7 Clothes Colors That Make You Look Younger in 2024

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Everyone is always on the lookout for things they could do to look younger. This is often attributed to the fact that no matter where you are from or how good your family genes are, you’ll still age – aging is, after all, the one thing that affects all of us. And all we can do is to pick out clothes that not only complement our best features but also make us look younger.

Today, we take a look at the influence of color on your appearance, specifically, the colors that instantly shave off a good number of years from your face and body.

This is an important discussion because as you grow older and your hair and skin thin out, you will find that you naturally shy off some colors while feeling a strong pull to others, and this is not just about the lip color you wear or hair but your complete look.

You might find yourself wearing more blacks and whites or more bold colors than you used to because suddenly, these colors make you feel happier, lighter, and younger.

If you find yourself in this position, first know that it is absolutely fine to be feeling whatever you currently feel, and also, you have the freedom to wear whatever you like, especially if your new preferred color hues shave off years your age. Also, there is nothing worse than wearing clothes that make you look older than you really are.

Remember that despite the investments you’ve made in beauty regimens, including injections, serums, diets, moisturizers, how you dress your body is all that really matters in making you look younger.  

So, which cloth colors will help you look younger?


Clothes colors that make you look younger


Clothes Colors That Make You Look Younger

Turquoise is one of those colors that brings out a beautiful glow on everyone who wears it, regardless of their skin tone. And with many variations of the turquoise color, some leaning to the greener or the bluer side, it’s hard to go wrong with the color.

But as a general rule, you can find the perfect turquoise for your skin tone by turning over your arm to check the color of your veins around the wrist, then choose the shade of turquoise that is closer to the color of your veins. And of your skin tone lies in the medium-to-dark bit of the scale, you’d want to look for the mid-tone turquoise for the perfect age defiance effect.

And if you are wearing a turquoise top, pair it with an underwhelming color, for example, beige. You could also try fun turquoise prints.


2.True Reds

When it comes to power colors, red is on top of that list, and it will make you look younger, allowing you to defy age in the most natural ways. The best part is that the design or the cut of the green clothes you wear do not matter; you only need to accessorize your reds appropriately.


3.Bright Pinks

Clothes Colors That Make You Look Younger

Nothing says chic better than a bright pink outfit. And if you are over 40 but don’t want to look your age, go for the bold, age-defying bright pinks. We are talking about the vibrant hues of pink, like hot pink and Fuschia. You’ve seen Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, and other celebrities pull off the pink dresses easily while shaving off years instantly.


4.Lilac Purple

Lilac purple comes off as one of the least obvious color choices for anyone looking for clothes in age-defying colors, but this color actually works like magic. So, next time you are thinking of wearing something other than the reds and blacks in the closet, how about throw on some lilac purple and see just how amazingly young you look? The best part about lilac purples is that they work with pretty much all skin tones, and your complexion won’t be an issue at any point.


If you have a light skin tone and are in search of clothes in the best age-defying colors, you may want to trade the pastel pinks for the medium red-violet. This color is more like a rich magenta that’s toned down by the red, among other colors ranging from raspberry to Fuschia. Though you may feel like this color is absolutely out of your preferred scope of colors, you will be amazed by how good the color complements your skin tone, and even more, how well it works to shave off some years off your age. And after the first attempt, you will never shy away from the red violets because of how well it works for you.

The best part is that the red-velvet color not only stands out, but it’s also warm and makes you look a lot younger than you are. It’s cozy and charming when worn as a sweater; it makes the perfect statement maxi dress and can be worn as a short or a long dress.



Periwinkle is that another very flattering color that you may want to try. This color is a blend of medium blue with a slight touch of violet or purple. This color cools the hair and skin tones, and this periwinkle, blue-based color works quite well for you regardless of your skin tone, whether cool or warm.


8.Black (New Black)

Clothes Colors That Make You Look Younger

Isn’t it amazing how wearing black transforms how you look while empowering you to seamlessly rule boardrooms, making the best boss moves possible? Or how black has magnetic properties that elevate you to what others would think of as unattainable levels of success?

Black or put more succinctly, new black (not graphite, gray, or faded black) is one of the best colors of clothes you must have in your closet because this color will always make you look younger, more beautiful, and super powerful.

Black easily highlights your best features, and if you must wear it next to your face, just soften your makeup, and use some flattering blush for a nice color on the face, and you will be good to go.

Not that the new black is the ideal black to wear if you want to look younger. It isn’t too harsh as the true black, which really doesn’t do anyone justice when it comes to softening the tones on mature skin. True black also puts emphasis on wrinkles, fine lines, along with the circles around your eyes, making them look darker than they are. So, if black is you go to, choose the new black – think navy blue, charcoal gray, or any other deep color, for a more flattering look and feel.  



Want to look younger? These colors above are some of the best options for you to start off with. These bold colors offer a nice shift from the normal black and blues, and besides leaving you feeling like a ball of sunshine because they are fun, they also make you look a lot younger.

Beyond these colors, you could also look a lot younger by wearing jeans that fit just right. Also, try illuminating your face, embrace patterns, avoid crew necks, stop going for too much coverage, show some skin, and always find the perfect balance between polished and slouchy. Don’t forget to simplify your accessories and add some height.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!