13 Certified Nickel-free Earrings You Can Try in 2024

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Are you looking for Certified Nickel-free Earrings? You want them because you have sensitive ears.

We all want to own some fantastic selection of earrings that makes us look perfect when matched with whatever outfit we choose for the day.

That can go south fast if you end up wearing earrings that you’re allergic to.

The top allergen is nickel, and it’s something that people are becoming more aware of and steering clear.

If you’re sensitive to nickel, then we have a selection of our top certified nickel-free earrings that you can consider buying in 2024.

There is quite a variety, especially for everyday wear so you’re likely to get something that suits you.


Certified Nickel-free Earrings

Let’s look at our top 13 earrings.

1.Nickel Smart Cascades Earrings

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First on the list is a dichroic-glass dangle earring that is rainbow blue.

What makes these earrings unique is that they have a brilliant comer shape that is a timeless design.

The colors are sure to make you stand out in a crowd and particularly if you like pink, blue, teal, and yellow.

If you’re a supporter of all things in the USA, then you’d be happy to be supporting this brand too.


2.UHIBROS stud earrings

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These next studs come in silver color and are made from surgical stainless steel.

Like the others on the list, they are hypoallergenic, allergic, and nickel free.

They also don’t rust or tarnish, so you’ll have them for a while.

When you purchase this set, you get six pairs that come in varying sizes between 3mm and 8mm.

The backs are butterfly and also have a grooved friction post, so it’s secure all the time.


3.LOYALLOOK hoop earrings

The stainless-steel hoop earrings that we have here are also safe for those with allergies, and you don’t have to contend with a nickel reaction.

When you purchase from this brand, you have the option of selecting four pairs with different diameters.

Given then timeless simplicity, you can wear them for any occasion.

The other good thing is that they are lightweight, comfortable, and have a high polish finish.


4.JwelrieShop ball earrings

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Here we have ball earrings made from 316L surgical stainless steel.

They are hypoallergenic and also free from lead and nickel.

You can get them in a variety of colors: steel, silver, black, gold, and rose gold and also with either shiny or matted alternatives.

In total, you get five pairs, and you can choose the combination.

The company does suggest that you clean them regularly to keep the shine and also store them in a velvet pouch when not in use.


5.PAVOI cuff earrings

These huggie stud earrings from PAVOI are 14k gold plated that give it a long-lasting finish.

The earrings do have cubic zirconia gems that make for a beautiful finish.

They are considered a Hollywood favorite and suitable for every day and nightwear.

You can also wear these huggies on a second hole.

The company does have a 90-Day guaranteed policy where you can return the earrings if not satisfied though that would be unlikely being a fan favorite.


6.ZowBinBin stud earrings

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These next studs are made from sterling silver with a round-cut cubic zirconia stone.

With this metal, you’re assured that they’ll always be sparkling, and they won’t tarnish.

It has security back with double notches for extra security.

The beauty and simplicity of these earrings make them an elegant choice for both day and night.

When you are making the purchase, keep in mind that you have five sizes for options, so choose the right one for you.


7.VOLUKA Opal dangle earrings

This brand has its earrings made from brass plated with 18K gold.

You can get these earrings in gold, white, rose, white gold, and rose gold.

As for the oval opal that dangles from the earrings, they are lab-created and made to sparkle.

What you need to know is that the stone setting is handmade by workers who have 10+ years’ experience in making jewelry.

Something to consider is getting it for someone born in October; it’s their birthstone.


8.MISOOK clip-on hoop earrings

If you’re looking for some certified nickel-free clip-on hoop earrings, then you’re in luck.

This brand that has been around since 1985 gives you ones that have a ¼ diameter.

You’re assured of comfort because the company uses industry-leading comfort cushions for their clips.

The engineering is tailored for optimal tension so it won’t pull on your ear lobes.

As for the material, these earrings are plated with rhodium and given a gold-tone finish.


9.PAVOI alphabet shaped stud earrings

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If you’re all about customization, then you can turn to PAVOI for that.

In this collection, they provide you with studs that have all the letters of the alphabet.

You can pick the initials that you like for yourself or gift someone.

Another impressive thing is that the stones are AAAAA+ quality cubic zirconia.

The metal they use to create the pieces is rhodium-plated sterling silver.

That way, you’re assured that these earrings are hypoallergenic.


10.SPUNKYSoul shield paddle earrings

If you’re more about making a statement, then these are earrings for you.

What you’ll like about them is that they are both modern and tribal at the same time and though simple, intriguing as well.

You can get these shield earrings either in a large or small size in gold, silver, or rose gold.

Another aspect of them is they are lightweight so you can easily go through a day and night with them.

As for the material, it is described as Boho & Geo Gold.


11.Elensan ear cuff hoop climber

Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

Here we have another unique set of earrings that you can get if you want to stand out.

These climber earrings are made from 925 sterling silver, and they are elegantly crafted with a polish rhodium finish.

The gems used are equally stunning; they are small AAA-quality cubic zirconia stones with high brilliance and a precise cut.

You can wear it daily, but it also stands out during any event you might attend.


12.PAVOI stud earrings

Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

In this collection of PAVOI stud earrings, you get the earrings in a variety of designs.

They are ideal if you prefer something less abstract or want designs that you can’t go wrong with.

There are bar, bolt, chain, moon, halo, and delta designs that come in white, rose, or yellow.

The metal is sterling silver with 14k gold plating while the stones used are AAAAA+ quality cubic zirconia.

The stud earrings are suitable for daily wear and any occasion.


13.Hoops & Loops hoop earrings

 Last on the list; we have some comfortable click-top hoop earrings that come in either 15mm, 20mm, or 25mm.

They are made from 925 sterling silver that has either yellow gold or rose gold flash plating.

You also have the alternative of getting a plain sterling silver pair of hoop earrings.

All of them have a high polish, and you can pair them with designs that you like.

This variety also tends to be popular with bridal parties.



We hope that this list has helped help you know the types and brands of certified nickel-free earrings available for your choosing on Amazon.

Here is a tip for you guys. Read the product description carefully or ask the seller.

For more buying tips, please see here and here.

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