What Do Chinese Bead Bracelets Mean?(Answered by Chinese Jeweler)

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Are most of your friends into bead bracelets, specifically, the Chinese bead bracelets, but you just don’t get what the fuss is all about? Do you think that the Chinese bead bracelets are overrated? Do the Chinese bead bracelets really carry that much power? Keep reading for insights into the Chinese bead bracelets.


Chinese bracelet beads meaning

For starters, it’s worth mentioning that the beads and bracelets are held in high regard in Chinese and Buddhist cultures. With most of the Chinese people regarded as Buddhists, it makes sense that the beads and the bead bracelets are quite popular. But why is this the case? What meaning do these bracelets carry?


1.Metal Ox for Love, Health, Money, & Protection

The Chinese bead bracelets are considered to be powerful symbols in Feng Shui and Chinese culture in general primarily because they are believed to be powerful amulets that will bring you good fortune in terms of money, love, health, and protection from evil or harm.

According to the Chinese Zodiac signs, this year is the year of the Metal Ox, which is the first sign on the Chinese Horoscope. It is believed that alongside the symbol of the ox, bead bracelets are quite important, and it is said that they will generate and give off positive feng shui effects throughout this year.

So, what do the bead bracelets mean?

Well, these bracelets are believed to be powerful elements that will help bring good luck in your life, not just in regards to your career and finances, but also with regards to your love life and all other areas of your life, even when faced with tough moments.

chinese Bead bracelet meaning


The only catch is that you need to wear the bracelets correctly to be able to invite and attract the desires of your heart, whether prosperity, good health, or good luck. You’d also want to wear the kind of jewelry whose design honors the principles of feng shui.

Regarding the bead bracelets offering protective powers to you, this belief is said to date back to the ancient Egyptians who are said to have carried the bracelets, and other objects of the same kind all over because the jewelry was believed to protect them from malevolent spirits, while also increasing their love and health, and improving or giving them fertility.

So, what do different bead bracelets mean?


2.Pink Quartz beaded bracelet for associated with love

This feng shui bracelet is associated with finding love and balance in love, and also for attracting your soul mate or even to bring your lost partner back to your life. This bracelet is considered antiquity, and it’s based on the fact that astrologers associate specific colors with love.

Often, the charm bracelet for love is made of beads, and most importantly, pink quartz. The natural pink quartz is associated with love because it is said to have the power to promote your ability to understand and express emotions, improve your communication capacity, enhance your artistic talent and creativity while also encouraging your openness.

The pink quartz also brings friendship, love, and happiness while reducing depression, stress, feelings of resentment, fright, fury, regrets, failure, guilt and jealousy, etc. And if you want to be loved more and to stop/ reduce infidelity, then this stone/ bracelet would be a great option for you. Keep in mind that in addition to all the benefits above, the pink quartz would also bring you emotional calmness and balance.


3.Mala Bead Bracelets for Wealth, Money, and Abundance

chinese Bead bracelet meaning

There are different kinds of feng shui bracelets associated with bringing you good fortune in terms of wealth and abundance of money.

One of the Chinese bead bracelets believed to bring all these good things into your life is the Mala bracelet, specifically the one with spheres. It is believed that this special jewel has the power to stability your health, and it would also boost the success of your business.

Interestingly, the Mala bead bracelet is also said to bring you money from some of the most unexpected sources while also allowing you the space to see all your wishes come true.

But you must be attuned to the bracelet and the universe for your wishes to come to life, albeit faster and in an easier way.

In feng shui, metal represents the element that symbolizes wealth. Metals and elements, for example, the black obsidian, are also said to increase your luck, not just regarding your wealth but also children.

And according to the Dragon and the Snake natives (Chinese zodiac), wearing bead bracelets with jewelry like coins, sapphires, or ruby will attract a lot of money to your life while also increasing your productivity and work capacity.


4.Agate Stones Bead Bracelets for Protection from evil and/or negative energy

chinese Bead bracelet meaning

The Chinese bead bracelets are also believed to be powerful elements that would protect you from evil thoughts and negative energies. The agate stones, for example, are believed to have the transformative power that turns negative energy into positive energy.

To ensure access to these powers and protection, you should not keep the bracelet on when doing chores, bathing, etc., because soaps, chemical solutions, and detergents all affect the durability of the stones, and the protection from the stones is only there when the metallic properties of the stones remain intact.


5.Karmalogy and Rudraksha bead bracelets for Improved health

Improved health is believed to be one of the benefits that come from the Chinese bead bracelets, especially the bracelets made of Karmalogy beads. This beaded bracelet is said to have the power to influence your health more positively by helping you become more active and positive, with a lot of energy. It protects your body too.

Then you have the Rudraksha bead bracelet that enhances your wealth and good health while also enhancing your self-confidence and self-control while bringing you wealth, love, and success.

  • 6.Feng Shui Obsidian 5-elements bracelet is a good luck bracelet that brings good luck, wealth, great fortune and also protects your negative energies.
  • 7.8-Auspicious Symbols or Chinese objects that are said to have the power to make your life more abundant and enjoyable.
  • 8.Double Happiness Feng Shui Bracelet is the other bead bracelet, and it is believed to symbolize love and the happiness from the love shared.
  • 9.Lapis Lazuli Wu Lou Bracelet is associated with healing and protection from illnesses.



Different Chinese bead bracelets carry different meanings, but they all seemed to be powerful tools that encourage good health, good fortune, and love while protecting you from negative energies and evil.

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