Chinese Good Luck Bracelets Meaning You Should Know

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The Chinese are big on charms, amulets, colors, and numbers, and to the Chinese, everything on earth has some meaning associated with or derived from it.

The philosophy of Feng Shui is of Chinese making, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that what you have in your home and how you place furniture is just as important as what you wear and how you wear it.

In this article, we’ll delve into good luck bracelets and what you need to know about the associated meaning of the bracelets.


What is a Chinese good luck bracelet?

Chinese Good Luck Bracelets Meaning

A Chinese good luck bracelet, whether a feng shui, a Pixiu, or a black obsidian bracelet, could be defined as a bracelet that is believed to attract good luck, wealth, and great fortune.

These bracelets are made of materials that tie to specific elements of feng shui and the spiritual world, which means that as long as the bracelet is made correctly and you set your intentions, then the bracelet will work for you.

These good luck Chinese bracelets are worn by men and women, and they are believed to be associated with different occult practices, spirituality, divine protection, and love.

Put simply; the Chinese good luck bracelet is a type of charm bracelet that’s believed to bring you good luck.

Chinese Good Luck Bracelets Meaning

Most of the Chinese and the Feng Shui good luck bracelets are made of crystals and stones, and in other cases, they may have certain Chinese charm symbols or the Chinese good luck charms.

However, the traditional Chinese bracelets will have the black obsidian stone, and these bracelets are believed to be some of the most powerful Feng Shui / good luck Chinese bracelets.

The reason for this is that in Feng Shui, the color black is associated with water, which is associated with the flow of good things into your life.

Obsidian is also regarded as the grounding crystal, and it not only grounds you but also offers a great deal of protection from EMF from your electronic devices, stress, negative energy, and it will also stabilize your body’s energy as you manifest great things in your life. This crystal will also stimulates your growth, attracts wealth, and a great deal of abundance.

Other types of Chinese bracelets feature a creature called the Pixiu, which is believed to represent good fortune, good luck, and protection from harm/ evil.


What it the Chinese good luck bracelet look like?

Most of the Chinese good luck bracelets are made of crystals (black), and they will have an added feature like a creature like the pixiu or a plant feature in gold or red. The black stones or crystals used for these bracelets are smooth, and they look and feel durable and elegant when held.

Many of the traditional Feng Shui/ Chinese good luck bracelets are made with pixie and the black feng shui obsidian stones.

The good luck charms may also have gems like the pyrite, citrine, and jade – these are believed to have the power to enhance your energy around wealth attraction.


Chinese good luck bracelets meaning

  1. The Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet

Recognized by the black beaded crystals of the Obsidian stone, this feng shui bracelet is the most common type of bracelet in Chinese culture. It is said to hold immense grounding and protective powers, and it also increases your good luck, stimulates your growth, and increases your focus, making it easier for you to manifest and attract wealth and abundance.

  1. The Pixiu Bracelet

Chinese Good Luck Bracelets Meaning

This is the other common good luck bracelet with roots in Chinese culture. The pixiu is an important creature in Chinese culture, and it is said that the pixiu is a symbol of wealth and great fortune. The Pixiu is also said to have the power to protect you from evil spirits, attracting good fortune while keeping you away from harm.

  1. The crystal bracelet with the 5 elements

This is the other common good luck bracelet. It is made with the finest quality Swarovski crystals in green, red, white, yellow, and black to represent the five elements of Feng Shui – Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth, and Water. The 5-element bracelets will often feature the black obsidian crystals in place of the colored black crystals. These bracelets not only bring good luck but the stone is also said to have the power to get rid of auspicious energies.

But the stones and crystals are not the only charms used to make good luck charms. In fact, the truly authentic Chinese good luck bracelet will have other kinds of charms that are believed to bring good luck. These charms include:

Chinese Good Luck Bracelets Meaning

The Eternal Knot – while there are many versions of the eternal or endless knot across the different cultures throughout Asia, the eternal knot is important as it is considered one of the 8 auspicious symbols in Buddhism. It is believed to represent eternal wisdom and compassion. And in China, the eternal knot is a symbol of good luck, harmony, and long life.

The Dragon – this is the other powerful symbol in Chinese culture where it is said that the dragon invites good luck into your life/ home. The dragons are said to make it rain (literally), and they bring a good harvest. With this in mind, some of the Chinese good luck bracelets will feature a dragon. The dragon symbol is also believed to have the power to send you help when you need it.

Coins of the 10 Chinese emperors – the coins are also quite important in Feng Shui, and they are believed to invite prosperity and wealth to your life, albeit from rightful and fair sources.

The other charms for good luck in the Chinese good luck bracelets include the Zodiac best friends, the Zodiac animals, the double happiness symbol, and oranges. The oranges, for example, are said to replace any negative energies that you may be harboring with positive, radiant energy and joy.


Does wearing Chinese good luck bracelets bring you good luck?

If you believe in this kind of stuff, then the good luck bracelet will work for you. But you have to be intentional and do the necessary work.



The Chinese Good Luck bracelets are made of different materials and charms, but they are mostly believed to bring you good luck and protect you from evil.

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