Cartier Trinity Ring- Small Vs Classic (Which One Is Better?)

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As one of the oldest pieces, the Cartier Trinity collection is a timeless classic that has won the hearts of many, both famous and ordinary, throughout the years.

These iconic pieces have managed to remain the top choice of accessories for many generations because of their impeccable design and deep meaningful symbolism, open to endless interpretations.

When it comes to the rings, the two main options are the classic and small design. Choosing between the two can be quite a task because they are both exquisite pieces.

But that is what we are here for. In this article, we will do a comparison between the two to help you decide which of the two suits you best.


Cartier Trinity Ring- Small Vs Classic (Which One Is Better?)

cartier trinity ring, small vs classic

Before we jump into it, let’s take a brief look at the history and description of the ring to get a better idea of what the ring is about. The ring was designed and created in 1924 by Louis Cartier, the grandson of the founder.

He was inspired by his friend and famous poet and playwright, Jean Cocteau. Jean dreamt about Saturn’s rings and asked Louis to design a ring that resembled it; hence the Trinity ring was born.

The original design features three rolling metal bands, white, yellow, and rose gold, bound together. The three interlocked rings have different interpretations of what it symbolizes but the common one is the representation of friendship (white gold), love (rose gold), and fidelity (yellow gold).

Over the years, the Trinity ring has undergone many developments giving rise to several variations in design. There are some Trinity rings with Channel-set diamonds on each band, others have pave-set diamonds on one band, and yet others with a few diamonds set on each band.

cartier trinity ring, small vs classic

There are also no hard rules about the metals used in today’s Trinity ring design. You can get one with White and Yellow Gold, or yellow and rose gold and so on.

When it comes to choosing which Trinity ring you fancy most, however, the main choices are between the classic and small Trinity ring. What is the difference between the two?

The classic ring is thicker in terms of width, as compared to the small ring. So, while both are a great choice, they each offer different advantages.

The classic piece being thicker stands to make a bolder statement, compared to the daintier small piece that’s more minimalist. Given its thinner size, the small Trinity ring is a better option when it comes to stacking with other rings.

So, how do you choose which ring is better for you? There are various factors to consider, the first one being the type of fingers. Both thick and slimmer rings compliment long fingers with ease but short fingers are better complemented with thinner bands to create an illusion of length.

Slim fingers on the other hand are better suited for thinner rings to avoid looking overpowered while stubbier fingers require thick bands that cover more flesh to take away from the wideness of the fingers or the big knuckles where possible.

cartier trinity ring, small vs classic

So, in hindsight, the Cartier Classic Trinity ring is better suited for you if you have chubby or long fingers. If you have slim or short fingers, you may want to opt for the Cartier Small Trinity ring.

Whether or not you wish to stack your Trinity ring with others is also something to consider. The small Trinity ring, being slightly thinner gives you more room to stack them with your wedding set for example.

The Classic trinity ring is better suited worn alone, although based on the preference you could choose to stack it with an engagement ring or an eternity band.

Preference is essentially the main factor here. Whichever of the two you feel more comfortable wearing is the one you should go with. At the end of the day, you won’t be making any wrong choices considering how impeccable their design is.

cartier trinity ring, small vs classic

Tips For Choosing The Right Size Of Cartier Trinity Ring

When buying any ring, you need to know the ring size. It is especially important for Cartier rings because certain collections can be hard to resize if they are resizable at all.

The Trinity ring while resizable would cost a lot to resize because you would have to resize each of the three bands all made of gold. To help you avoid this extra cost, here are a few useful tips when picking out your Cartier Trinity Ring:

Measure your ring size.

Before anything, you need to be sure of your ring size. For other Cartier ring collections, if you already own a Cartier ring that fits comfortably, then you shouldn’t have a problem figuring out what size to buy, but there is an exception with the Trinity rings.

To measure your size, use a string or ribbon and wrap it around the finger. Mark the ends and measure the string on an mm ruler.

cartier trinity ring, small vs classic

Avoid measuring wet or cold fingers.

You may not know this but your finger size changes depending on the surrounding temperature. Wet or cold fingers are smaller than their original size, so you may get inaccurate measurements.

Also measure your fingers in the morning, afternoon, and night, as well as when it’s hot and cold. That way you’ll get a more accurate measure.

Choose which Trinity Ring you want to purchase.

Generally, the Trinity ring design makes it easier for the ring to slip off with any sudden movement. This is because they are three interlinked rolling bands.

For the Classic, small or extra small trinity rings, you are advised to take a size smaller. So, if your ring size is usually 54, you should buy a size 53 ring. But if you opt for a Large model Trinity ring, then you’ll need to go two sizes down. Meaning, instead of a size 54 you should get a size 52.

cartier trinity ring, small vs classic


When it comes to their collections, Cartier has never disappointed their customers with their pieces.

They always find a way to come up with something unique and meaningful, that changes the game in the Jewelry industry.

Both the classic or small Trinity rings would be great selections, whether as wedding bands, engagement rings, or just for casual everyday wear.

What is more important is that you choose the ring you most prefer. The one you are most comfortable in and best flatters your fingers.

Also, ensure you pick the right ring size; you don’t want to have to pay extra to have it resized later on.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!