15 Ceramic Rings Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Ceramic rings offer an excellent alternative to their metallic and alloyed counterparts. An aspect that makes these rings attractive is the price point that is lower as compared to other rings in the market. Even though it is cheaper, it does not by any means reflect on its durability as a ring. Though they cost less, they do have excellent overall properties that make them worth buying.

In this article, we are going to look at frequently asked questions and their responses. In the end, you’ll have known what ceramic rings are made out of if they are worth the buy and the attributes that make it a favorable material for rings.

Frequently asked questions and answers


What are ceramic rings made of?

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Most people, when they hear ceramic rings, they assume that they are made from clay. That is not the reality. The ceramic rings that you will find in the market are made of titanium carbide. This material is made of carbon and titanium atoms. Titanium is among the strongest metals on the planet. Titanium carbide, the material that ceramic rings are made of, comes in the form of hard crystallized powder. That gets achieved by reacting titanium oxide and carbon black. That takes place in temperatures above 1800 degrees Celsius.


Is ceramic good for rings? 

Yes, and the reason for that is that ceramic rings tend to be quite hard-wearing. They are also much less likely to crack as compared to Tungsten rings. Ceramic is also good for rings because it is light in weight, making it comfortable to wear at all times. If you’re looking for a low maintenance ring, where you can do just about anything and not worry about the ring getting tarnished, then ceramic rings are best for you.


Are ceramic rings any good?

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Ceramic rings provide an excellent alternative to those who are unable to wear metal jewelry. It, therefore, tends to be the go-to non-mental ring for wedding bands. The other thing that makes ceramic rings preferred as an alternative to metal wedding bands is that it maintains its luster, that is, the gloss surface, for a lifetime.


Do ceramic rings crack?

Ceramic rings do crack but not compared to the tungsten carbide alternative. Overall, they tend to be crack-resistant unless exposed to intense pressure. Even though you do manual labor and you accidentally hit the ring, it will remain in good condition, and it won’t show any apparent damage.


Can ceramic rings be cut off?

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Ceramic rings do not get cut off in the event of an emergency. Instead, they are crushed. When exposed to intense pressure or hit on a hard surface, then it will crack or break. What you’ll have to use is a ring cracker. With that knowledge, you can remain calm in the event of an emergency knowing that you can break off the ring. That said, you’ll have to get a new ring because there is not putting back together ceramic once it breaks.


Are ceramic rings conductive?

Ceramic rings do not conduct electricity because it is non-metallic. It safe for electricians to wear on the job and not worry about getting electrocuted. Overall, ceramic rings are safe to wear for people dealing with electronic equipment. The rings are safe; they won’t cause injury, and they won’t get damaged. Ceramic rings also don’t set off security detectors so you can pass through the airport without having to take them off.


Can ceramic rings be engraved?

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Yes, ceramic rings can be engraved. However, there is only one material that can do that job. Given the hardness of ceramic, the only thing that can scratch it is diamond. If you want your ring engraved with a special message or inscription, the jeweler will have to use a diamond engraving machine to get the job done. Do remember that engraving does attract a fee to the total price of the ring.


Are ceramic rings strong?

Yes, they are, especially as compared to tungsten, that tends to be more brittle. The other aspect of ceramic rings that make them good is that they are rated 8 or 9 on the MOH scale. That then makes it one of the most durable wedding ring material there is. The only other material that might threated the strength of ceramic rings is diamond.


Are ceramic rings durable?

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Ceramic rings are durable due to its hardness and scratch-resistant. The reason ceramic rings are increasingly popular, especially among men, is that they can perform manual duties without the fear of scratching, cracking, breaking, or even bending the ring. It is this durability that makes it a favorite among people who use their hands a lot, whether at work or when engaging in extreme sports.


Are ceramic rings hypoallergenic?

Ceramic rings are hypoallergenic, primarily because the material titanium carbide it is made out of is 100 percent natural and organic. That means it is not metal. It also doesn’t contain the allergens that are typically found in metal rings. Common reactions you would get to allergenic materials are rashes, itchiness, or your finger turning green. That is not the case with ceramic.


Can ceramic rings get wet?

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Ceramic rings can get wet. You can, therefore, wear them everywhere with you. However, be mindful of the environment that you expose it to. Harsh chemicals such as harsh cleaning detergents, chlorine, and saltwater can affect the luster on the ceramic ring. It is thus advisable that you take it off when coming into contact with the said environment.


Can you resize ceramic rings?

No, ceramic rings cannot get resized. That is primarily because of the nature of the material it is made from. For that reason, ensure that you use a ring sizer if you’re ordering the ring online. If you outgrow your ring, you might end up having to it crashed from your finger if it gets stuck. Also, if it no longer fits because it is too big, you might have to purchase another ring to replace the one you have.


Do black ceramic rings scratch?

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Jewelry-grade ceramic is known for being incredibly hard and also scratch-resistant. You can purchase a black ceramic ring and not have to worry about it getting scratch as you go about your daily activities. That is especially if you perform tough jobs with your hand. Also, if the black ceramic ring does scratch, it will only show the color that is underneath; black. Therefore, scratches will not be evident unless you do a close inspection.


How long do ceramic rings last?

With proper care, ceramic rings do last long, even a lifetime. They can also maintain relative newness thanks to how easy they are to clean. All you need to do is to polish it gently with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or residue on the surface. For white ceramic rings, you can clean the surface with warm water and mild soap to maintain the luster. Also, when sorting your ceramic ring, ensure that it is both clean and dry. Keep it in a jewelry bag to keep it free from potential scratching.


What are ceramic rings used for?

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 The area where ceramic rings get used for is in making men’s wedding bands. It is also the top choice material for couples that want black wedding bands. They tend to be a better choice when compared to black tungsten and black titanium rings. That’s because these metals are not naturally black. Instead, the color is plated. Over time, these tend to scratch, revealing the actual color of the tungsten or titanium underneath. It is advisable then that you opt for ceramic rings if you want a black ring.



With these answers, you’re hopefully able to make the right choice for you. Thanks for reading. Remember to visit our rings page for more information or read our latest articles.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!