A Quick Guide On How To Close Ear Piercing Naturally

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Although most of us are suckers for jewelry, and we cannot imagine going through our day-to-day affairs without wearing our favorite pairs of earrings, there are cases where having ear piercings just bring you more grief than relief and happiness.

And so, even when you know that earrings allow you to frame your face better and you just look and feel great with the earrings on, we are forced to let go of the earrings and let the piercings close.

But how exactly can you do that, especially with the knowledge that many times, there are many people who have stayed months or even years without any ear jewelry in their piercing holes, but they never closed? And more importantly, is it possible to let your ear piercings close naturally?


Is there a way to close ear pierced holes naturally without surgery?

While there are cases where the ear piercing hole eventually closes on its own, it’s not often the case, especially when the hole is fully healed.

How To Close Ear Piercing Naturally

In essence, for the hole to close, it needs not be fully healed. Once it’s fully healed, the sides of the hole have no way of closing back up because the hole is somewhat of a permanent barrier.

Whenever the ear is pierced, the jewelry you have on is what keeps the piercing open until it heals. During the healing process, the skin migrates along the tract, forming a tunnel that the jewelry sits in, and after the tunnel is fully formed and the skin around the hole is fully healed, it becomes impossible for the skin to close up again, even without the jewelry on.

In other words, the only way that the ear piercing would safely heal naturally is if there is a wound. This is why letting the piercing hole stay without any jewelry weeks or months after you suspect that the new piercing has fully healed often leaves you with a closed or a blocked piercing hole.

Other people have recommended the use of oils to heal and encourage the closure of the ear piercing naturally. But even these don’t really work –they will reduce the appearance of the scar tissue and make the hole smaller, but a healed ear piercing hole will not close up completely on its own.

So, if you are thinking about possible ways of closing the ear piercing hole naturally, months or years after the hole heals, you should know that the chances of the hole closing up by itself is very slim, and it just might not happen.

And if you must have the hole closed, you may have to get it done surgically through a procedure called the skin-lined tunnel. And even so, you’d have to be very careful because there is a risk of the skin healing improperly after the surgery, and a cyst may form that would also need to be surgically removed.


How to close ear piercing naturally

How To Close Ear Piercing Naturally

While there is no actual natural remedy that will close an open and a fully healed ear piercing naturally, there are things you could do to reduce the size of the hole and to make it less apparent, especially if the earlobe is drooping or a little saggy. These ear hole reduction remedies are as follows:

1.Oil massage

Oil massage proves to be one of the most effective ways of improving the elasticity of the skin, reducing signs of aging, tone and making the skin firmer. This is an important remedy because the skin loses moisture and its elasticity with age.

And with everyone wishing to be forever young, oil massage is gaining popularity as the go-to remedy for preventing premature aging signs.

The same principle is now being applied by people wishing to make their ear lobes firmer and the ear piercing holes smaller and less apparent, especially if there is some drooping or sagging.

The earlobe skin, like the rest of the body, is not spared when it comes to the effects aging has on the lobes, and with the constant pressure on the earlobes from heavy earrings, the holes will stretch and even hang.

But you can reduce the appearance of the sagged skin and make the hole smaller through oil massage therapy. The best part is that you only need to massage the earlobes regularly using oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or olive oil.

These oils are effective in keeping the skin moisturized, and in the process, prevent the drooping of the ear lobe. You can do this at home regularly.

Take the oil of your choice, dip some in a cotton bud then apply the oil around the piercing hole. Massage the oil in the oil gently, and let the oil dry out naturally.

Repeat the massages daily, and after some weeks, you will notice that the size of the hole will have reduced, and your lobes will look healthy, with reduced signs of aging. The dark scarring will also reduce.

How To Close Ear Piercing Naturally

2.Apple Cider Vinegar

You could also use Apple Cider Vinegar to help reduce the size of the ear piercing hole. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) remains one of the most effective, multi-use home remedies for just about anything, and it appears that it also finds use in beauty, where it’s not just effective in encouraging the healing of the earlobe tissue but also a great remedy for getting rid of scarred tissue and keloids.

ACV is also antibacterial, and it will reduce irritation and the redness of the skin. And if you wish to reduce the size of your ear piercing’s hole, ACV will come to the rescue too.

Like the oil, dab some ACV on the earlobe using a piece of cotton soaked lightly in the ACV. Massage the lobe gently if there is no irritation, then let the ACV dry out. Dab on ACV on the piercings regularly until you achieve the desired effects.

How To Close Ear Piercing Naturally

3.Witch Hazel

If your earlobes are stretched out, and you need to reduce the size of the hole in the most natural way possible, witch hazel could be the perfect remedy for you. Its effectiveness comes from the fact that it has astringent properties, and it also moisturizes the skin and tightens it, preventing the earlobes from drooping or making them appear less droopy.

Apply the witch hazel the same way you would the ACV. Just make sure you apply a very small amount, let it dry, and apply it on the skin twice daily.



Honey is nature’s best gift to humanity, and its goodness is why honey can be used in so many ways. It carries powerful healing properties, and it’s particularly great in treating different kinds of skin ailments.

But not just that, it’s just one of the very best and the most effective remedies for dry skin or if you are aging and the skin has lost its elasticity, making it lose, droopy or saggy, and ear piercing holes bigger.

So, if you need a reduction of the size of your ear piercing in the most natural ways, then this piercing might be the very best one for you. In addition to strengthening and tightening the ear lobe, honey improves overall skin health by ridding it of dead cells while improving blood circulation.

To enjoy the benefits of honey, take a drop of honey and apply it on your drooped lobes and the widened piercing. Use your fingers to work the honey through the earlobe gently, and massage it in for a few minutes. Then, let the honey sit on the skin for a few more minutes before washing it away using plain water. Do this every day.

How To Close Ear Piercing Naturally

5.Bicarbonate of Soda

To shrink the earlobe hole, you could also use bicarbonate of soda, which has been shown to be potentially effective in shrinking stretched skin.

Bicarbonate of soda will also brighten the skin and get rid of any scar tissue because it’s effective in exfoliating the skin and the removal of the potentially damaged layer of skin and skin cells. It also promotes skin cell regeneration, which is why it will reduce or shrink the earlobe hole after some time.

With this remedy, you will need to make a paste from the bicarbonate of soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Ensure that the paste is smooth, then apply it to the earlobe and let it dry.

When done, wash the earlobes using warm or cold water, pat them dry, and then moisturize the lobes to protect the skin cells to keep them from stretching.


6.Moisturize your earlobes

In the same way that you tackle signs of skin aging – fine lines or wrinkles – with the best moisturizing creams and serums, so should you treat the earlobes.

The sagging and the bigger earlobe hole that needed shrinking is the result of lost elasticity and moisture, and you can reverse this by keeping the lobes moisturized.

The moisturizer will also enhance blood flow, besides keeping it soft and firm. So, moisturize the lobes twice daily.Lastly, you have to clean your earlobes daily.



You cannot close the ear piercing holes naturally after the piercing fully heals.

However, you could reduce the size of the hole with these remedies. 

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