouldn’t have to worry about the rings causing discoloration of your fingers.

The company doesn’t deal in blood diamonds, and all the pieces are handcrafted to meet the company’s highest standards and quality requirements.

But is this the only company that offers the best varieties of hand-crafted, affordable, and beautiful rings on the market today, and are the alternatives as good as Modern Gents Trading Co?


Is Modern Gents Trading Co. legit?

Companies Like Modern Gents

Yes, and not only is Modern Gents Trading Co. legit, but they also offer a large array of the best quality rings and other kinds of jewelry.

The company also deals in high-quality rings made of safe and the best varieties of diamonds mined humanely or conflict-free, specifically, diamond simulants.

These diamond simulants incorporated in the rings are made of man-made AAAAA-cubic zirconia grade stones. These simulants look just as good as real diamonds.


Where is Modern Gents located?

Companies Like Modern Gents

All of the rings made by Modern Gents Trading Co are made and shopped from Southern California, where the company’s products are shipped. The company is located specifically in Costa Mesa, California,


5 Companies like Modern Gents

1. Satéur

Companies Like Modern Gents

First on the list of jewelry companies that we think to be as good as Modern Gents is Satéur. This huge and successful jewelry brand was built as a home of innovative jewelry designers that are nothing like the ordinary or cliché pieces that you may be used to.

The company was created by Felix Francois, a very ambitious young man whose family is known for focusing on creating jewelry made of the best fossils and gemstones. In 1989, he was a huge part of the diamond companies disrupting De Beers’ diamond monopoly.

This company was founded in Canada after Felix planned his engagement proposal to a fellow Canadian, Michel D’aramitz. At the time, he couldn’t afford the diamond rings sold at the time under De Beers.

Companies Like Modern Gents

But this gave him an idea of how to break into the diamond market. Today, Sateur’s mission is to create some of the best options for fine jewelry.

The brand even came up with its Sateur stone, which is conflict-free, and also boasts the best level of brilliance.

The other thing that you should know about Sateur is that the name of the brand represents the Awakened one, and the company offers some of the finest quality jewelry that is affordable and accessible globally. Today, the company is headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, in the United States.


2. Tinnivi

Companies Like Modern Gents

Tinnivi is the company that is as good as the Modern Gents Trading Company. This jewelry company is a removed jewelry brand renowned for its high level of craftsmanship.

Tinnivi focuses on creating unique and highly delicate jewelry pieces sold at very competitive prices, and there is always something for everyone.

So, if you are looking for personalized jewelry options for your loved one, whether charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, or even engagement rings, this would be your go-to brand.

Tinnivi’s jewerly is made using high-quality materials whose level of craftsmanship is highly appreciated in the world of jewelry worldwide.

Tinnivi is also known for its charms, and all the jewelry sold by the brand speaks to the wearer.

Companies Like Modern Gents

The jewelry options by Tinnivi are made with high-quality and high=strength beads which ensure that the wearer gets pieces that match one’s personal style seamlessly.

The Tinnivi brand was inspired by true love, and to date, the jewelry advocates for love. And all their personalized rings are designed to remind the wearer of the most memorable moments in their lives.

So, in most ways, the rings and other forms of jewelry by Tinnivi all represent the purest form of love and friendship.


3. Blue Steel

Companies Like Modern Gents

Blue Steel is the other renowned US jewelry company that offers an extensive array of some of the best rings for men and women.

These rings include engagement and wedding rings, and the brand believes its duty in the world is to create the kind of jewelry that perfectly complements the wearer’s looks and emotions.

According to Blue Steel, nothing really is too simple, but even the simplest things are the most important. Also, no jewelry options offered by Blue Steel is unimportant, and the company always creates pieces that are close to the heart of the wearer.

Blue Steel believes in creating jewelry that offers the best possible form of self-expression, allowing loved ones to share the most important moments in the best ways.

Companies Like Modern Gents

Blue Steel was created in 2009, but it is no longer the small online business it was when it was created. And today, they offer some of the most valuable rings.

Their varieties of rings include wedding rings, engagement rings, birthdays, anniversaries, and ‘just because’ rings – all these moments are considered ‘Blue Steel Moments.’


4. Beadage

 Companies Like Modern Gents

The other jewelry brand that offers unique jewelry is Beadage which is known for creating healing jewelry and gems.

This jewelry brand is ideal for individuals looking for engagement rings that will not break the bank because their options are mostly affordable, and you can find pieces under $100.

They offer a variety of gemstone jewelry options, all handcrafted and set with different gemstones ranging from classic princess-cut amethysts to raw sapphires and emeralds, among others.


5. Pandora

Companies Like Modern Gents

If, on the other hand, you are looking for jewelry from a luxury brand, but you wouldn’t want to break the bank with your purchase, or maybe you are just fascinated and pulled in by the allure of Pandora, this might be the perfect fit for you.

Like Modern Gents, Pandora offers a large variety of high-quality rings, among other forms of jewelry, all crafted well, and they exude the highest level of craftsmanship.

Pandora delivers the finest quality rings that are suitable for any special person in your life. These rings are all perfectly crafted out of sterling silver, 14k gold-plated silver, 14k solid gold, and 14k rose gold-plated silver pieces.

These rings boast a perfect minimalist like, and you will be impressed by the array of bands that the company offers. The rings are available in different price ranges, and there is something for everyone.



If you are looking for a jewelry company that matches up to or is better than Modern Gents Trading Co., the 5 companies above are among the best alternatives you could shop from.

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