Can You Clean Your Engagement Ring Too Much?-Answered by Jeweler

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In your research into the best practices for caring for engagement rings, you might have read that there are good and bad cleaning approaches. Understandably, you might be obsessed with your engagement ring, and with such a big glistening stone, who wouldn’t? Well, here’s one thing that will make you not-so-happy – overcleaning the ring would damage it.

Yes, cleaning your engagement ring too much is a thing. In as much as it is recommended that you clean the ring regularly, there is a line on the regular scale that you shouldn’t cross. Keep reading to find out what it means to clean your engagement ring too much.

Can you clean your engagement ring too much?

Yes, regularly cleaning your engagement ring once every month or every few weeks is fine, but if you clean it daily or weekly, then you are cleaning it too much.

The problem with cleaning your engagement ring too often, especially when you use harsh chemicals and too much force, is that you end up destroying the structural integrity of the ring. Detergents might make the ring wear out pretty fast too.

Taking the ring to professional cleaners too often is an issue as well.

How? Aren’t the cleaners equipped with all the right tools? Well, in as much as the cleaning companies have everything you need to make your diamond engagement ring shine, the machines used by the jewelers are not very kind to the jewelry.

Although your ring will look better than it looked when it was new, the machined they use often cause wear and tear, especially when used frequently. And if yours is a pave ring, the mini-vibrations from cleaning might knock loose the stones or even worse; the stones might be knocked out completely.

So, if you must clean the rings at the professional jewelry cleaners, opt for annual or biannual cleaning.

But there are times when cleaning the diamond engagement ring every other day is not a bad idea, especially if you live actively because you will have to deal with grime and dirt, which would dim the sparkle of the diamond stone. To do this safely, you need to use a soft-bristled toothbrush, warm water, and gentle soap.

To keep bacteria at bay, clean the ring gently with the soap, a soft-bristled brush, and water. Use these gentle ingredients to clean the ring monthly too.

Remember that cleaning your engagement ring at home should involve gentle ingredients, a little soaking time, and gentle scrubbing.

Doing this not only minimizes bacteria and germs, but it also minimizes the need for a thorough cleaning, while keeping the ring radiant.


Tips and advice on how to care or clean your engagement ring


1.Clean it regularly

Whether you wear the ring all the time or not, there will be a buildup of oils, dirt, and bacteria on the ring, and these will block out the light interactions with the stone.

Since you don’t want your ring to look old or fake, and since you’d like the ring to maintain its natural glistening look, you need to clean it on the regular. Regular cleaning will also enhance its longevity.

To enjoy all these benefits, drop the ring in a bowl with warm water and some drops of the mildest dishwashing detergents.

Let the ring sit in the bath for some minutes or overnight if it looks too dirty, then scrub it gently using a soft-bristle brush. Rinse the ring, pat it dry and let it air for sometime before you wear or store it.  Do this once every few weeks.



2. Remember that diamonds aren’t invincible

Diamonds might be the toughest stones, but the stones are not invincible. That diamond on your ring might chip, bruise, or fracture.

We all know that any of that happening would be the worst thing to ever happen to you, which is why you need to work on protecting the ring and the diamond stone.

So, clean the diamond with care, and be careful not to drop it on a hard surface.


3. Go Ringless, Sometimes

The first few weeks after your engagement, you will naturally want to remove the ring whenever you are washing or doing anything with your hands.

Those feelings will go away after some time, though, and you might find yourself wearing it all the time. When this happens, please remember to remove the ring when going to the beach.

First, the seawater is not good to rings, and secondly, the difference in the temperature of the water and your body makes your fingers shrink, and you might lose the ring.

So, just keep it safe at home for the day at the beach.

Besides the beach, you could also remove the ring if going to the gym and generally if you will engage in rigorous exercises.


4. Check the Prongs and Setting Regularly

Whether you clean the ring every month or after every few weeks, you should check the ring for looseness or scratches.

Check or get the ring’s prong checked once yearly and make sure that any loose bits are tightened by professionals before it’s too late.


5. Twice Yearly Cleaning Sessions at the Jewelers

To keep that sparkle for a long time, make sure that the ring is cleaned at the professional jewelry cleaners twice annually, or once a year if it’s in good shape.

To determine whether you need to clean the ring at the jewelers or not, you need to inspect that ring regularly. Basically, you should inspect the ring whenever you are cleaning it.


6. Cleaning Ingredients

Avoid cleaning the engagement ring with harsh chemicals like chlorine, bleach, or acetone. Don’t swim with the ring, and avoid the commercial gold/ silver cleaners.

You only need the good ol’ soap, a soft baby brush, and warm water.



There is no specific timetable for cleaning your engagement ring, but you need to clean it regularly – every few weeks.

If you wear the ring doing everything from house chores to outdoor sports, you will need to clean that ring more often.

But regardless of the frequency and what you put the ring through, be gentle. Ultrasonic/ deep cleaning by professionals should be done once a year.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!