Cartier Love Bracelet Wear and Tear- Is it Normal?

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Cartier love bracelets are made from the highest quality and most durable gold and platinum metals. The expensive piece of jewelry symbolizes love, but individuals can also award it to themselves for reaching milestones. Initially, during its unveiling back in 1969, the Cartier love bracelets were only available in yellow gold plating.

Over time the bracelet was diversified into other colors including solid yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. The diversification raised concerns about the chain’s ability to retain its aesthetics over time given that the rose gold had been seen to fade and turn into solid yellow gold.

The below excerpt, therefore, seeks to explore whether the wear and tear in Cartier bracelets is normal.


Why does your Cartier love bracelet wear and tear?

Cartier Love bracelet wear and tear

  • Your Cartier love bracelet wears and tears because of daily use. Individuals who own the original bracelet will notice that over time and with consistent use the bracelet does develop scratches. But this is not a big deal because the structural integrity and appealing aesthetics of the bracelets are not compromised.  
  • Because it is rose gold. The Cartier rose gold bracelet loses its color with consistent wear. It subtly transitions into the yellow gold color and as such you might want to rethink your decision of purchasing the rose gold bracelet.
  • Because of being polished every time- The Cartier bracelet scratches very easily and the only way to get rid of the scratches is through polishing. If your Cartier bracelet is polished every other time it will wear out faster, its mass will reduce and you will notice that it has thinned out.
  • When worn constantly Cartier’s love bracelet develops a build-up on the side and under the bracelet where it comes into contact with the wearer’s hand.  The buildup might force you to take the bracelet for polishing which will encourage wear.
  • You wear it in the pool- your Cartier bracelet can be worn in water however, it is not advisable to wear it in the pool because the chemicals in the pool could interfere with the metals to the extent of damaging.


Tips for wearing a Cartier Love bracelet all the time

Cartier Love bracelet wear and tear

1. Wear it on the less dominant hand

If you are intentional about maintaining the aesthetics of your Cartier love bracelet then you will have to wear it on the less dominant hand.

As discussed earlier the bracelet scratches easily thus when worn on the dominant hand which is the right hand for most people it will develop a lot of scratches fast.

But when worn on the left hand, you can expect it to retain its beauty for a longer period.


2. Store it properly

Original Cartier bracelets retail in a storage box, which should be retained in the best condition possible to facilitate proper storage whenever the bracelet is removed from the hand.

Also, ensure that you don’t store any other jewelry in the Cartier love bracelet box because it might develop scratches.

Cartier Love bracelet wear and tear

3. Invest in the right fitting Cartier love bracelet

The Cartier bracelet might feel uncomfortable when worn for the first time, in some instances, it might even feel tight and uncomfortable.

You must, however, note that the bracelet is not designed to hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable, regardless of when you are wearing it.  

If you are, therefore, feeling pain or discomfort when wearing your Cartier bracelet there is a possibility that you got the wrong size.

Ideally, you should get a Cartier bracelet that offers a perfect fit and if by any chance you grow fat then you should invest in another good-fitting Cartier bracelet.


Is your Cartier love bracelet original (how to spot a fake one)

Cartier Love bracelet wear and tear

Planning on rewarding yourself with an expensive piece of jewelry then you better ensure that you are getting the real deal. Cartier love bracelets do not come cheap not even the second-hand one, and as such you must know how to differentiate between a fake and an authentic Cartier love bracelet. Here is how!

Know the seller’s reputation– original jewelry sellers are transparent, their stores are easy to locate, and will always indicate where they are shipping their jewelry from. And if you will be purchasing the jewelry online, the review left by other customers will tell you whether you will get an authentic item or whether the eCommerce platform is legitimate or a scam.


Check for the hallmark and logos– the Cartier love bracelets are normally stamped with a hallmark that tells of the quality of metal used to make the bracelet.

For example, if you get a platinum bracelet it will be stamped with the numerals 950.

If you invest in bracelets made with the 18K gold it will be stamped with either 18k, on other occasions, it is stamped with 750 and it could also be stamped with both numbers.

If you, therefore, plan to buy a Cartier bracelet and you notice that it is missing the hallmark sign it could be a sign that it is fake.

Cartier Love bracelet wear and tear

Evaluate the quality of the bracelet

Cartier love bracelets always spot superb workmanship and you should therefore not expect it to exhibit any kind of chipping or discoloration.

If you notice another color underneath the original that is a clear indication that the piece is fake.

You might also notice some inconsistencies with the screws, yet the authentic Cartier bracelets are made with screws that align perfectly


Feel the weight of the bracelet

The weight of the Cartier bracelet should tell you whether it is fake or original.

And given that the Cartier bracelet is only made with high-quality gold and platinum metals you can expect it to weigh between 30 and 38 grams.

The fake bracelets, on the other hand, will be lighter in weight when compared to the authentic bracelets.



Cartier bracelets are predisposed to wear and tear more so if worn on the dominant hand, the bracelet is also subject to wear and tear due to constant polishing.

What’s more is that it is known to develop build-up when worn for extended periods, in essence, is that there are no known care processes that will ensure your bracelet retains its original look.

Even the restoration process thins it out, therefore, when investing in the Cartier love bracelet, one should brace themselves to dealing with the various downsides.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!