Cartier Love Bracelet Small vs. Regular-Which One Is Better?

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Cartier love bracelets are elegantly designed pieces of jewelry that look stunning, regardless of your style, and there is no limit to the number of love bracelets that you can wear.

And in the jewelry world today, the bracelets are ultra-fashionable pieces that you can stack beautifully. They also symbolize undying love and friendships. These bracelets are also the trendiest pieces of jewelry you will come across.  

But to have the perfect experience when it comes to this piece of jewelry that has been around since the 70s but remains a very popular choice for most people, you have to get the size of the bracelet right.

And even when you are not much into fashion or are considering gifting a loved one the best of Cartier’s love bracelets, understanding the brand’s sizing is essential.

Cartier love bracelet small vs regular

To remind you, the Cartier love bracelet was inspired by the story of (unrequited) love by Aldo Cipullo, who, at the time of the creation of the bracelet design and ideas, worked for Tiffany & Co. Still, because they didn’t go with the idea, he found a home at Cartier, who loved the bracelet design and the designer, allowing him to sign his initials in the bracelets.

Despite being unlucky in love, he didn’t lose faith in love but believed that an everlasting and enduring love was out there, and his bracelet would be the perfect demonstration of this type of love.

Cartier Love Bracelet Small vs. Regular

Small or Regular Cartier Love Bracelet

When it comes to the sizing of the love bracelet, and for its ultimate comfort, you need to determine if you need a bracelet with a small or a regular fit. The bracelets also come in two main models – small and regular.

But the size notwithstanding, the (Regular) Love Bracelet and the Love Bracelet Small Model are made of 18K white, rose gold or pink, and yellow gold. And you can choose between the plain and the studded diamond Cartier love bracelets.

Cartier love bracelet small vs regular

Cartier Love Bracelet: Small vs. Regular

There are some differences between these two main types of bracelets, and the main differences between them are as follows:


Essentially, the Small model of the love bracelet tends to be thinner than the regular love bracelet. And so, if you buy the diamond-studded Small Love Bracelet that comes with 10 high-quality and brilliant-cut diamonds that weigh a total of 0.21 carats.

The Regular Love Bracelet, on the other hand, is thicker. And though the bracelet comes with or without diamonds, you should know that the diamond-studded regular love bracelet is bedazzled with only 4 brilliant-cut diamonds that weigh a total of 0.42 carats.

Cartier Love Bracelet Small vs. Regular

In other words, the main difference between these bracelets is not just the fact that one of them is thinner and the other thick, but also the number and size of diamonds that can be incorporated into them.

That said, the width of the bracelets doesn’t change the fastening system for the bracelets, thanks to the fact that they both have the screwdriver, and any love bracelet by Cartier will come with a screwdriver.


Bracelet Sizes

Cartier love bracelet small vs regular

Interestingly, whether small or regular, the love bracelets bear no differences in terms of the circumference of the wrist size, and both models of bracelets come in 7 standard sizes.

Both the regular and the small Love Bracelets are available in 15cm, 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, and 21cm. And this sizing method also applies to the other variations of the Cartier Love Bracelet.

All the Regular Cartier Love Bracelets were 6.2mm wide and only 2mm thick. In other words, the important thing for you to bear in mind is whether the Cartier love bracelet is Small or Regular-sized; this difference relates to the thickness of the love bracelet.


Cartier Love Bracelet Small Model

Cartier love bracelet small vs regular

A small, 17cm Cartier love bracelet, for example, is a thinner version of the love bracelet that measures 3.65mm in bandwidth, weighs 19grams and will set your bank account back at least $4250.

The small bracelet is different from the regular-sized love bracelet because of its closing mechanism. The small bracelet features a hinge mechanism and also a locking clasp that allows you to secure the bracelet in place quickly.

The locking mechanism is further enhanced by the screw design, which is unique to the bracelet. And also, there is a single locking clasp mechanism on one side of the bracelet that makes it different from other bracelets by Cartier, including the regular bracelet which has screws joining the two halves of the oval bracelet.


Cartier Love Bracelet – Regular Size

Cartier love bracelet small vs regular

In addition to being thicker than the small model of the love bracelet, this bracelet is also different in that it features the signature Love Bracelet Screws per Cipullo’s design. The signature screws are also present on both sides of the bracelet’s bands.

And the classic hinge design is absent, and the classic and unique design of the screws on the regular bracelet is why the bracelet is called the ‘modern love handcuff.’

It’s also worth noting that each half of the regular love bracelet features an end that comes with a closing portion of the screw and, on the other end, the receiving end. And so, it is necessary to screw in the band on both sides.

Cartier Love Bracelet Small vs. Regular

This locking mechanism is also why the bracelet is sometimes called the love bangle – without the screws holding the closing portion and the receiving end, you cannot wear the love bangle.

The original love bracelets were designed such that each half of the oval would come apart or free, which was a problem because the bracelet owners would lose the screws too often. Therefore, the new design takes care of this problem because the screws don’t come off completely.

A regular love bracelet on the market today is made of 18k gold; it’s 6.1mm in width and about double the size of the smaller love bracelet; it weighs about 32 grams. It also has the serial number and the rest of the bracelet details inscribed on the inside of the love bracelet.


Locking Mechanism

Cartier love bracelet small vs regular

The small love bracelet has a hinged mechanism with a screw mechanism that opens and closes the bracelet quickly. The locking mechanism locks in or clicks into place – you need to click the left side into the screw lock.

Once locked in place, you use the screwdriver to lock it tightly in place – it’s locked when the line on the screw matches the rest of the screw impressions.

And to open it, first, loosen the screws using the love screwdriver – the line in the middle will face the perpendicular direction when the screw is open, and then you need to lift the right side gently and the left side slightly down to open it.

Cartier Love Bracelet Small vs. Regular

On the other hand, the regular-sized love bracelet lacks the hinge mechanism, and it has a screw on the receiving ends for each half, which means that it is more complex to open and close, even though it is thicker.

The receiving end you wear towards your wrist is the same as the one on the other oval-shaped end. The good news is that you only need to click in the ends then tighten the screws. Unlike the older version of the regular love bracelet, the screws on the newly designed bracelets do not come out.



Cartier love bracelet small vs regular

But that is not all you notice about this bracelet. Despite the differences in thinness, the bracelets boast very fine details engraved on its inner portion, such as the brand name, the gold hallmark, the size of the bracelet, and its serial number.

Note, however, that incorporating the serial number wasn’t always the norm. Still, because of the rampant counterfeit reproductions, the decision to incorporate the serial number gave the bracelets even more reliable unique identifiers that helped prevent their reproductions.

Note that the only difference in the stamp details on these bracelets is the manufacturer’s stamp.

But why is the sizing of the love bracelet important? And which of these models work best for you?

Cartier Love Bracelet Small vs. Regular

Whether you are looking for 18k white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold love bracelets, their sizes are essential, whether you wear the bracelet on its own or if you want to stack it alongside other love bracelets.

But in general, you need to think of your body size or structure and your wrist size. The Small love bracelet is generally ideal for persons with smaller wrists or if you want to stack the bracelet.



The smaller love bracelet costs less than the regular love bracelet.



And as mentioned above, the small-sized love bracelet is much thinner and a sleek, dainty piece (3.6mm); than the regular-sized love bracelet, 6.1mm.

The latter is broader and more robust; and more of a statement piece, unlike the smaller bracelet, which is very dainty and suitable for persons who love dainty pieces or have a more petite frame overall.

 The other difference is the locking mechanism, which is easier on the smaller model than on the regular bracelet.

Lastly, the smaller bracelet is a newer model. And regardless of the sizes, they both look great.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!