6 Smart Tips For Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring In 2024

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An actual diamond ring is an expensive investment you wouldn’t want to lose, especially in the circumstances you can control.

This means that when traveling or going out to town, downtown for errands, or to the farmers market, you’d want to leave your actual diamond ring behind, despite the temptation actually to wear the ring. If this is the case, we recommend buying a fake diamond ring.

And you will be happy to note that this article will give you tips and insights on what you should know about buying the perfect fake diamond ring.

You can choose several options, but the best fake diamonds can easily be passed off as the real thing. And the tips below will guide you in the right direction.


Why you should buy a Fake diamond Ring sometime

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

When you need to wear a diamond ring but are stuck or feeling nervous because of its cost and the danger it may put you in, a fake diamond ring becomes your best friend.

It is the solution that works for you if you don’t want to risk your actual diamond ring. And so, while you may want to wear your diamond ring so badly, it is not always the most logical thing to do, and in such cases, it makes more sense to invest in a cheaper diamond ring,

One that passes off as a fake. Note that a fake diamond ring is designed to look just like a diamond ring, but it’s made of cheaper materials such as cubic zirconia or moissanite set on gold or silver-plated metal like copper, brass, or bronze.

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

A fake diamond ring is a good investment for you because the ring allows you to travel safely without worrying about losing the ring or being a target of pickpocketing. But you don’t need a fake ring when traveling; a fake diamond ring will also come in handy in your ordinary life by saving you from burglaries.

Also, the fake diamond ring meant that you get to keep the real diamond ring in safe storage at all times. You could think of it as something necessary to protect your investments.

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

Remember that even though real diamonds don’t hold value in the long run, the diamond is probably set on 14k or 18k gold, which is quite valuable and worth protecting. So, getting a fake diamond ring should be the norm if you have an expensive diamond ring.

Finally, the best quality fake diamond ring would be ideal if you are looking for a cheaper, but good quality engagement ring.

But how do you choose the fake diamond ring?


A guide on How to choose a fake diamond ring

1. Take note of the cut of the stone

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

At the end of the day, choosing the perfect fake diamond ring has everything to do with the cut quality of the stone. The cut is the most important quality of a diamond or any other stone, which means that the fake diamond you choose must have a fake stone boasting the very best quality of the stone.

Regardless of the stone or the ring’s material, the right stone cut is necessary. In the case of fake stones with improper cuts or if the stone isn’t cut correctly, it will not have the same level of sparkle and brilliance as the real diamond.

The best cuts maximize the beauty of the stone, so when looking for a fake diamond, you need to make sure that the stone has elegant arrows and a hearts pattern.

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

The hearts and arrows are featured on the real diamonds boasting the best of round, brilliant cuts. The finest quality diamond companies only replicate these cut qualities.

Perfect diamonds with hearts and arrow cuts have the H&A abbreviations on them. Because of the perfect nature of these cuts, the perfect symmetry, and the high level of precision, these diamonds are not usually natural but fake ones that are simulated in the labs.

Also worth noting is that only 1% of diamonds in the world would ever have this perfect level of optical symmetry. Otherwise, the most common stone that will have this kind of perfect cut is a diamond simulant such as cubic zirconia.

When CZs are cut with such a high level of precision, they appear visibly white, and they’d also be brighter than actual diamonds. The CZ rings are, therefore, the perfect form of fake diamonds for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to real diamonds.

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

So, it would help if you always remembered that whether you are dealing with real or fake diamonds, the stone’s cut is the most important quality for you to look out for.

Essentially, stones with poor cuts have a low sparkle or brilliance, and you should avoid such stones if you are looking for the perfect fake diamond ring.

Here is something you should think about – the perfect diamond simulant engagement ring worth $100, which is Internally Flawless and graded D for colorless, will look exactly like the $20,000 1-carat real diamond ring. So, always look for the H&A quality of the diamond simulant stone.


2. Be Careful with the ring’s setting and mount

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

Even with a fake diamond ring, you need to ensure that the ring has great quality mounting and settings. These two are even more important than the stone.

This is important because poor mounting of the fake diamond ring or a terrible setting will always be a dead giveaway that the ring is fake, and you don’t want that to happen.

For a fake diamond ring to pass off as a legitimate piece, the stone should be mounted and set well, with smooth edges and no etchings. Remember that real diamond rings are made of the finest-quality settings, the metals used are the best quality, and the stones are the very best.

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

So, for a fake diamond ring to be passed off as a real one, you’d want to avoid the rings whose base metals are made of poor-quality plated metals because the plated metals don’t last long.

Also, it would help if you looked out for the stamping on the ring; even the high-quality fakes like the gold-plated sterling silver pieces (gold vermeils) will have a stamp.

Only the very cheap and fake diamond rings lack stamps, and these also irritate the skin or cause metal allergies. Note that the good quality fake diamond rings are often set in silver and plated in durable and high-quality rhodium plating, which is also hypoallergenic.


3. Match the fake diamond stone with the shape of your finger

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

For a fake diamond to easily pass off as a real diamond, you must ensure that the shape and the cut of the stone matches your finger and is also complementing.

You should also match the ring to your finger’s length and the size of your hand. So, if you have short fingers, you should avoid fake diamond rings whose stones have a large, square shape because this stone will not complement the fingers, but it will reinforce the squatty appearance of your fingers, and that will be unflattering – it has everything to do with proportions.

This also means that if you have a small hand, you’d want to make sure that the size of the ring is modest and not oversized or too small. Proportionality ensures that the ring doesn’t dwarf your fingers and that your rings won’t make you look awkward.

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

If you have a small hand, choose a fake ring with either process-cut or round-cut stone. For short fingers, choose a ring with oval or pear-cut stones because these stones are long and also skinny and will create a lengthening effect on your fingers.

If you have slender fingers, opt for a marquise solitaire ring or even smaller stones because a small stone creates an illusion of slightly wide fingers.

And if you are trying to save money on the proposal ring by buying a good quality fake diamond ring, you should find a ring set in sterling silver.


4. What’s the best kind of imitation diamond?

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

For a high-quality fake diamond ring, you need to pick out a ring made of a stone that easily passes for an actual diamond.

There are several imitation stones to choose from, many of which have the same structure as the real diamond, including cubic zirconia, white sapphire, moissanite, or crystals. These are reliable diamond simulants that would pass for the real thing.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is the perfect low-cost diamond simulant that looks like a real diamond, although it is not the most durable stone.

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

However, its clarity is flawless and looks like an actual diamond to the untrained eye. Besides bot being durable, CZ also scratches easily.

An alternative to CZ is the white sapphire, which is affordable but much more durable than CZ, although it isn’t as brilliant or shiny. The moissanite would also be a great alternative because this lab-created stone is durable, brilliant, and sparkly.


5. Size of the stone

For fake diamonds, bigger isn’t always better, and you should avoid the fake stones that are too big. The big stones appear unrealistic.

Choosing A Fake Diamond Ring

6. Sparkle of the stones

The fake diamond should sparkle as well as a true diamond, which is why we recommend fakes like CZ or moissanite.



When choosing a fake diamond ring that would easily pass off as a true diamond ring, you want to ensure that it has the best qualities.

It must be sparkly, have the same brilliance as an actual diamond, and be made with good quality mountings and settings, and it should also complement your hands and fingers.

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