Coach Vs. Michael Kors – Which One is Better?

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Coach and Michael Kors are both classified as high mid-range designer brands, and they’re both popular for different reasons, which means that unless you are looking for a specific item, choosing which of the brands to choose from would be rather challenging.

If you are trying to get a product that is offered by both brands, for example, a handbag offered by these two brands, but you are not sure which brand’s handbag you should choose, this comparison piece will help you make a more informed choice.

In it, we’ll take a look at the different aspects of these two brands to show you their differences, similarities, and the elements that make one of them better than the other.

So, let’s get to it… starting with the basics:


The brief introduction of Coach

Coach Vs Michael Kors

Coach was established in 1941 by Miles Cahn, a reputable leather artisan, and his wife, Lillian Cahn. The company was initially named Leather Bags before it was renamed to Coach later on.

Their first products included wallets and saddlebags, all designs inspired by the baseball glove’s intricate design. The exceptional level of stitching and workmanship for the baseball glove and their first wallets and purses was transferred to the bags when they started focusing on making the very best of handbags.

Interestingly and as seems to be the case with successful brands, Coach didn’t start in a dedicated warehouse or the extra big garage space at home, but in a loft in Manhattan.

From the first designs to their first collection of 12 handbags, Coach focused on making sturdy and high-quality bags that came in simple designs that would be carried and used comfortably on a daily basis.

   Coach Vs. Michael Kors - Which One is Better  

Beyond the great quality of their bags and their high functionality, Coach employed another winning strategy to win the masses and increase their profitability – they set the prices for their products at about 50% lower than the prices set by the competing brands.

They were also very dedicated to offering the best options of bags to meet their customers’ needs, and this was made possible by the fact that the brand introduced new models of bags each year. This led to their booming success, and they were able to set up successful accounts with big retailers like Bloomingdale’s as well as Saks Fifth Avenue. Coupled together, these moves resulted in the brand’s extraordinary levels of success.

Of course, Coach employed great minds and business people that made their dreams come true. One of the biggest power moves Coach is known for is the sale of the company to Sara Lee Corporation in 1985. And then, in 2000, they made their very first IPO.

Coach Vs Michael Kors

While the luxury goods market can be tumultuous and very sensitive to the ups and downs of the economy, Coach has retained its ability to not just establish and build but also to maintain a high level of brand loyalty and reputation through the years.

The biggest move made by the brand has got to be their focus on stylish and the best quality products, which are sold quite affordably. There is also the fact that Coach has diversified their range of products to include outerwear and jewelry, among other accessories.

So, along with the stylish and good quality bags that are popular across generations and even carried by Selena Gomez, Coach still is relevant. In other words, if you are looking for accessible luxury brands that offer lasting products, Coach would be an ideal brand option for you.


The brief introduction of Michael Kors

Michael Kors is known for and from the TV show Project Runway, in which Michael Kors, the designer and man behind the Michael Kors brand, judged.

But this is not all that the brand is known for, and more importantly, Michael Kors is older than the early 2000s.

Coach Vs Michael Kors

A renowned international luxury giant brand owned by the world-famous and the biggest conglomerate of fashion and luxury brands, LVMH, Michael Kors made its (his) debut in the luxury fashion scene in 1981.

The brand debuted with a luxury women’s sportswear collection that has since propelled the brand to heat success. Michael Kors is today one of the most famous New York brands that have been on catwalks all across Europe and the US.

Following the great success Michael Kors enjoyed from their collections of women’s wear, they launched a men’s line, as well as the widest range of accessories, including bags, watches, jewelry, and other kinds of accessories. Michael Kors had his very first fashion show in 1984.

Coach Vs. Michael Kors - Which One is Better

Michael Kors handbags come in notably stylish designs, but the most impressive thing about their bags is that they are made using high-quality leather. The bags are primarily made in Italy, where their construction designs feature the most elaborate of Italian leather manufacturing techniques.

But he wasn’t an overnight success. Michael Kors started making his designs in his apartment, and after multiple attempts, made his debut on the runway in 1984. But that wasn’t the end of their troubles. In the 1990s, the Michael Kors Company ran into some financial troubles, and they had to file for bankruptcy. The reason for the bankruptcy was because the Italian company they had contracted stopped the production of their licensed collections. This led to the loss of huge volumes of sales, with the smaller boutiques going out of business. This was a tough time for the company, and the brand lost 20 stores that sold Michael Kors products nationwide.

Coach Vs Michael Kors

But in 1997, the LVMH conglomerate came to their rescue, investing in the Michael Kors brand, specifically the low-priced product lines. Michael Kors was subsequently hired as LVMH’s Celine designer and was appointed the brand’s creative director in 1998.

A few years later, he successfully turned around the brand thanks to his unique designs for ready-to-wear designs. He left Celine around and launched his own fashion line in 2004.

He also launched fashion and accessory collections, with his line expanding to jeans, shoes, and swimwear.

The first Michael Kors retail store was opened in 2006, and in 2011, the company went public, and Michael Kors became a billionaire in 2014 after the 18% jump in the value of his company’s shares.

Today, Michael Kors is known for men’s and women’s luxury sportswear and other kinds of clothing, accessories like handbags, shoes, wallets, jewelry, and watches. They also offer accessories for men.



What is Coach most famous for?

Coach Vs Michael Kors

Coach is a renowned luxury fashion brand that is known for well-made, high-quality leather bags in bold and subtle colors.

Michael Kors has been creating some of the best chic fashion designs that are not only supple and smooth but also durable and even waterproof.

In addition to being the very best of American luxury fashion house, Coach also specializes in the manufacture of handbags, accessories, luggage, and the best of ready-to-wear clothes for men and women.


What is Michael Kors most famous for?

Coach Vs. Michael Kors - Which One is Better

In addition to Michael Kors being the judge for the popular fashion house Project Runway, Michael Kors, the brand, is known for its large portfolio of high-end fashion items and accessories, including handbags, purses, and watches.

Their products are easily recognizable thanks to the MK logo that is featured in pretty much all Michael Kors accessories.


What is special about Coach?

Coach is known for Coach Handbags, which is an impressive collection of handbags.

The brand’s bags are known for their sturdy construction and the fact the handbags are made of high-grade leather that is made through the most stringent standards.

Coach Vs Michael Kors

The leather used for the bags is often softened for a really long time, and there are no short-cuts in the leather processing, which results in the best quality bags that are smooth, supple, and long-lasting.

Coach’s bags are exquisitely designed and crafted, with their double-stitching design standing out well while making sure that the bag’s seams don’t come loose after a short time.

Overall, Coach’s bags boast great quality construction, and they come in bold, stylish colors that stand out and keep the bags fashionable.


What is special about Michael Kors?

Michael Kors boasts an elegant collection of high-quality bags, watches, ready-to-wear outfits for men and women, jewelry, and other kinds of accessories.

Coach Vs Michael Kors

But in addition to the great success of the brand and the fact that Michael Kors had to jump through the hoops like working for LVMH’s Celine when he went bankrupt, Michael Kors is quite special and famous for the great quality of their products.

But beyond the unique and simple designs of their trendy pieces, the brand’s success largely comes from the fact that their products are not only accessible but also quite affordable for a luxury brand.


Coach Vs. Michael Kors Price (Which Is More Expensive?)

Coach Vs. Michael Kors - Which One is Better

Coach is not only older than Michael Kors but also Coach is known for its range of solid and high-quality leather bags that are meant to last a really long time.

The quality of the Michael Kors bags doesn’t match up with that of Kors, which would explain the fact that Coach’s bags are much more expensive than the bags sold by Michael Kors.


Coach Vs. Michael Kors Quality (Which Is Better?)

While Michael Kors is a lot more popular than Coach, the truth is that the quality of the bags by Coach is better than Michael Kors.’ Coach bags are made of the finest quality leather and a more durable inner lining that makes the bags more long-lasting and very much worth the money.

Michael Kors boasts good quality bags, but the quality of the lining and the leather used is no match for the materials and fabric seen in Coach’s bags.

Also, Coach’s handbags come in more classic and vintage styles that make them more desirable than Michael Kors handbags. Of course, the style preferences will vary depending on your style and needs.

The pros and cons of Coach Products


  • Great distinctive luxury fashion brand
  • Offers a great product variety that includes bags, scarves, Sunwear, footwear, fine jewelry, and fragrances
  • Good and new business investment opportunities
  • Competitively priced products
  • Great quality and long-lasting product options
  • Beautiful bags with great finishes


  • A little too pricey for a mid-range product line
  • The pros and cons of Michael Kors products

Coach Vs. Michael Kors - Which One is Better


  • Great variety
  • Affordable bags and accessories
  • Best quality watches, including trendy smartwatches
  • Stylish and trendy handbags, shoes, and jewelry
  • Reputable brand


  • The quality of some of their bags is lower than expected
  • Most of their gold jewelry is plated.

Coach Vs Michael Kors

Coach vs. Michael Kors (which is better?)

Coach prides itself in offering the best quality bags made of genuine and durable leather, and the bags will last a long time.

They also have a stronger market profile (on Amazon) compared to Michael Kors.

And though Coach’s products are more expensive than Michael Kors, Coach is generally the better brand for you to invest in, especially if you want to get the best value for money.



If you are interested in handbags or jewelry but you’re not sure if you should order from Coach or Michael Kors, we hope that this article guides you in the right direction.

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