7 Types of Cheap Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green  

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Looking for rings that won’t turn your finger green?

As you know, jewelry is one of these luxuries that sometimes is so high priced it is close to unaffordable.

Cheaper alternatives are readily available but they might present new concerns.

Cheap Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green

Some metals react with sensitive skin types and can cause skin discoloration.

What causes this condition and which types of cheap rings are a safer option?

So, Let me tell you something first.


Why does my ring cause my finger to turn green?

When metals react with your skin’s acidity whether because of sweat or lotion, they can cause skin discoloration.

Cheap Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green

The copper content in metal jewelry is the main reason for green discoloration on the skin and it is often used as a metal alloy.

Although the green color is not harmful, it may cause some discomfort and irritation on your skin which is not pleasant. Be sure to remove the ring if you feel any tingly sensation after a while of wearing it.

To reduce the chances of this happening to you, there are some measures you could try to effect.

You could invest in more expensive jewelry, you could avoid swimming or handling water while wearing your ring or you could regularly apply a thin coat of clear nail polish to create a barrier.

Cheap Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green

You can trust metals such as platinum, stainless steel, titanium, and rhodium-plated jewelry like white gold. They are known and proven to be hypoallergenic.

To start you off, here are a few rings we listed that could be your new hypoallergenic favorite.


7 Types of Cheap Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green  

1. Stainless Steel Wedding Set

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The set has both male and female versions of it making it a very flexible and affordable option for a couple.

The women’s ring features a huge Cubic Zirconia crystal, Princess cut with 12 extra crystals on the inner bar of the stainless steel-pronged ring.

A wedding band embezzled with 15 round crystals is part of the set as well which makes this a complete set for couples on a budget.

The male ring in this set is made of 316 stainless steel and shaped into a beveled edge with a rounded interior for comfortable wear. neither of the rings in this set are coated as stainless steel cannot oxidize, tarnish or corrode.


2. Titanium with Wood Inlay Ring

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This ring is a perfect choice for a wedding band or an engagement ring.

It is made of titanium and smoothed into a comfortable dome shape to fit perfectly.

Real zebrawood is used as the ring’s inlay giving the ring a uniquely vintage look.

The ring is a hundred percent hypoallergenic and comes with a ring box.

It looks expensive and classy with an edge.

At this price range, this ring is a total bargain and a must-have.


3. Tungsten Carbide Ring

With a very intriguing color coordination technique, this tungsten carbide ring is made into a rose gold color and has a dark grey shading of the same metal all around its diameter.

It looks classy and pricey and is ideal for both men and women for either their wedding or engagement.

The inside of the ring can be engraved and also shaped into a comfortable dome to fit on many different sized fingers.

The ring is quite hardy and can endure many activities without presenting any color changes to your skin.


4. Ceramic with Carbon Fiber Inlay Ring

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A highly polished ring with a glossy finish spotting beautiful blue and black colors.

The black color part is made of black ceramic that is resistant to scratch.

The blue color is from the carbon fiber inlay that has been lined all around the ring’s circumference.

This ring is ideal for men mainly because of the color coordination and it comes with a complimentary leather ring box.

Being metal-free, this ring is sure to be a winner with friends and relatives who are allergic to metal.


5. Bamboo Ring

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Made using three planes of bamboo wood, this ring is designed in a way that shows off the tiny patterns in the bamboo fiber.

This results in the creation of an inlay design. If anything, this ring is stunning to look at.

Also, within some time of wearing it, the ring should seep in your natural moisture and oil which will turn it into a beautiful golden color.

More to that, it is the eco-friendliest ring you will find and this is sure to win over all our conservative environmentalists.

Most of these rings have charities that donate back to the communities that either carved out the ring or from where the bamboo was sourced.


6. Silicone Ring

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For all those males who work hard jobs that include electricity and heat will appreciate this version of a ring.

Made of a rubber band and designed with a dome interior uniquely formed to allow for moisture to pass through, this rubber ring doesn’t make your finger sweaty or smelly.

It is available in a variety of colors and designed and can be worn at any time and while doing any activity.

The biggest plus I think is the fact that your one-time purchase will grant you a lifetime of replacements if you ever lose or damage your ring.


7. Cobalt Chrome Ring

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The classic white metal band that is ideal for both men and women.

This ring can pass for a white gold or platinum piece because it is so well polished and it maintains this shine for longer than you would expect a ring under this budget to last.

It is shaped into the ever-comfortable dome design in the interior to assure you of long wear. it is scratch-resistant and skin-friendly.



With the shortlist provided, now you have a clearer picture of what to go for the next time you decide to do some jewelry shopping.

Regardless of your skin-type or DNA, it is possible to enjoy wearing your rings daily and doing all of your favorite activities worry-free.

You should be able to take your rings off if and when you want to and not because they caused an itch or gave you a weird color.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!