13 Cheap Championship Rings for Youth(With Pictures)

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After sports teams win a championship league, the whole team gets championship ring in commemoration of the match that was and all the iconic moments that happened.

To bring the experience closer to their fans, these rings have been replicated and produced at much more affordable costs while still maintaining their uniqueness.

If you are in the market for a sports championship ring for your team, child, friend, or yourself, check out this cool variety we put together for you.

Cheap Championship Rings for Youth

  1. MVPRING Super Bowl 1966-2020

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These classic championship replicas of the super bowl win from the years of 1966 to 2020 are made of Zinc Alloy metal coated with a thin gold-colored film.

It is extremely detailed in terms of opposing teams and the star of the matches by year.

On the crown, the ring is dotted with several crystals in a spiral which adds more dazzle to the ring. It looks quite real and is made to last.


  1. 1969 Kansas Super Bowl

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Made of zinc alloy and coated with a golden colored fil, this ring is a size 11 and comes with a velvet pouch and a box for presentation and packaging.

The crown is square-shaped with details of the ring’s match in reference.

At the very center is a large crystal stone with tiny crystals around it making the shape of the Kansas Chief’s logo. This is an ideal gift for any ardent Kansas Chief fan.

The ring is safe to wear but you need to watch the water contact as too much will cause it to fade quickly.


  1. 2006 Indianapolis Colts Football Super Bowl

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This ring is made of lead alloy and has a cool silver shine to it.

This ring is attractive with the blue horseshoe symbol standing out against the silver color of the metal. On the crown, the Indianapolis Colt’s logo is decked with tiny crystal stones.

All around it and filling up the rest of the crown a varied size of the shiny stone crystals.

The ring has a nice weight to it and looks good overall. However, if you are allergic to metals beware because lead is not hypoallergenic and could cause slight irritation.


  1. Red Sox 4 Years Collectible

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This set of four Red Sox rings from their world series baseball championship from the years 2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018.

The rings come in one uniform size of 11 and they are presented in a classic and sophisticated wooden box which makes this an ideal gift for Red Sox fans.

Each of the four rings has unique characteristics in detail and color hue. They are made of zinc alloy which is great for sensitive skin types.

The crown and the girdle of the rings are decked with stone crystals and they all have a blue and red backdrop or color coordination to symbolize the Red Sox uniform.


  1. Clemson Tigers NCAA 2016

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Red, gold, and silver colors are all incorporated in this ring design. It is made of zinc alloy and coated with a light shade of golden color that has a dull shine to it.

The ring is heavily detailed in engravings and the crown features the Clemson Tiger’s signature paw that is decked with stone crystals.

All around the paw is a red backdrop that is sealed in by a layer of clear stone crystals and an outer layer on the edge of the crown decked with some gold-colored crystals.

Mixing these colors puts great appeal on the ring and give sit a vintage look.


  1. Alabama Crimson Tide Set

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This set of championship rings features 6 distinct pieces of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team each telling the story of a record win.

They all vary in color and design but they all spot the Alabama logo on their crown.

With small variations, the crowns of these rings are filed with shiny stone crystals that add to their allure and authentic look.

They come packaged in a vintage wooden box with individual placements made for each ring. This makes it an ideal gift.


  1. Cavalier James 2016

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This rig is a masterpiece when you look at it. Gold, silver, and red are the three colors that are core to this ring.

With even city building details ingrained in the ring, the NBA logo, the year 2016, and in bold words on the crown, the words world champions are etched.

The crown features the Cavalier Logo which is colored a nice crimson red with a huge stone crystal which is backed by many more tiny stone crystals.

This bling promises to last long and to be safe for all skin types.


  1. Kobe Bryant Lakers 2016

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In honor of Kobe Bryant achieving 20 years in the basketball game and having been the star of the 2016 Lakers championship league, this ring is made of titanium steel.

The crown of the jewel has the words, Kobe Bryant, on the top and bottom, and the Lakers’ name in the center.

This piece is heavily bejeweled with stone crystals with five large ones on the crown and many other tiny crystals fill the crown and go around the girdle.

Being made of stainless steel this ring guarantees a lifetime of shine and will not react with any skin type.


  1. Custom Made Design

Championship Rings Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

This is a super cool gift to get your family or friend who maybe plays in a sports team and they just won their first or most iconic match ever.

Whether it’s for baseball, football, basketball, or hockey games, this ring will go well for anyone because it allows one to engrave their name on the crown.

Made of stainless steel, the ring has a nice platinum look to it and the crown has a simple design featuring a bluestone crystal surrounded by a black background where you can insert your name and the top and bottom edge of the crown is engraved “World Champion” on it and jewels on either side.


  1. New England Patriots Set

Championship Rings Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

With this set, you get 6 classic New England branded championship rings that are all made of zinc alloy and have a silver hue to them. And have blue and red colors of the team incorporated in their crown.

Stone crystals deck the crown of the ring in different patterns in honor of the year of the championship. They are in honor of the team’s win in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2015, 2017, and 2019.

They are intricately detailed and they have a regal look to them. Zinc alloy is a safe metal for metal-sensitive skin.


  1. Celtic 2008 Championship

Available in a variety of colors between 8 and 14, this ring is perfect for multiple ring finger sizes.

That not all, this ring is made of titanium steel which means it is resistant to scratching, corrosion, and denting.

It is heavily detailed and has a nice black background on its sides that gives it a different look.

On the crown of it, a clove-shaped symbol is made of greenstone and the rest of the surface is decked in tiny zirconia crystals.

It is the best gift for any male who loves the Celtic team. It is hypoallergenic and long-lasting.


  1. Houston 2017 Baseball

Made of zinc alloy, this ring outdoes itself with the pop of color that it brings with it.

The crown is eye-catching with an orange-colored star inside a blue circle with the Houston initial decked out in stone crystals into a big “H”

All over and around the sides of the ring are more stone zirconia crystals that create a two-tone contrast against the gold color coated over the ring. It is available in sizes between 8 to 14.


  1. Louis 2019

Championship Rings Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

Engraved by hand, this piece is beautiful to look at. The sides have a gold and silver blend with detailed etchings made into them with O’Reilly’s name prominent on one side of the girdle.

The other side shows St. Louis Blues with depictions of important aspects of St. Louis.

The crown is fully decked with clear crystals and shaped into a trophy with the team’s logo filled with blue colored stones that also deck opposite sides of the girdle.



The market is filled with options of great championship rings to buy for your son, daughter, or fans of the game.

They look and weigh like the real rings and they will be a cool piece to flaunt every once in a while.

For more buying guides, visit this page for more. We have many great jewelry selections for you guys. And do not forget to check our latest posts for more. 


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