College Class Ring Etiquette – How To Wear It Correctly

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If you graduated from a popular school and your school plus its honor societies are easily recognizable, it might get to a time when you aren’t sure if you should keep wearing the ring anymore. And though schoolmates from different graduating classes will still recognize you, it gets to a point where you are no longer sure about whether to keep wearing the ring.

Admittedly, not everyone will wear their class ring. This means that if you choose to always wear your class ring, you want to make sure you wear the ring right or correctly.


So, what are the dos and don’ts of wearing class rings? Are there rules you should be following when wearing your class ring?

Well, this article delves into all these in detail, and if you have been looking for tips for wearing class rings correctly, then keep reading.


The History of Class Rings

College Class Ring Etiquette – How To Wear It Correctly

Class rings are a great way of demonstrating your school/ class spirit, and in other cases, the class ring is a representation of the things that were of interest and great value to you back in high school or college. They are also a great representation of the school’s traditions and belief systems. But where did class rings originate from?

Well, class or fellowship rings date back to ancient Egypt. Back then, the rings were worn by specific sects which would wear these rings to show their connections to specific causes while also demonstrating their sense of belonging – whether to a class, religion, or cause. After Ancient Egypt, the class ring belief was adopted by the Romans – it’s believed that Cleopatra gifted Mark Antony a ring that had fascinated him, and Mark Antony would go-ahead to have the same ring designs made for the Pretorian Guard, birthing the idea of fellowship rings. This tradition would then spread down into the military.

College Class Ring Etiquette

The military’s adoption of the class/ fellowship ring is first recorded in the springtime of 1835, and the rings have become popular and a part of modern history ever since. The ring was given to the Cadets at West Point as a reminder of the values that were held close by the school. The ring would also be used to symbolize the pride that came with graduating from prestigious military institutions.

Later, the idea of giving class rings to graduating classes was adopted by institutions like Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. The adoption of class rings has since spread quite wide, and this symbol of accomplishment and pride is now commonplace in all American colleges and high schools.


Which hand to wear a class ring?

So, which is the best way to wear your college class ring?

The first thing you should know about your beloved class ring is that you should wear your college class ring on your right hand. Doing this ensures that there no confusion with other class rings or any other types of jewelry like the wedding or the engagement ring.

College Class Ring Etiquette – How To Wear It Correctly


Which finger to wear a class ring?

You should wear your class ring on your right-hand ring finger, meaning that it won’t easily be confused with your customary wedding ring. The class ring is also to be worn with its insignia facing inwards, towards you the wearer while still in school, but it’s to face outwards after your graduation. While in school, the school’s name or insignia should face inwards so that when your arm is outstretched, you can read the name of the school with ease, and the


Wearing class ring after high school?

College Class Ring Etiquette – How To Wear It Correctly

How then do you wear your high school class ring after your graduation? Well, after graduation, you are required to make it easy for the rest of the world that you have graduated, which is something you can do with ease.

Essentially, doing this is easy for most of the graduates of the prestigious schools because of the memorable turning of the ring that is done during the graduation ceremony or near the graduation commencement time.

College Class Ring Etiquette

The ‘turning of the ring’ ceremony is one that often sees its participants be full of pride and/or of their accomplishments.

But it’s important to note that there is no one way of doing this ceremony.

Different schools may feature varying traditions, but the turning of the ring ceremony always symbolizes a change or shift in your life, often an indicator that you’ve graduated, and you’re on your way to achieving big things out in the world, but more importantly in college where you will pursue a course that determines the general direction of your life.


When to stop wearing a college class ring?

College Class Ring Etiquette – How To Wear It Correctly

Class rings, like yearbooks and the college or high school letterman jackets, are an important aspect of the American school system. This tradition was adopted to celebrate an important milestone in your education, and today, it is something of a novelty. When then do you stop wearing your college class ring?

Well, the idea of the class ring is, today, more of a passe – the same way signet rings were, which is why you can find men and women who still wear their class rings, 40+ years after their graduation. Of course, most other people tuck this ring away within days after their graduation, perhaps even hours, which translates to the fact that you are the one who determines how long you’d want to keep the ring on. How long you wear the class ring is a matter of preference, and there is no hard or fast rule on wearing the ring. Keep in mind that not wearing the ring will not erase from history the fact that you actually went to that school.

College Class Ring Etiquette

So, it’s safe to say that you can stop wearing your college ring when you no longer feel comfortable keeping it on – it may be weeks, days, months, or years. In other words, your comfort around fellowship rings is an important consideration to keep in mind, especially with regards to how long you keep the class ring on.

At the end of the day, there is no rule around how long you can wear your class ring. You could easily wear your class ring for life if you choose to, but you could also swap out the class ring for a different kind of jewelry later on.

However, make the ring a keepsake if you no longer feel that vibe; it’s no longer your style or attractive, and it doesn’t fit anymore.

College Class Ring Etiquette – How To Wear It Correctly

Can you wear multiple class rings?

Well, you may choose to, but we think it might come off as tacky, and the rings won’t really look that good. If you have more than one class, it would be wise to wear the most recent class ring you’ve got, or perhaps the ring you are most proud of.

Always opt for one class ring, the one you love more, or the most meaningful class ring. Don’t stack them all.



If you aren’t sure about how to wear your college class ring, you should know that your college class ring goes on your right hand, on the ring finger. Read more useful tips here or visit our homepage to check our latest posts!


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