Cartier 750 Ring 52833a – Real Or Fake?-Read Our Guide Here

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That Cartier ring looks as real as it can be, but is it really?

Given its appearance, how do you differentiate between a real and a fake 18k Cartier ring?

This article takes you through what you need to know about the authentic Cartier rings and their identifying features.

But first, the basics.


What is the 750 meaning of the Cartier ring?

cartier 750 ring 52833a real or fake

The 750 on the Cartier ring represents the percentage of pure gold present in the Cartier ring. If you want to learn more about the Cartier ring. This detailed post is for you! You will find more history and meaning behind the ring! 

The 750 or 750 parts per thousand of gold equal to 18k gold, or also 75% pure gold.

Essentially, 24k gold is considered 100% pure gold, and so, 18k gold equals gold that contains 75% pure solid gold.

In this case, the 750 Cartier ring is made of 18k solid gold. (If you want to know more about 18k solid gold, this post is for you! )

The 750 mark is often stamped on the back of the ring alongside Cartier’s logo.


Ideally, Cartier uses the percentage purity of the metal used, along with the ring size in mm, followed by a unique serial number that identifies the ring from others sold by the brand.

Note that the Cartier Love ring’s stamp is unique, and it’s identifiable by the fact that these markings are all spaced evenly and with zero spelling mistakes.


What is the meaning of 52833A on the Cartier ring?

cartier 750 ring 52833a real or fake

All authentic Cartier Love rings have a serial number incorporated in them for their easy identification and also to ensure that the people who buy the rings are buying the authentic rings.

The alphanumeric code is used as a symbol that marks and identifies the fake rings from the real Cartier rings.

That said, the Cartier rings that have the 52833A stamp aren’t authentic Cartier rings.

Interestingly, many of the fake Cartier rings will have this stamp incorporated on them, and it is what allows you to spot the fakes and differentiate them from the authentic rings.


Cartier 750 ring 52833a real or fake?

As mentioned above, the 52833a code on the ring is a stamp that is often used on the Cartier love rings.

Unfortunately, Love rings with this stamp are not authentic Cartier love rings.


Cartier love ring serial number lookup Method?

You can identify the Cartier love ring by checking out its serial number.

Often, the authentic Cartier love rings have an SN mark etched on them at the back of the cover, while the counterfeits often have no serial numbers incorporated, but in other cases, they may have a specific number added to the sticker.

cartier 750 ring 52833a real or fake

One of the common identifiers for the Cartier love ring is the type of engraving that is incorporated in the ring.

The authentic pieces are made of high-quality engravings that are printed as part of Cartier’s signature.

The signature on the ring is elegant, professional, and made with a good quality font that is used for the 750 mark showing the details of metal used, as well as the carat weight for rings with diamonds, the 2 digit ring size, Cartier’s logo, and the serial number.

The engraved mark or stamped is rather evenly spaced, with no spelling mistakes. The other thing you need to do is to check the details on the certificate.

The authenticity certificate will have the serial number of the ring also incorporated.

This serial number should match the serial number engraved on the ring – these two should match and make professionally.


The other thing things you need to consider to determine if the ring is fake or real are as follows:

cartier 750 ring 52833a real or fake

  • The real Cartier ring would have a specific stamp such as the 750 mark that represents 18k gold or even Au 750. The other stamp to consider would be the Pt 950 stamp which represents the highest form of pure platinum that is sometimes used for the love ring.
  • Love rings and love bracelets are often stamped with the respective size of the jewelry piece in millimeters. The engagement rings, however, would be printed with the ring’s 2-digit number for the ring size, the carat weight of the diamond, the metal type, Cartier’s logo, and the serial number.
  • The Cartier Logo on the love ring is printed in Cartier’s signature script and font, and any misspelling points to a fake.

  • You can tell the fake ring from the fake by looking at the material it is made of. The authentic Cartier love rings are made of either gold or platinum and not any other metal.
  • Color also points to whether the ring is authentic or fake. The authentic ring has no chips or discolorations, but the fakes often have different hues, with the base and the top metal layers having different hues.



If you are not sure about the authenticity of the Cartier ring, take the considerations above in mind to make the right decision.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!