My Boyfriend Bought Me a Cheap Engagement Ring(Solutions)

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Like a wedding ring, an engagement ring holds great significance in a relationship. It is a promise of a lifelong relationship. The first step to cementing the love you share with your significant other.

As a girl, you have probably dreamt of your engagement as much as your wedding day. You probably also have an idea of what your dream engagement ring will look like.

Cheap Engagement Rin3

What happens, however, if your partner gets it wrong and you end up with an engagement ring you hate?

Through this post, we discuss what it means when your boyfriend buys you a cheap engagement ring and what you can do to let him know you dislike it.


If Your Rich Boyfriend Bought You Cheap Rings, What Should You Do?

My Boyfriend Bought Me a Cheap Engagement Ring.

Dating a rich person, there’s always the concern of being labeled a gold digger. When it comes to engagement rings, most people will urge you to look at the meaning behind the ring and not the cost.

Others will tell you to first find out the reason behind him buying you a cheap ring in the first place. The advice is sound but the context also matters.

If for example, your fiancée is rich but a cautious spender, then that should tell you, that the cheap ring has nothing to do with how much he values you.

It’s just who he is. In such a case, if you love him, and still want to be with him despite his spending habits, then try to focus on what the ring signifies and not the price.

If he is a rich guy and a big spender but still decides to buy you a cheap ring, then you’re justified to be concerned. How one spends his money, shows what his priorities are.

My Boyfriend Bought Me a Cheap Engagement Ring.

If he can spend money on cars and vacations but not on you, it could be a reason to be concerned.

Then again, a lot of successful people are so business-oriented that they lack in the romance department. So, before you jump to any conclusion, sit down with him and have an honest talk. Try to find out his reasons for buying the ring.

It could be possible, that he thought it was something you would like. Let him know how you feel. How he reacts and responds, should give you an idea about where you stand in his life.


My Boyfriend Bought Me a Cheap Engagement Ring- Doesn’t He Care About Me?’

My Boyfriend Bought Me a Cheap Engagement Ring.

Sometimes when buying an engagement ring factors like finances can be an issue. It

could be that is what your fiancée could afford at the end of the day. What matters most is the thought and effort that went into selecting the ring, as well as what the ring signifies. What if, you’re your fiancée is filthy rich but still bought you a cheap ring? Does that mean he doesn’t care about you?

There is no simple way to answer the question. Each guy may have a different motive behind doing such. While it is possible that the guy bought the cheap ring because he doesn’t care, it is equally possible that he had other concerns.

Maybe he’s never been one to spend a lot of money on anything or, he wants to spend that money on something special for you.

It could, however, still be possible that he doesn’t value what you’d like. You should be able to have open communication about the whole situation for you to establish his reasons.

From there you can start question your relationship and how much you mean to him.


If Your Boyfriend Bought You a Cheap Engagement Ring, Would You Be Angry?

My Boyfriend Bought Me a Cheap Engagement Ring.

An engagement ring is a symbol of that love you share and therefore symbolizes how much your partner loves you and how well he knows you.

While money isn’t a defining factor for most people, some do use the price of the engagement ring to gauge how much the partner loves them.

The idea behind it is, if he can sacrifice that much money to get you something special, then he must value you a lot. Those who believe this would probably end up being disappointed if the ring turned out to be cheap. It would seem to them as if no effort was put in.

There are those, however, who care more about the meaning the ring holds and who gives it to them, not the cost. Such people would probably be more disappointed if the ring was expensive as opposed to a simpler cheaper option.

Cheap Engagement Rin3

They may interpret it as the partner didn’t put enough thought into buying the ring, or rather the partner doesn’t know her well enough.

Although traditionally engagements are meant to e a surprise, in this modern-day, couples can sit down and decide on what ring to get. The open communication ensures that there won’t be any disappointment later, because each of you will be happy with the choice.

So, if you feel like you’d be angry if your boyfriend got you a cheap ring, it’s better to have that discussion with him prior, about what you’d prefer.


How to Tell Your Boyfriend to Take Back an Ugly Engagement Ring?

The whole engagement process can be a difficult time for a man. There’s the anxiety of what her answer will be and the pressure of picking out the perfect ring. The reality is, he is not psychic and chances are you won’t get the exact ring you want unless you told him or he just knows you that well.

My Boyfriend Bought Me a Cheap Engagement Ring.

In some cases, he may have missed the mark and you end up with the ugliest ring you could imagine. At this point comes the dilemma of telling him and risk hurting his feelings, or staying quiet and harboring resentment towards the ring that may affect your relationship.

There are several ways to handle the situation, but it’s best to first give it some time. You don’t want to ruin the moment he worked so hard towards. You could develop a liking for it with time.

If not, try finding out his reasons for buying you the ring. If it’s something he’s excited about or means a lot to him, maybe you could try to suck it up and focus on what the ring signifies instead.

At times, however, it’s not easy to keep quiet about or ignore the ring. In any case, a lifelong relationship shouldn’t be started on a lie.

Find the right time, when he’s in a good mood to sit him down and talk.

Cheap Engagement Ring

Find a nice way of letting him know you dislike the ring. Ensure you let him know that you appreciate his efforts, before letting him know that the ring isn’t what you’d have chosen for yourself.



The bottom line is to have open communication with your partner even before the engagement if possible. It’s better to choose a ring together that you’re both pleased with. Alternatively, if you still want the element of surprise, then leave him enough hint to ensure he knows your style.

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