Clear Nail Polish Be Used On Fake Jewelry-Does It Work?

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Clear nail polish is a versatile product. As a polish, it plays many roles. It serves as the best base coat, to prevent colored polish from staining your nails.

It also makes for a good top coat when you want that glossy finish and to seal the nail polish so that it does face quickly. Even used alone, clear nail polish forms a protective layer and strengthens the nails. But that’s not all clear nail polish can do.

  Clear Nail Polish Be Used On Fake Jewelry 

Aside from being used as cosmetics, many people have reported using polish as a sealant when it comes to jewelry. They claim that using the clear nail polish on fake jewelry preserves its shine for longer.

How true is this? That is what this article tries to find out. We will discuss whether you can use clear nail polish on fake jewelry, whether or not it works and how to use it.


Can You Use Clear Nail Polish On Fake Jewelry?

Clear Nail Polish Be Used On Fake Jewelry-

Costume jewelry otherwise known as fake jewelry is significantly cheaper than real pieces, which is why most people opt for them.

Aside from that, they come in a wide variety of designs and colors, allowing you to experiment with different trends. But just as it has its perks, there are also some downsides to it.

The reason why they are so cheap is that they use cheap materials including metals that may contain toxins like nickel or lead. As such you risk experiencing an allergic reaction or irritation from the metal or at the very least have your skin discolored green. Here we write this post for you: 11 cheap metals used in costume jewelry if you have sensitive skin!

What’s more, because they are made of cheap material they tend to fade or wear out faster. That shouldn’t, however, discourage you from getting costume jewelry.

Clear Nail Polish Be Used On Fake Jewelry

A lot of people on the internet, swear by the fact that clear nail polish is the best way to preserve costume jewelry and prevent your skin from any irritation or discoloration. It can be applied on earring posts, necklace or bracelet chains and so much more.

Clear nail polish has even been used to glue back tiny light rhinestones that fall off your bracelet or headgear without messing with their look. So, to answer the question, yes, you can use clear nail polish on fake jewelry, which many people have without any problem.


Does Clear Nail Polish Work On Fake Jewelry?

Clear Nail Polish Be Used On Fake Jewelry-

Yes, believe it or not, clear nail polish does work on fake costume jewelry. It acts as a sealant that prevents oxidation from taking place causing tarnishing or rusting. This normally happens with metals like copper, iron, and even silver.

The polish also acts as a barrier between the skin and the metals, therefore preventing any traces of nickel or lead from reacting with your skin.

It also prevents the jewelry from the metal in the jewelry from reacting with the body oils, sweat, and cosmetics on your skin that would later result in green discoloration on your skin.

Clear Nail Polish Be Used On Fake Jewelry

What’s more, the clear nail polish is a perfect protective layer that slows the fading of plating done on your jewelry. That is because it prevents the plating from chipping or being rubbed or scratched off.

The polish also forms a waterproof layer that ensures the jewelry underneath remains dry. It maintains the shine of your jewelry longer allowing you to wear it more often than you would have without the protective layer.

Some people, however, argue that the clear nail polish is a waste of effort and may eventually end up causing more damage to the jewelry, especially, plated jewelry.

They argue that the nail polish fades off eventually and the metal will be exposed, meaning you would need to keep applying the nail polish over and over again.

Clear Nail Polish Be Used On Fake Jewelry-

What’s more, as the nail polish fades it leaves an uneven finish to your jewelry that will need to be stripped off. Using the acetone or nail polish remover may cause irreparable damage to the plating.

All this may be true, but you do not need to use acetone or any form of polish remover to get rid of the fading layer of nail polish.

Clear Nail Polish Be Used On Fake Jewelry

Surprisingly, applying another layer of clear nail polish will do the trick. Simply apply a coat over the jewelry and wait for ten seconds before wiping it off with a clean piece of cloth.

All the polish will be removed and ready for a fresh even coat. And even though you may have to repeat this process often, it is an affordable way of maintaining your costume jewelry so why not?   


How To Use Clear Nail Polish On Fake Jewelry?

Now that we can agree that clear nail polish is useful when it comes to maintaining and preserving costume jewelry, let’s talk about how we can use the polish:

Clear Nail Polish Be Used On Fake Jewelry-

1. Clean the jewelry

This should be the first step, to remove any dirt, oil, or cosmetic build-up on the jewelry.

You can use warm water and mild soap and rinse it off before drying the jewelry completely.

You wouldn’t want to trap any moisture with the polish, otherwise, it contradicts what you are trying to prevent.


2. Apply the polish

Clear Nail Polish Be Used On Fake Jewelry-

You may need about two to three layers of the polish, that way it is not too thick and overpowering, nor is it too thin that it fades away fast.

To apply you need to do one thin layer after another. That means applying the first thin layer and letting it dry, then applying the next layer, and so on.

Once you have evenly applied all the layers, allow the jewelry to dry completely such that the layer of polish is not tacky.

Clear Nail Polish Be Used On Fake Jewelry

3. Avoid exposing the jewelry to moisture or rigorous activities

This will prevent the layer of polish from fading away quickly. Although the polish is waterproof, constant exposure to water will make it peel faster.

Rigorous activities may also lead to the jewelry being rubbed against different surfaces often, hence contributing to the polish fading faster.


4. Reapply the polish at least once every month

Clear Nail Polish Be Used On Fake Jewelry-

It may not have to be exactly every month but as often as needed. One month is just the average time most people have reported.

While reapplying, remember to first remove the remaining layer of polish from before.

Do not use acetone or any other harsh chemicals for this.

Simply apply a coat of clear nail polish and wipe it off with a clean cloth after ten seconds to do the trick.



You should have nail polish handy if you plan on stocking up on costume jewelry.

It will prove to be a lifesaver thanks to its versatility.

What’s more it clear color makes it suitable to use on any form of jewelry without messing up its appearance.

The polish is also skin-friendly and will protect you from any irritation or discoloration.

But the best part is that it is affordable and easily available.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!