Where is the Cheapest Place To Buy Gold Jewelry In The World

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Where should you go to find the world’s cheapest, high-quality gold? How cheap is cheap? And is genuine gold really cheap in some parts of the world compared to others?

If you are looking for the best quality gold jewelry, either for sale or to add to your jewelry collection, this article shares important insights into gold jewelry and the best places for you to buy cheap gold jewelry from.

 Cheapest Place To Buy Gold Jewelry

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Cheapest Places to Buy Gold Jewelry In The World

Since we live in a global economy where gold is an important currency that is measured using the same metrics all over the world, you should know that the price of gold, like that of other precious metals, is almost the same across the globe.

What you may notice, therefore, are small price differences in gold pricing, something that is made possible by different factors.

 Cheapest Place To Buy Gold Jewelry In The World

These reasons for price fluctuations are, however, ever-changing and quite short-lived, which means that if you are to get a good deal or make money from gold, you’d have to learn how to take advantage of these arbitrage opportunities.

For example, if you want to make the best deal and you don’t mind putting in the time, you may want to be like the rest of the people that scour for gold in different places across the world, taking advantage of the price differences to make a profit and great margins.

This is often the best way of enjoying great profits from gold because you effectively minimize the price differences across world markets.

 Cheapest Place To Buy Gold Jewelry

The only catch here is that this option is very consuming, and there is a lot of work that is involved, from knowing where to scour the gold from, actually finding the gold at great prices, and being able to transport the gold. Sometimes, selling gold is quite a hassle.

So, with you having to be on the ground in some of the remotest parts of the world to enjoy the lower premiums and bigger profit margins, this might not be the most realistic approach for you.

Note that the premium price for gold is the current price or the cost of the precious metal in question. This price is based on the futures market.

 Cheapest Place To Buy Gold Jewelry In The World

How to find the best prices for gold in the following places.

1. Shop for gold in Hong Kong 

The reason for this is that despite the common market pricing for gold and other precious metals, Hong Kong offers the lowest prices for gold across the world.

This means that you could buy gold coins and jewelry at a lower price than you would in other countries.

The premium price for gold is lower in Hong Kong. The catch is that you’d have to walk into a bank in Hong Kong to enjoy the low prices of gold.

So, if you are a jeweler looking for the best deals on gold for your business, this might be the best option for you, and you only need to make that trip to Hong Kong.

That said, the price of gold is constantly changing, even in Hong Kong, and that mindblowing deal might not be there after some hours or days.

 Cheapest Place To Buy Gold Jewelry

2. Shop for affordable gold jewelry in Dubai 

 The other place you could buy your cheap gold jewelry from is Dubai.

There are endless shops and stores that deal in the best of gold jewelry, which means that with Dubai being synonymous with gold and gold jewelry sales, it’s a good starting place for you if you need to find the cheapest gold jewelry.

The only catch is that you’d have to understand the different stores and gold varieties, and you also need to research and window shop quite extensively.

 Cheapest Place To Buy Gold Jewelry

Your negotiation skills will also come in handy in Dubai, and you must compare the quotes given by the different stores before you make your purchase.

Shopping in Dubai is also a dream because you get to enjoy the most amazing architectural displays, and also you don’t have to worry about the quality of the gold jewelry because the Dubai government has put in place very strict rules regarding the purity of the gold and gold jewelry sold.

You only need to buy the gold jewelry from reputable sellers like the ones at The Gold Souk.

 Cheapest Place To Buy Gold Jewelry In The World

3. Switzerland (Geneva

despite having the best financial system and cheese in the world or being the watch capital of the world, you could also get the best and the cheapest gold jewelry from Switzerland.

Both Geneva and Switzerland offer the finest of fine jewelry, not just watches.

This means that if you are looking for the best quality gold jewelry at a good bargain, it might be a good idea to travel to Switzerland. After all, Tiffany & Co. has founded Switzerland!

 Cheapest Place To Buy Gold Jewelry

4. Paris, France

Italian gold is regarded as the best kind of gold, and if you are looking for 18k gold jewelry, for example, Italian gold would be a good option for you.

If the jewelry is purchased in Paris, there is a chance that you will find the jewelry to be more affordable.

Admittedly, Paris doesn’t offer gold jewelry at extremely low prices, but when you are looking for value, then this is a great place to buy the jewelry from.

Remember that there are many cases where buying slightly pricey jewelry from a reputable store/ location is preferable and smarter than buying the jewelry from someone or a store you are not sure about.


5. Other places where you could buy gold and gold jewelry cheaply include Ghana or Thailand.

 Cheapest Place To Buy Gold Jewelry In The World

How are gold prices determined?

Besides the assertions above that make some places better destinations for buying gold jewelry, you need to always know that the prices of gold are determined and set by the markets and world economies, with the price of gold or silver largely determined by the futures market.

So, the price differences for the gold jewelry might not be too big, but they will be cheaper in other countries than others depending on the economic situation in that country.

The other important thing you should know about gold prices is that the official price for either gold or silver is known as the spot price, a price that is derived by the commodity exchanges in Chicago and London.

 Cheapest Place To Buy Gold Jewelry

Then gold future, on the other hand, refers to the contract enters by sellers and buyers of gold when trading in specific amounts of gold, often at a predetermined future price.

The future price allows for the locking of prices, which is what makes the future prices/ contracts for gold or silver predictable.

This means that there are many unseen forces that determine the prices of gold and even silver, and consequently the gold jewelry.

For the cheapest gold jewelry, therefore, lower gold futures and the lower premiums are important and also what most jewelers take advantage of.

 Cheapest Place To Buy Gold Jewelry In The World



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