8 Celebrities Wearing Tiffany Diamond Necklace You Should Know

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Tiffany is undoubtedly the definition of glamour, as is proven by the exquisite pieces of jewelry that most people can only dream of.

And with numerous collections to choose from versatile types of jewelry and most of which easily pass as everyday pieces, Tiffany has turned into the go-to premium jewelry brand for the A-List celebrities, millionaires, and billionaires alike.

And so, in this article, we’ll not focus much on the elegant jewelry collections by Tiffany, but more on the people who’ve been seen wearing Tiffany’s pieces, specifically, the diamond necklace.

Tiffany’s diamond necklaces come in different styles and designs, and there is something for everyone (who can afford them). So, which celebrities stood out for wearingTiffany & Co.’s diamond necklaces?

Who wore the Tiffany diamond?


1. Beyonce

We’ll start our list with Queen Bey, who, in 2021, became the first black woman ever to wear the iconic Tiffany diamond necklace. This necklace is an iconic piece because it features a 128.54-carat diamond, and the Grammy-winning, top performer, wore this stunning piece as elegantly as anyone can imagine.

Celebrity Wearing Tiffany Diamond Necklace

Notably, the diamonds on this diamond necklace have some of the largest yellow diamonds incorporated in it. We should also mention that the iconic Tiffany diamond was first and unearthed initially or mined in 1877 in South Africa.

It’s since been worn by several other A-list celebrities like singer Lady Gaga (in the 2019 Oscars), Audrey Hepburn (who also popularized the whole Breakfast at Tiffany’s romantic comedy as she wore the necklace during the film’s press tour in 1961), and Edwin Sheldon Whitehouse’s wife – Mary Whitehouse (During the 1957 Tiffany Ball in Rhode Island); among others.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, the diamond necklace not only boasts Tiffany’s iconic diamonds, but also the diamond incorporated in the necklace is valued at $30million. Beyonce wore the necklace when she, alongside her husband, Jay Z, was unveiled as Tiffany & Co’s new faces.


2. Queen Elizabeth

other high-valued stones. The Queen is often seen in the historic yellow diamonds-adorned headpiece known as the State Diadem, which she wears in every state Parliament Opening.

Celebrity Wearing Tiffany Diamond Necklace

3. Audrey Hepburn

As mentioned above, Audrey Hepburn is one of the first celebrities that wore Tiffany’s yellow diamond necklace back in 1961, during the press tours for the infamous romantic comedy show, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

She wore the diamond necklace to accessorize her little black dress, coupled with a pair of evening gloves, a look that made the 128.54-carat yellow diamond necklace by Tiffany dazzle beautifully.

At the time, the only other socialite that had worn the Tiffany masterpiece was Mary Whitehouse; in 1957, Mary had debuted the diamond necklace at the Tiffany Ball held in Newport, Rhode Island.


4. Lady Gaga

Almost 6 decades after Audrey Hepburn stunned in Tiffany’s diamond necklace; Lady Gaga wore this jaw-dropping piece of jewelry to the 2019 Oscars.

Before this event, this iconic piece of jewelry had been reset in 2012, and so, the iconic necklace that Lady Gaga had featured 100 more pieces of eye-catching and elegant white diamonds, resulting in one of the most glamorous pieces of jewelry ever worn to the Oscars.

Celebrity Wearing Tiffany Diamond Necklace

5. Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo is not just known because she doesn’t seem to ever age, but also because of her love for diamonds. And so, it didn’t come as a surprise to see J-Lo in an exquisite, 200-carat diamond necklace during the 2016 Golden Globe Awards.

She wore this diamond necklace with the stunning mustard-yellow cape gown, along with a pair of 16.46-carat drop diamond earrings and also a radiant-cut piece of a yellow diamond ring.  


6. Gal Gadot

During the 2020 Academy Awards, Gal Gadot wore the Tiffany & Co Clara diamond necklace. The necklace she had on was a stunning piece made of platinum, bedazzled with 125 diamond pieces, weighing a total of 77 carats.

The diamond necklace was designed by Tiffany’s artistic officer Reed Krakoff. The necklace is multi-layered, and the centerpiece, an 11-carat diamond, makes it even more stunning.

Celebrity Wearing Tiffany Diamond Necklace

7. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is the other celebrity that has been seen wearing the iconic diamond necklace by Tiffany & Co. She wore this necklace which belongs to Tiffany’s High Jewelry collection, in the Fall of 2020 during the Oscars.

What’s unique about the necklace worn by Charlize Theron is that it is delicately designed with 160 diamonds beautifully set on platinum, resulting in a delicate and stunning diamond necklace that encapsulates the best works by Tiffany.

His necklace is also designed as 2 beautiful strands made of diamond ribbons culminate into a stunning 21carat marquise diamond necklace. This necklace is also a display of Reed’s best works; it’s what keeps Tiffany on top of the list of the best jewelry brands on the market.

Besides this 160-diamond marquise diamond necklace, Charlize Theron has also been seen in another Tiffany & Co High Jewelry piece from the collection, a dazzling piece that stands out beautifully.

She wore one of these necklaces at the 77th 2020 Golden Globe Awards. During this event, she had on a sapphire-diamond necklace that is also encrusted with the best of 21-carat baguette sapphires along with at least 35-carats baguette diamonds.

This is a delicately designed necklace, also a masterpiece by Reed Krakoff. This piece was delicately designed to emulate the natural movements of the grosgrain ribbon, albeit with an extremely high level of precision that allows each stone to fit in the rather flexible strands perfectly.

During the 2020 BAFTA Awards, Charlize Theron wore to the red carpet a never-seen-before Tiffany diamonds choker necklace, the T1 Choker necklace from Tiffany’s April 2020 Collection. Besides the choker, she also had on Tiffany’s Tiffany T, The Tiffany Fleur De Lis Earrings, and the Tiffany Victoria pieces.

The stunning necklace piece from the T signature collection is 14 carats, and it’s set on high-quality 18k rose gold, not to mention a total of 240 handset diamonds.

Tiffany notes that their T1 collection is all about celebrating their connections – first, the connections they have with and to themselves. It is also a stout representation of our strength, optimism, and courage – all things that represent that woman wearing that jewelry.

Celebrity Wearing Tiffany Diamond Necklace

8. Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh is the other celebrity seen in a regal Tiffany & Co diamond necklace. This necklace is an elegant piece made of premium quality platinum, with a total of 11 carats of pear-shaped diamonds and all other diamonds that weigh a total of 31 carats. She paired this with stunning diamond earrings that stood out in the BAFTA Awards.


Related Q&A

Who was the first person to wear the Tiffany diamond?

Mary Whitehouse, in 1957 – wife of the American Diplomat called Edwin Sheldon Whitehouse.

Who wore the Tiffany diamond at the Oscars?

Lady Gaga

Why did Lady Gaga wear the Tiffany diamond?

Lady Gaga wore the Tiffany diamond to the Oscars as her way to pay the most fitting tribute to Schlumberger. It was also a mark and celebration of the 175th Tiffany’s Anniversary in 2019.



Many other celebrities have been seen in the best of Tiffany & Co.’s jewelry, specifically diamond necklaces, earrings, and rings.

And the celebrities listed above are some of the best examples that point to Tiffany’s elegant jewelry pieces.

So, if you are looking for inspiration, the listed pieces above would be excellent options for you.

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