Classic vs. Statement Jewelry(Which one is Better?)

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There are different views on the kind of jewelry women should own to complete their outfit. Two particular types continue to come up: classic jewelry and statement jewelry.

That’s because they have the power to up or dress down a look you’re going for. You can have your clothes looking classy, or stand out uniquely with either kind.

Here, we’re going to explore the differences between classic jewelry and statement jewelry. We’ll look at how each works and where, and things to keep in mind when purchasing either.


What is classic Jewelry?

Classic jewelry is about having pieced that doesn’t go out of style. It is those times that have been in your jewelry box for years and are still relevant.

See the classic wedding band bellow. You can wear it for a century.

Classic Wedding band
Classic Jewelry-Wedding band

More often than not, it could be something that your mother or grandmother wears that you can still rock when you’re leaving the house, and it looks or feel dated.

Classic, or simple jewelry, are as essential as a pair of blue jeans or a little black dress in a woman’s closet. What’s also beloved about them is you can wear them day or night, and they still elevate or complete the look you’re going for.

It’s not merely about how much money you have to spend on buying the various jewelry. These classic items cover an extensive pricing range that can keep you in step with the current style. What’s even better is you don’t have to go broke getting them.

Some of the ornaments that are considered classy include hoop earrings, simple studs, and bracelets, that one necklace that virtually goes with almost anything in your closet and a cocktail ring.

Others that are common are huggies, tennis bracelets, cuffs, simple rings that you can stack, and layering of chains.

Generally, these are items that you can throw on with just about anything and feel that you have sufficient jewelry to stand out.


What is statement jewelry?

Things are quite different when it comes to statement jewelry. As the name implies, it is jewelry that you wear to make a statement, truly stand out, and stop the show.

This picture below is a perfect example.

Statement Jewelry
Statement Jewelry-fashion rings

These items tend to be over-the-top and in-your-face by nature. When worn well, they turn heads, but if you don’t adhere to the simple rules of wearing them, you might across as doing too much. That is unless that’s the look you were going for.

The best time to wear statement pieces is when you’re doing for date night, a cocktail party, or even where big and bold is welcome.

It’s also vital that you do not overdo it and bring about symmetry. For large statement earrings, an updo is best along with going necklace-free. You want the focus to be on the earring, and not having a busy look.

Some do manage to wear statement jewelry during the day. Typically though, with a simple outfit and in a context that allows it.

Even so, you can go for something that’s also not over the top and would fit right in with your lunch date or going for a casual event.

You do, however, should keep in mind that less is more, and you can still look gorgeous without a lot of jewelry.


Pros and cons of classic jewelry

What are the things that you need to keep in mind about classic jewelry?


  • These are simple yet timeless pieces to own
  • They work with almost any outfit
  • They work well for an everyday look
  • Classic jewelry can be high end, but you can also get affordable items
  • They make up the basics to have, and when done right, you won’t be disappointed


  • You’ll have to invest in these items, as cheap things end up looking tacky
  • They can sometimes look too simplistic and be understated


Pros and cons of statement jewelry

What to get statement jewelry also? Let’s took at things to consider


  • They can turn a simple outfit into a masterpiece
  • These items are ideal for evening parties and other such occasions
  • They don’t have to cost a ton of money for them to be statement jewelry
  • Even for women who like to keep it simple, we need a piece that stands out in our closet
  • You don’t need a lot of ornaments to stand out


  • Some items can look tacky, so you have to shop with care
  • Cheap pieces don’t last long, and the gems or crystals might start falling off


Is classic jewelry tacky?

Classic jewelry isn’t tacky, and they won’t go out of style- they are here to stay. However, the big “but” is that if the items are made from visibly cheap materials, then they’re problematic.

An example of a classic piece that might not play the part will is a fake pearl necklace.

There are great knock-offs, but you need to be sure it’ll appear to cost as much as what royalty would wear.

Therefore, be mindful of the mind of material the jewelry is made of. Choose quality, and you won’t likely get it wrong.

Stainless steel and gold-plated pieces of jewelry are a great example of sterling silver and 18k gold replacements.

Check the store for colors that go well with the theme of your closet, but typically those tend to be silver and gold tones.

You can always choose to get rose gold or even black, as they too stand out.


Is statement jewelry still in style?

The red carpet and in the fashion industry there appear to have a shift in opting for simple jewelry.

Even so, not everything on the runway and the streets is uniform, so you can still wear a statement ornament.

You only need to mind how it looks- you don’t want to appear that your fashion dates back to the 80s or a distant time where being over-the-top was acceptable and even welcomed.

That said, it’s best to check on the dress code of where you’re going so you know how to be wise about wearing such ornaments.


Choosing between the two?

There is no right or wrong about choosing between the two.

What matters most is the context. If that soiree is coming up and you want to be glam, then, by all means, consider reaching for the statement jewelry.

However, if you’re building your jewelry collection from scratch, then you want to opt for more classic pieces.

That’s because they can transition from day to night quite easily despite what you’re wearing.



Both classic jewelry and statement jewelry have their place. It is about knowing what works best and when.

With that in mind, women are encouraged to have a fair share of both, as moods and looks change.

We want to be in a position where our self-expression is not limited because we were too shy to get that chunky chain with the large pendants.

For example, you want to know that you can look gorgeous during a girl’s night out only because you decided to wear a large impressive bracelet.

That said, be true to your taste, it’s all about doing what makes you comfortable in your skin.

Guys, for more fashion jewelry tips, please visit this page for more. 

Hey! I finally find the Answer!