5 Types of Clip-on Adjusters for Rings in 2024

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Rings are great sentimental jewelry pieces, especially wedding sets, or eternity rings, or promise rings. But sometimes finding the perfect size can be hard, and you may have to resize the ring to fit. Although wedding sets can be resized by the jewelers, costume rings may be harder to resize. Also, what happens if over the years your ring size changes? Does that mean you should stop wearing your rings?

That is why ring adjusters are important. They are a cheaper way of resizing your rings. But what is a ring adjuster? How do they work and what are the best brands to consider?

You’re in luck. In this post, we will be covering all this information. We will explain what ring adjusters are, how they work and 5 of the best types to consider buying.


What Is Clip-on Adjuster for Rings?

Clip-on Adjusters for Rings

As we mentioned before, a ring adjuster is the cheapest way to resize your ring. It is suitable when trying to reduce the size of the ring. It also helps hold the ring in place. Usually, you discreetly place it on the lower part of your ring band so it’s not visible while wearing it.

The clip-on ring adjusters come in different lengths, shapes, and thicknesses. That way it can accommodate any band thickness and size. You can either buy it in the specific size of the ring or be able to cut it to the required length needed. The material used to make the adjusters also varies.

The beauty about a clip-on ring adjuster is that you don’t have to have weakened your ring by cutting and soldering it to resize it. Another advantage is that these adjusters only change the ring size temporarily. This makes it perfect for people with easily fluctuating ring sizes or if your ring size increases in the future.


The Functions or Features of Clip-on Adjusters

Clip-on Adjusters for Rings

The main function of a clip-on ring adjuster is to reduce the size of the ring so it fits perfectly on your finger. Usually, it reduces the sizes by two sizes at most. A larger ring may require a more advanced method. The clip-on ring size adjuster can also be used to hold the ring in place in an upright position if the size difference is small. But what exactly do ring adjusters entail? The following are a few features to expect in a clip-on adjuster:

  • They are made of transparent and elastic material that is soft and will be sure not to scratch your skin.
  • They come in different designs and sizes in terms of length and thickness.
  • They are easy to use in terms of placing them on and removing them from the ring.
  • They are also very easy to clean in terms of oil, dirt or dust, by simply wiping them.


5 Clip-on Ring Adjuster to Hold Rings Together.

There are many brands of clip-on ring size adjusters, the following are some of the common and best choices to try:

1.FX Transparent Ring Size Adjuster

Clip-on Adjusters for Rings On Amazon-Click Picture to check the price

 This type of ring size adjuster is also called a clip noodle ring tightener. It is made of elastic quality TPU material that’s soft on the skin so you don’t need to worry about your skin being scratched. It has a spiral design that allows you to easily wrap the adjuster along with the band of the ring. It’s also transparent to ensure that it is discreet.

FX offers a packet that comes with four of these adjusters, each 10cm long but with varying thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. You can easily cut the length according to preference and the ring size. The four different thicknesses also make them suitable to accommodate any larger ring size range including flat and round rings. These adjusters are also easy to clean, although after some time they do get discolored.


2.Likimar Ring Size Adjuster.

Clip-on Adjusters for Rings On Amazon-Click Picture to check the price

 Also called a ring guard, this ring size adjuster from Likimar is different from the clip noodle adjusters. Instead of wrapping the adjuster, this design is meant to be clipped off the inner part of the bottom of the ring’s band. They are more discreet compared to the noodles. These adjusters are, however, made of flexible, transparent, and soft material.

Likimar offers a packet with 8 pieces with different widths that fit rings with thicknesses ranging from 1mm-10.5mm. These adjusters can only reduce ring sizes that are between 0.5-2 sizes bigger. Aside from the 8 pieces, Likimar also offers a silver polishing cloth as a bonus, and in case you need help using the adjuster, the package comes with a clear set of instructions for you to follow.


3.YeeBay Invisible Ring Adjuster.

Clip-on Adjusters for Rings On Amazon-Click Picture to check the price

 If you are looking for a different ring adjuster that’s more discreet than the clip noodle adjusters, then this design from YeeBay could also be a great option. It’s a strip of soft EVA material that you stick on the inner bottom half of your ring to reduce the size. With this adjuster, it’s difficult to tell whether you are wearing an adjuster even when you turn your hand over.

Yee Bay’s ring tightener is most suitable for wide rings especially men’s rings. The packet comes with 6 strips for rings that have a wideness of between 3mm-8mm and an extra sheet that you can cut to fit wider rings. They also only adjust ring sizes that are between 0.5-2 sizes bigger. In terms of color, there are three colors for you to choose from, that is white, black, gray.


4.Tuzama 12 Pack Invisible Ring Size Adjuster.

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 Tuzama also offers a clip noodle type of ring adjusters. They are made of transparent silicone TPU material. Like the FX, these also come in a spiral design, so you can easily wrap them around the ring’s band. Given the material, you can also easily wipe them to clean them.

Tuzama, however, offers 12 pieces in total in one packet. There are 3 of each of the 4 different widths ranging from 2mm-5mm and each is 10cm in length. The 4 different widths are suitable for both flat and round rings of different widths. They are a great option if you have a collection of rings you’d like to adjust.


5.HAHAYOO Invisible Ring Size Adjuster.

Clip-on Adjusters for Rings On Amazon-Click Picture to check the price

 HAHAYOO also offers 12 pieces of clip noodle ring size adjusters. They are also made of quality, transparent and elastic silicone material. The transparency makes the adjuster discrete although it is noticeable when you flip your hand over.

Like Tuzama, HAHAYOO’s 12 pieces come in 4 different widths, 3 of each. That allows them to accommodate different ring widths as well as flat and round rings. HAHAYOO also promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case there is a reason you are not satisfied with their product; they are always available to hear your concern and try to solve it.


How To Use Ring Adjuster

Using ring adjusters is very simple. The most common and easiest to use is the clip noodle ring size adjuster. They always come in 4 different sizes that are 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. Some packets may come with 4 pieces, others come with 3 or more of each of the sizes. The following are three simple steps you can follow when using these adjusters:

Step 1: Choose the right size according to your ring.

The 2mm-3mm adjusters are meant for round and thinner bands, while 4mm-5mm adjusters are meant for flat and wider rings. So, pick the right size depending on the ring you’d like to resize.

Step 2: Wrap the adjuster along the bottom half of the ring.

The wrapping process is easy. Start by looping one end of the adjuster on the ring. From there twist it so it coils around the band.

Step 3: Try on the ring.

As you twist the adjuster on the ring, try it on to see whether the ring fits well. Once the ring fits well and you’ve got the desired length of the ring adjuster, you can cut off the excess. Keep the excess for when you have another ring you need to adjust.



Clip-on ring adjusters are the best way to resize your rings if you don’t want to cut and solder them. The fact that they are a temporary fix, means that you can always reverse the changes when your ring size increases. The only downside is that these adjusters only offer a solution for resizing larger rings and not smaller ones. Otherwise, they are simple and easier to use.

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