Can A Cocktail Ring Be An Engagement Ring?(Detailed Answer in 2024)

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What makes a perfect engagement ring? Can any ring that’s bedazzled be used as an engagement ring? And given the stunning design of the cocktail ring, can’t it be used as an engagement ring – the big stone and all?

These are just some of the questions you may be struggling to find answers to now that society has deemed it appropriate to have rings classified differently based on what they are used for.

In a bid to make your purchase journey easier and to ensure that you choose the perfect ring for your engagement, this article focuses on cocktail rings, and whether they can be used as engagement rings, and what differentiates the cocktail rings from the engagement rings. To do that, we’ll first take a look at the basics.


What is a cocktail ring?

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Cocktail rings, also known as statement rings, can be defined as larger than regular rings or fashion rings that are usually designed to allow for the easiest and biggest possible showcase of the oversized diamond or gemstone on the ring. Some of the cocktail rings will feature large metal motifs.

Thanks to the design elements of cocktail rings, these rings are ideally worn as an expression of style and personality or even character.

The cocktail rings hit the fashion scene in the US in the 1920s, during the Prohibition Era, and also a decade that was characterized by the birth of feminism. The Prohibition Law or Era was when alcohol was made illegal. So, to rebel against this move and to seek out independence, the rebellious flapper girls of the time would show up to the illicit bars and parties at the time wearing showy jewelry and clothing. Because alcohol was illegal, the only alcohol on the market then was illicit brew – this tasted as horrific as can be expected, and for the drinks to be a little palatable, especially to the ladies, cocktails were created. The other thing that gave rise to the ring was the fact that the ladies would only easily signal the bartenders at the soirees and speakeasies by raising their right hands and flashing the large ring at the bartender. This was the secret signal used to order the illegal drinks, and it is also where the name the ‘cocktail ring’ came from; and also the reason why the ring is worn on the right hand.


Can a cocktail ring be an engagement ring?

Well, there really are no rules governing how the cocktail rings can be worn, and some people will wear cocktail rings as engagement rings, especially if someone wants to stand out. The cocktail ring used as an engagement ring would allow you to show off your rather colorful personality and bold character. So, if the big ring feels like a good option for you, there really is no rule to stop you.

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Going back in history to 1796, for example, a large sapphire ring with diamonds was presented as an engagement ring by a 26-year-old soldier, Napoleon Bonaparte, to the love of his life. And in 1953, John F. Kennedy proposed to his love, Jacqueline Bouvier, with a gold Van Cleef & Arpels statement ring that was bedazzled with a 2.88-carat diamond along with a 2.84-carat emerald. These are just some of the accounts that show the use of large cocktail or statement rings as engagement, which goes to show that if you wish to get a large cocktail ring to be used as the symbol of your love and commitment to the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with, then there are really no objections to your decision – at least not from the fashion world.

Note that in addition to the two famous people mentioned above, De Beers’ marketing slogan that placed the Diamond as the ultimate sign of love, hence its use in engagement rings – A diamond is Forever, means that most of the engagement rings around really are, cocktail rings.

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 We’ll top that with the infamous engagement announcement by the royals in 2010 when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton using the 18k white gold ring that is centered with the large 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire – surrounded by diamonds. This family heirloom is, without a doubt, one of the most extravagant engagement rings, and its size means it qualifies as a statement ring.


When and how to wear a cocktail ring?

Now that you are aware of the fact that you can actually wear a cocktail ring as an engagement ring, let’s take a look at how to wear it and also where/ when to wear these rings. Understandably there are no underground parties to attend today, and since you need to remain fashionable, the next few sections offer the necessary tips on how to pull off the cocktail ring look fashionably.

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For starters, we’ll note that when and how to wear the cocktail ring will depend on the ring’s style.   

  • The antique cocktail rings, which can be quite elaborate, can be worn all day, although they are more ideal for evening events and classy evening outs.
  • Flower cocktail rings can be worn with casual wear, including a t-shirt and jeans, or for an afternoon summer social event with a sundress in floral patterns.
  • The black cocktail ring can be worn with anything, to parties and formal events, during the day and at night.
  • The green cocktail rings made of emeralds or green cubic zirconia stones are ideal for evening events like cocktails.
  • CZ stone cocktail rings are quite versatile, and depending on the design of the rings, size, and the number of the stones, the ring can be worn during the day, even in some workplaces, to casual fun afternoon events or to evening cocktail parties.
  • There are many other styles of cocktail rings, but when and where or how you wear these rings will depend on the design of the ring and how much of a showstopper you are looking for. Some of these rings include the pink cocktail rings, the pearl cocktail rings that can be worn all day, silver cocktail rings common for dinners, and the large/ oversized cocktail rings that can be worn to extravagant events and night outs. Most of these rings could also be worn as engagement rings.
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If you weren’t sure about wearing a cocktail ring as an engagement ring, you now know that you can pull off this look easily.

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