10 Popular Clothing Brands Not Made In China(You Should Know)

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Looking for Clothing Brands Not Made In China? Or searching for American made clothing brands list? There are so many Made in China clothing brands all around the world that you might think that all the leading clothing brands are only made in China.

With Made in China brands associated with cheapness, poor quality, and cases of the use of child labor in clothes production, clothing brands with manufacturing plants based China have, in the recent past, faced backlash, and they have been forced to reconsider their manufacturing processes and locations.

And if you are one of the consumers who has said goodbye to Made in China brand clothes, you will be happy to know that there are several other local and international clothing brands that operate ethically. These are brands that produce high-quality clothes. Brands that you can get behind.

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10 Clothing Brands Not Made In China

1.Brooks Brothers

Established in 1818 in American by Henry Sands Brooks, Brooks Brothers is the first American ready-to-wear fashion emporium, and it boasts a wide array of high-quality clothes for everyone.

The brand prides itself in shaping the American dressing style through personal service, fashion innovation, the production of the finest quality clothes, and the exceptional value they place on their products.

Having been in the industry for 200+ years, Brooks Brothers is a brand you might want to associate with because they value all their clients.

Their first store was based on Cherry Street, New York, and today, this brand services the entire USA and the rest of the world.


2.All American Clothing

As the name suggests, this is an American clothing brand. It boasts the production of high-quality clothes sold affordably, and this homegrown brand’s mission is to offer support to US families not just through the production of affordable, high-quality clothes, but also through the provision of jobs and support to local communities.

Lawson Nickol, a former sales manager at leading US Jeans manufacturer, established all American Clothing in 2002.

With hope and a dream, plus the need to have more Made in America clothes, he established All American Clothing Co., a company that manufactures thousands of jeans each year.



Inspired by adventure fashion styles from the 60s through the 80s for outdoor and surfwear, Battenwear was founded in 2011 by fashion designer and all-year-surfer Shinya Hasegawa.

It’s based in Topanga Canyon in California.

Battenwear stands out from other brands on the market with the clothing sold, giving off a vintage vibe perfect for a contemporary adventurer. Shinya, an avid traveler, has based his clothing brand on versatile comfort, multi-functionality, and ease of packing, and the best bit is that the clothes produced are all very stylish. Battenwear offers clothing for hiking, surfing, camping, and climbing.


4.Buck Mason

If you are looking for an American clothing brand that brings you the best updated and modern classics ideal for daily wear, Buck Mason has you covered.

Founded in 2013 by two neighbors who used to live in Venice, California, Erik Allen, and Sasha Koehn, Buck Mason makes use of the old clothing manufacturing techniques and the latest technologies to come up with perfect daily wear.

Sasha and Erik offer excellent collections of tees and jeans, all listed on their website – with Erik behind the clothes first collections and Sasha building the website.

Buck Mason takes an architectural approach to their clothes, where they work on making each of their newer designs better than the older ones while making sure that you have a useful, comfortable, and effortless wardrobe. Today, Buck Mason is a leading menswear brand in the US with retail stores in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


5.Custom Ink

Custom Ink was established in 1999 by former college classmates looking for a meaningful and entrepreneurial project.

Marc Katz (CEO and co-founder) who worked a Wall Street job spearheaded its establishment, and the other co-founders Mike Driscoll (website design/ development) and Dave Christensen (design work) ensured the planning and running of the brand.

Custom Ink makes high-quality, fun, easy, and custom t-shirts and apparel, and you can find pretty much everything else you need from hoodies, polos, activewear, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, workwear, team jerseys, shorts, pants, uniforms, and kids clothing.

Besides the large market in the US, Custom Ink has expanded its horizons, and the brand’s products are accessible all over the world.


6.Emerson Fry

Emerson Fry is a small, made-to-order clothing brand based in the US.

The brand focused on the domestic production of small capsule clothing collections based on heritage techniques from different parts of the world, with a special focus on supporting positive cultural, social, and environmental shifts.

Their clothes, especially new releases, are available in rather limited availability. The brand has an India collection, and they focus on women’s clothes.


7.Flynn Skye

If you are looking for an American brand that creates the best of women’s tops, dresses, jumpers, and bottoms, Flynn Skye is the kind of brand you should consider.

Flynn Skye is a brand borne out of Amber’s garage. It is a labor of love, and the clothes design mirrors Amber’s free, fun spirit. Borrowing a lot of inspiration from her daughter Flynn Skye, the brand was born. This clothing brand offers versatile and unique clothes that appeal to girls throughout the US.

Flynn Skye prides itself on being a brand made for women by women. It’s fueled by Amber’s passion for making women feel beautiful in the clothes they wear. So, even though Amber didn’t have any true experience in design – she was in the fashion scene where is worked as a stylist and a boutique owner, Amber is a designer today.


8.Gitman Bros

Gitman Bros is the go-to American brand for menswear, specifically, shirts and accessories. If you are looking for dependability and craftsmanship for the perfect gentleman look, this is the brand you should be considering.

Gitman Bros traces its roots to the 1930s, with the Gitman name being synonymous with the rich heritage around American manufacturing. This brand makes some of the best shirts, and it’s among the few shirt brands with operations in the US.

Gitman will meet all your shirt needs, from sport, dress, oxfords, performance, formal, big & tall, as well as weekend, winter, and wedding picks. The accessories manufactured include pocket squares and ties.


9.Hackwith Design House

If you are looking for an American brand offering the best of apparel for women of all sizes, Hackwith Design House is your go-to brand.

They offer everything, including plus-size varieties, swimwear, intimates, sweaters, pants, dresses, skirts, tops, outerwear, and jumpers.

You will find accessories too.



HankyPanky is an elite brand of bold, comfy, and high-quality women’s essentials. They offer the best of thongs, panties, lingerie and sleepwear, bras and tops.

And unlike many brands around and Made in China brands, HankyPanky has a line of eco-friendly thongs, sleepwear, and panties.

So, if you are looking for everyday elegance in all flattering styles for your basics, HankyPanky has you covered.



If you have been looking for good Made in America clothing brands, the 10 clothing brands above are some of the best options for you.

These brands offer high-quality, home-grown clothes, and the best part is that they are offering support to local communities while making it possible to avoid clothes from China.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!